Thursday, August 27, 2009

Outdoor Rugs - Bring Fun and Color to Your Patio

If you are trying to find a way to bring color and fun to your patio or yard, a couple of outdoor rugs might be the answer. These rugs are durable and waterproof and you can use them indoors or outdoors to suit any of your purposes. They are usually all weather rugs which means they can withstand whatever nature throws at them. What's also great about them is that they can take heavy traffic from children and pets. There are several ways you can use an out door rug around the house some which include doorway traffic, patio deck or even by the poolside.

Using moving blankets at the entrance of your house is very helpful when it comes to cleanliness. Wherever there is foot traffic there is always dirt especially if shoes are involved. If you put an outdoor rug outside the front door of your house it will take most of the dirt off the shoes that enter your home. This reduces the grime that makes it's way indoors. It would be a good habit to train family members to wipe their feet on the rug before they come in.

If you like to have barbecue parties and you have a patio deck it would be very smart to have one of these durable rugs right on top of the deck. Choose colors that are very inviting to make your guests feel comfortable. Some of the colors and designs are fun and flattering; your guests would surely love it. You don't have to worry if someone spills some soda or ketchup on the rugs because it will simply wash off with a garden hose.

Outdoor rugs are the best solution for slippery areas at a poolside. Slippery areas near a pool could be very scary and very dangerous especially if you have children. A waterproof rug will provide enough traction so that even if someone is carelessly running around it would be hard for them to slip. Some people like to have outdoor rugs all along the sides of a pool and some people only need to put one at a hazardous area. Either way, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

These are the most common ways to use outdoor rugs. If you are using them for foot traffic, on a patio or even at a poolside you don't have to worry about cleaning them or fading. Since they are all weather this means that the sun will not fade them and they don't even fade from washing. The best thing about them is that they rinse off very easily and dry up immediately.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bedroom Decorating - Matching Your Rugs and Bedspreads

Matching your area rug to your themed pieces giving you the home décor blues? Take charge and go solo to find the real you and the real room you’ve been searching for.

The vast array of home decorating products available to us today not only causes the issue of choosing which design, theme, fabric and brand are right for your home but also causes a lengthy list of other problems, including whether or not you can find all of the matching pieces to a set.

What do you do when your perfectly situated set was only missing one pillow and you were certain you’d find it at another store location only to find that particular pillow has been discontinued and now you have no pillows matching your perfectly themed room?

Any normal home decorator would curl up into a ball, sulk for days and then gloomily pack their expensive items into boxes to be stored in a dark corner and forgotten for the next ten years and hopefully forever, following up with an even gloomier trip to the department store to buy yet another expensive set, thus renewing the cycle of gloom and misery.

But not you. Armed with the right information, you’ll start a quest for “near match” that will not only bring your room together but will also create a sense of eclecticism that only you’ll be able to put your finger on.

The first thing you need to know about perfectly themed sets is that they are never perfect and of course, that stores will never order as many oriental area rugs as they do bed spreads and sheet sets. Why? Because unlike you, the general population is far less likely to purchase an entire matched set—not even over the same six months—than they are to purchase one piece of that matched set. Not to mention the fact that area rugs—whether they are wool area rugs or cotton area rugs, red area rugs or grey area rugs—are a huge investment for most people.

You’re likely up against a store setting where there are five bedspreads and sheet sets for every one area rug in the same theme.

What can you do to get around that problem? Well, you could always call every