Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How Rugs Enhance A Room

There are hundreds of different types of rugs available. They come in many shapes, sizes, and designs. Rugs can make any ordinary looking room look divine. It is amazing what a rug or two can do to brighten up a room, and they can totally transform an area.

Besides being decorative, some rugs have different purposes. These purposes can vary, depending on the person, or where the rug is.

Some rugs, which are almost always referred to as door mats, have a few purposes.

The main purpose of a door mat is to allow people entering the home to wipe their feet on. Their shoes could contain snow, water from rain, or any other type of debris. The door mat eliminates, or at least minimizes the amount of dirt that is tracked into a person’s house. Another purpose of a door mat is simply to add to the décor in the room.

The mat could be purchased to match the furniture, or several different mats can be interchanged according to the time of the year. There are some really lovely Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas mats available. There are even some mats available for the patriotic people out there. These special mats come in various types of flag colors.

Another type of rug, the outdoor rug, is quite popular. These rugs are constructed from very durable and weather-proof material. They are available in numerous styles and colors, and can add definition to a patio or backyard.

Many rugs not only enhance the beauty of an area, but can also help keep a person’s feet warm. Countless people choose to have hardwood floors in their homes. In the winter if left bare, these types of floors tend to become very cold. For those who like to walk around the house in their socks, or even barefoot, this can be a problem. With the addition of a beautiful new area rug, it will not only add attractiveness to the room, but will allow coverage of all or most of the floor, providing warmth.

Not many people like to leave their bathroom floors bare, not matter how nice the linoleum may be. Bathroom rugs look great, even if it’s not anything fancy. As long as it matches the other décor in the room, it will make it look good. Besides, who wants to get out of the bathtub and step on a cold, bare floor? Not many people would, so this is why having a rug, especially a special bath mat is a smart idea.

So no matter what room you’re looking to decorate and make look good, rugs are a must-have. Our links are great websites to visit.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Protecting The Value Of Exotic Rugs

The global community has decreased in size. The most popular rungs finding their way into people’s homes are rugs from Peru, Navaho rugs, Indian rugs, and the ever-popular Persian rugs. Homeowners bring home exotic rugs as mementoes of vacations, to remember a special time in their lives, or to bring a touch of the exotic to their homes.

These rugs are often hand woven from natural fibers, dyed with homemade dyes. These fabrics and colors are not made to handle the harsh solvents and chemicals used in our cleaning products. Raw wool, linens made from plant fibers and animal fibers react different than synthetic fibers.

Many home decorators bring home exotic rugs that are made to last a generation or more. This gives them the false belief that the rug is durable and can handle the wear and tear of the daily suburban family home. This is a myth. These rugs last because they are not cleaned with harsh cleaners and detergents that break the fibers.

Vacuuming exotic rugs can destroy them. The fibers are hand spun, and are looser than machine spun threads. Vacuum cleaners and rug shampooers can easily remove thousands of fibers, destroying the rug’s integrity within a matter of seconds.

Hand tied rugs are notorious for their fragile state. Persian rugs cannot tolerate any vacuuming. They need to be carefully, and gently brushed. A soft bristled brush used in the direction of the fibers will protect the rug.

There are some basics that home decorators need to understand before buying an exotic rug. First, do not buy the rug from a tourist trap, or at the vendors down the road from your hotel. These rugs will probably be factory made knock-offs.

Exotic rugs are expensive. It can take five to ten years, and $10 000 to export a room sized Persian rug. It is disheartening to finally receive your rug and find that your treasure is exactly like twenty others for sale at a local exotic rug store.

Placement is the most important considerations for protecting an exotic rug. Never place the rug in the sunlight. There is no Scotch Guard protection, IUV protection, and no mold coating on exotic rugs, things that are standard on commercial rugs. Exotic rugs should not be placed on damp surfaces or in places where mold grows, and never walk on exotic rugs with bare feet.

Exotic rugs should never be used under dining tables and in areas where people eat, smoke, or use air fresheners. These things will become imbedded into the fibers dulling the color and damaging the fibers. Some exotic rugs cannot be cleaned, even with water. The natural fibers and colors will not tolerate a cleaning.

Do not use baking soda or other coarse products to clean or prevent odors. These products will break fibers, especially if the rug is on the ground and the product is ground into the rug.

However, dirt will break the fibers and create a strong odor if it is not removed. There are some safe ways to clean an exotic rug. The most common method of beating natural fiber rugs is to hang them outdoors and beat them, gently, with a broom. A good airing in sunlight can kill bacteria, reducing odors, and killing dust mites.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Care And Use Of Traditional Rugs

One should make use of traditional rugs as they reduce noise pollution and loss of heat through the floor. Traditional rugs also provide comfort for sitting and lying compared to a hard wooden floor. However rugs needs to be cleaned regularly and they are hard to maintain compared to a hard floor. On a hard floor all you may need to do is clean up the surface with a mop. This is not possible on a floor with a traditional rug. Further the biggest hurdle lies in the maintenance of the rug. Stain can be caused very easily on traditional rugs by spilled drinks. Traditional rugs also tend to absorb fur from your pets. Traditional rugs are to be cleaned regularly by a vacuum cleaner to prevent dust from accumulating on the surface and below the surface. If your traditional rug happens to be a dark color or a single uniform color without any designs, then the dust particles are likely to show up against the background. Dust collected on these rugs is a cause for allergy to asthmatic patients.

When making use of traditional rugs, it is advisable to make use of traditional rug cushions, especially when using the rug on the floor. This not only increases the life of your traditional rug but also gives it a classic look.

Plastic foams are best cushions for traditional rugs because they do not stain your traditional rugs as well as floor. Plastic cushions also provide good wear protection. Jute, waffle and rubber pad should not be used as traditional rugs cushions.

Be sure to flip your traditional rug regularly. This distributes the wear and fading both sides on the traditional rugs. Your traditional rugs should be inspected regularly for insects. Insects like beetle can damage your traditional rugs. Inspect your rug regularly for damage by insects and treat your rug for moths. As mentioned earlier, vacuuming your traditional rugs is necessary periodically. When making use of your vacuum cleaner, be sure to use it without the beater bar.

If you’re traditional rugs get dirty due to accidental spills, clean the spill immediately. Immediate cleaning will prevent permanent staining taking place on your traditional rugs. Train your pets to let up outside the house only. Pet wetting causes stains that are not easily removable. Don’t let your pets chew up part of the rug, this damages the rug and treasured weaving of your traditional rugs get damaged due to the chewing. If you’re traditional rugs happens to get wet, and then dry it as fast as possible, possibly with a blow dryer. Do not put the heater on. Wetting the traditional rug is likely to cause irreparable damage to your rug. You should try to keep your traditional rug from getting wet. For this follow a few golden rules:-

Rule 1: Do let your pets wet the rug.

Rule 2: Do not keep any flower pots on the rug. (The prolonged moisture from the plant and mildew is likely to drain into the rug thereby damaging it)

Rule 3: If you find that your rug is dirty try to clean it only by specified methods. Do not wet clean the rug.

Rule 4: Do not stem clean your rug or clean it by any automated means.

If you happen to notice any damage to the rug that is caused by fraying or normal wear and tear, get the area repaired. Leaving a fray or wear unattended will reduce the value of the rug and will give the rug a bad look. A little care and cautiousness preserves the value of your traditional rugs and prevent major damage to your traditional rugs. Your traditional rug will serve you well if you give it a little care and attention.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Natural Fiber Rugs

Many people feel that a bare floor is much more elegant than a floor with carpeting or floor rugs. Houses decorated with natural fiber rugs have a warm open air attached to them. Natural fibers used in rug making include among others Sisal, Seagrass, Coir, Jute, Hemp, Bamboo, and Conifer.

You can obtain natural fiber floor rugs in almost any size or shape. They also come in variety of edge bindings such as serge, wide canvas, extra wide cotton, and micro fiber. Most of the natural fiber rugs have the same natural shades as the fiber used. However the variety of natural shades is huge. In addition one can obtain them in artificial colors too if one so prefers.

A plant called Agave Sisalana grows in several tropical countries with hot humid climates such as Brazil, Philippines, Kenya and Tanzania, as well as in Central American and Caribbean countries. Fiber obtained from plant’s leaves which grow to about four feet long, is used to make twine and rope in addition to rugs. This plant is sometimes called Sisal Hemp but it is not hemp. Sisal rugs are not suitable for wet areas. They also stain easily. However there are protective coatings that can be applied to prevent stains on these rugs.

Natural fibers used for these kinds of area rugs are extracted from plant reeds that grow in saltwater marshes in Asia and Europe. Seagrass used to make floor rugs is not the same as seaweed which are algae, not plants. Seagrass rugs are water resistant and inexpensive, a useful combination when it comes to floor rugs.

Bark of plants belonging to genus Corchorus which grows in the hot moist river valleys in East India are used to make jute. This fiber is also used to make gunny and burlap sacks, twine, rope, as well as carpet and linoleum backing. It is resistant to molds and water, but tends to fade in direct sunlight.

Hemp fiber is stout and durable. Hemp fiber rugs tend to be tough but they soften with use over time.

Coconut husk are used to make coir fiber. Ropes made of coir are tough and resistant to decay. So are the Coir floor rugs.

A feature common for all natural fiber rugs is that they can be easily cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. Natural Fiber rugs with strong backing will last five to fifteen years if properly taken care of.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Different Kinds of Rugs Available

A rug is typically a carpet with finished edges. As is the common perception, there is not much difference between carpets and rugs. The only noticeable difference is that, carpets are generally used for floor coverings and are larger in size. Rugs are used for many purposes. They can be used as floor furnishing, foot rug, wall hangings, sofa coverings and for many other decorative purposes. They come in a varied range of sizes and shapes. Rugs are sometimes also used for specific purposes. These include, setting up the theme of the room, lobby rugs, kid room rugs, throws etc.

Rugs are generally classified based on their pattern and design. In addition, the approach for weaving a rug is also sometimes used to classify them into segments. Typically, rugs are classified into four major categories. These include, Cotton Printed Rugs, Traditional Rugs, Modern Rugs, and Tribal Rugs. Each of these classifications has their own set of patterns and designs.

Cotton Printed Rugs are elite and stylish in nature. They give unmatched appeal to floor decoration and thus add an artistic approach towards interior decoration. Cotton printed rugs come in varied color schemes. Cotton rugs are primarily used to give a soothing effect in an otherwise oppressive surrounding. On the other hand, traditional rugs reflect positive vibes to the room’s decor. These rugs are generally made using woolen materials but are sometimes also crafted using natural fibers. As the name suggests, traditional rugs represent traditionalism to the interiors.

Though the market for rugs is huge, it is not limited only to cotton printed rugs or traditional rugs. Modern rugs are tailor made for people who like to color their surroundings with brightness. Modern rugs with their trendy yet elegant look are found in offices and buildings. Most of the designs for modern rugs are done keeping in mind that they easily fit into the décor of the room. This is also one of the primary reasons for people to show preference towards modern rugs.

There are some other types of rugs that make the floor eye-catching; the foremost among them is the tribal rug. It is like a fresh water lake in the midst of sand dunes. These are made using natural dye colors and typical bold designs. The color scheme here is generally loud, which gels beautifully into the décor of the room. You can use tribal rugs in any type of interior and they give you awesome results. The only concern is that they should be strategically placed to enhance the beauty of the room. Improper placing might wipe out the finesse.

Proper flooring is the answer to get the real impact out of correct home furnishing. Rugs go a long way in making your rooms look more sophisticated and urban. They give a feeling of completeness and this makes your home or for that matter, any home a sweet home.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Discount Area Rugs - Cost Effective Approach To Adore Your Home

The most cost effective approach to the decoration of the homes by means of the stylized rugs is to go for the discount area rugs. Many genuine stores have come up with the wide assortment of classy area rugs -starting from the aisle runners cut to length, or into the oval or round or rectangular shapes to the heavy duty polypropylene rugs - at amazingly discounted rates. This makes decorating your home a lot more easy and inexpensive. There are large numbers of online business centers that have come up with the inexpensive as well as discounted area rugs from the top brands and the high-end rug specialists such as Capel, Oriental Weavers, Momeni, The Tibet rug company and a few more. Since the operating costs for these online rugs selling units are less as compared to the direct retail stores, they tend to pass the saving on to the online customers looking for the quality range of discounted rugs.

Apart form the online business pockets there are many direct sellers of discounted area rugs ranging from the luxurious braided area rugs to the hand knotted oriental rugs and the contemporary stylized rugs. Should you be searching out for the mountain grass area rugs or jute rugs or sea grass area rugs at discounted rates, these stores prove to be the perfect resorts.

There are many direct superior manufacturers of the area rugs that tend to feature occasionally some mind-blowing array of the discount area rugs for the dream homes and offices. The Superior Importers Co is one of the leading oriental and Persian area rug manufacturers that come up with superb quality area rugs at the discounted rates.

Owing to the popular misconception that cheaper cannot by better, the general flock usually steers clear of purchasing the discount area rugs. But as a matter of fact there authentic stores and the rug dealers sometimes sell out the quality range of area rugs at a very cheaper rate in order to clear off their old stocks. Whether you are completely redecorating your home or updating a part of it you will now probably look for the discount area rugs to complement the overall fashion of the house or the room and the décor elements thereby. With an understanding of the fact that the easiest and the most cost effective mode to enliven and revitalize your dingy rooms is the discount area rugs, a great part of the population are now more intensely looking for the branded rugs at discounted rates.

Drawbacks of opting for the discount area rugs

If the market research is not carried out seriously and properly then there are some fair chances for you to turn to be utter flop while purchasing the discount area rugs. One of the major drawbacks is that you may pick the wrong quality. The main problem is that it is difficult to identify the wrong quality if you are not much experienced. Hence it is advisable to take an experienced person to the dealers and avoid online purchase.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Animal Or Skin Rugs

There is nothing like a floor rug made of animal skin to add an exotic outdoor look to your home. Many people find an animal rug in front of a fireplace cozy and even sexy.

Most animal skins can be used as rugs when properly processed. However their qualities differ from animal to animal. Please make sure that you buy area rugs made of real animal skin from people who have proper licenses to sell them.

Rugs made from real bear skins can be large, sometimes more than 6 feet in length. You will have the choice of several varieties of bear rugs to choose from including those made from Black, Brown, Grizzly, Kodiak, and even Polar, bears. Color of the rug may not match the bear’s color as they go through what are called color phases. Black bear skins for instance come in a range of colors from dark brown to blond. Blond colored skins are the most expensive.

All bear skin rugs tend to be expensive. Make sure that your rug was professionally skinned and tanned. A good bear skin floor rug will have the real bear claws on its hands. Bear rugs need to be properly padded in order to be used.

Zebra or to give its scientific name Equus Burchelli are not considered endangered though the zebra skin trade is highly regulated. As such as long as the vender has proper licenses you can buy zebra skins legally.

In addition you should check whether skin has scars or other blemishes. Blemishes will reduce the price. Size on the other hand will increase the price. Some zebra skin area rugs can be almost eight feet in length. Zebra skins need to be backed by heavy felt for protection and beauty.

Lions skin floor rugs can be more expensive than bear or zebra skins. Lions are an endangered animal and killing them for their skin is not legal. Legally sold lion skin floor rugs are made from lions that have died from natural causes or from confiscated lion skins sold in order to raise funds for conservation. Make sure that seller has proper documents.

These types of skin rugs are less expensive and more widely available.
Fake skins are widely available for almost any type of animal. Some fake skins are made from other animals’ skins, especially from cows’. Other fake skins are completely artificial.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Tips For Buying Contemporary Rugs

If you conduct a search online for rugs, you will locate a large variety of different rugs in various designs and categories. The most attractive are the Egyptian rugs, traditional Persian rugs, and contemporary rugs. Within the category of contemporary rugs, you will find a variety of designs and themes that will certainly combine well with a modern interior decoration theme as well as appealing to the different tastes of the consumers.

Contemporary rug manufacturers have recently devised a program whereby they blend the interior decoration concept with traditionalism. Taking this step has allowed rug makers to devise some inspirational designs for the dull and listless floors of modern homes. Beginning with the Mexican and Indian style rugs and even to the Santa Fe style rugs, the contemporary rug manufacturers have created an excellent variety of themes and deigns. There is currently a high demand for the linear and geometrical patterns, but traditional ornamental designs are also quite appealing contemporary rug designs.

Choosing Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary rugs are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the most commons sizes are 4 x 6 and 6 x 9. You can also find them in an 8 x 11 and larger for use in large halls and conference rooms. It is essential to measure the room where you want the rug before you start search from among the huge collection of available contemporary rugs to include with your contemporary decoration and décor theme of your home or office.

When you choose contemporary rugs, you always want to look for durability and performance and choose the one that will last for years. The higher quality rugs have a denser pile, which means the tufts are closer together. This means the pile's density is contingent directly upon the stitches of tufts.

Another thing of which to beware with contemporary rugs is fringe. You want to be certain that the fringe is properly sewn on and won't come loose easily. Ancient rugs did not include fringe, while it is very commonly found on contemporary rugs.

You will find a large variety of contemporary rugs from various online retailers and wholesalers. Most of the online sellers offer huge discounts for consumers who purchase their products, most of which are very high quality with affordable pricing. This makes buying high quality contemporary rugs a reality for the middle-class consumer, but before you place an order, be certain you know the shipping costs, if they have one, the drop ship location, and their exchange or return policies.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bamboo Rugs - Most Elegant And Eco Friendly Option For Home Decor

More and more people are becoming environment conscious these days and are turning to eco-friendly products for their homes. One such product is the natural material rugs used as area rugs or accent rugs. Bamboo rug comes under this category. Bamboo rug is a very elegant, eco-friendly natural rug and is gaining popularity in recent days. The beautiful bamboo rug adds beauty to all types of flooring, including carpeted floors as well as hardwood, ceramic, vinyl and marble floors. They are durable and a classy addition to any type of home decor whether it is conventional and classic or contemporary and trendy.

Most of these rugs are made from mature 5 or 6 year old bamboo trees from the Anji mountains in China. The bamboo is cleaned and kiln dried to remove excess moisture and prevent warping. When the rugs are manufactured, they are fitted with non-slip rug pad backing to prevent skidding on smooth surfaces. They are also treated chemically to give them longer life and prevent fading. They are mostly for indoor use like area rugs or accent rugs. Sometimes, the bamboo rugs are also used in closed outdoor areas like gazebos, screened porch etc. These bamboo rugs come in attractive colors and if maintained properly, the color can last for a lifetime. Here are some tips for proper maintenance of bamboo rugs:

1. Keep bamboo rugs away from direct sunlight as far as possible, to avoid fading of colors.

2. If rug is to be used outdoors, make sure to store it inside after use.

3. Keep bamboo rugs away from water sources or rain. If bamboo rugs get wet, wipe them dry with a cloth, then hang them up to completely airdry. Never roll up a bamboo rug which is partially wet because it may lead to mold and mildew formation.

4. Finally, before laying the bamboo rug again on the floor, make sure that the floor area is completely dry.

These small steps can ensure the rug's longevity. Besides being eco-friendly, the colorful bamboo rug can add a touch of class to any room in a home.

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Oriental Rugs Become Extremely Popular in the US

As design shows become more and more popular, products such as Oriental rugs begin to achieve a tremendous amount of exposure and publicity, leading to their extreme popularity in cities around the world such as Los Angeles. With more and more individuals making use of these types of products, the Oriental rug has become one of the most popular types of floor coverings in warm areas that traditionally keep bare floors. With the emphasis on Oriental rugs over bare floors and other types of styling and decorations, it is easy to see that there is a tremendous amount of attention being paid to Oriental rugs and their collection in the United States. With more and more individuals keeping up with these types of collections, the focus on Oriental rugs is overwhelming and indicates their popularity for individuals in areas such as Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles, the climate is very warm, leading to all manner of individuals leaving their floors bare to most of the year. Of course, when winter comes along, these same individuals want to cover their floors in any way possible, leading to the use of Oriental rugs and other types of products to keep their floors warm. With this effort to keep a warm floor, it becomes clear that Oriental rugs are extraordinarily popular and that the area of Los Angeles has seen a tremendous level of popularity for these types of products.

As more and more individuals utilize the rugs in the Los Angeles area, it is clear that there is no end in sight for the skyrocketing popularity of these types of products and the emphasis on producing as many Oriental rugs as possible. As the emphasis on purchasing an Oriental rug collection in order to beautify the home continues, Los Angeles and other warm climates that tend to have bare floors continue to see a rise in popularity for Oriental rugs and other popular floor coverings. With all of this popularity involved, it is not surprising to see so many individuals doing their best to purchase the Oriental rugs that they require.

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Give Your Home A Unique Aesthetic Fervor With Egyptian Rugs

Although the tradition of weaving the rugs had been the manifestation of the Egyptian art and culture since the time immemorial, yet immediately after the Egypt got independence from the British rule in the first phase of 20th century, the Egyptian rugs started to enter the global rug market. At the moment the Egyptian rugs - especially the ancient styled Egyptian rugs have become the world's most demanding categories of rugs - especially for the occidental customers.

While the modern day's contemporary Egyptian rugs come in a wide variety of art and themes, the early Egyptian rugs used to be divided into two distinctive rug weaving periods -- the Mamluks and the Ottomans. The weaving styles of these two categories of Egyptian rugs were different from each other.

The greatest period of weaving the Egyptian rugs in Egypt was during the reign of Mamluks, which started from the 15th century and ended in the early 16th century. The Egyptian rugs of this period used to be called as the Mamluks and were usually characterized by the complex geometrical patterns with a wide range of vibrant colors. The color combination of the Mamluks Egyptain rugs was also inspirational and eye catching.

The conquest of the Ottoman Turks during the year 1517 had affected the art of the Egyptian rugs to a great extent. Immediately after the ottoman Turks conquered it, the geometrical designs of the Egyptian rugs turned into the curves of different patterns, sizes and combination. These Egyptian rugs used to be called as the Ottoman rugs and period of weaving this category of Egyptian rugs did not last for as long as the previous one.

The decorative Egyptian rugs woven by the master weavers of the mystic land of Egypt are really awe-inspiring and are different from the famous Egyptian rugs with the figurative representations of the ancient kings and the queens. These decorative Egyptian rugs are also quite different from the decorative rugs of other categories. These decorative Egyptian rugs are the finest quality of rugs that are usually hand woven with the skilled Egyptian carpet weavers by the dint of the finest grade of wool. Crafted out of high quality materials to last for several generations, these Egyptian rugs have own a great deal of admiration and acceptance all over the world.

Boasting on the subtle strokes of artworks the Egyptian rugs have come up with the commitments to decorate the millions of modern homes by the dint of some unique aesthetic fervor. The Egyptian carpets does not only serve the purpose of decorating the floors or the walls of the modern homes, but also depicts a great deal regarding the traditional art and culture of the Egypt, thereby enhancing the sophistication of the place.

Due to the enactment of the import restriction law in the year 1950, Egypt had to resume its hand woven rug production process within and around Cairo. Although these contemporary rugs were of high quality Egyptian failed to meet the high demand for the Egyptian rugs, as only scanty quantity of rugs were exported. This volume was really insufficient as compared to the sky touching demand for the Egyptian rugs.

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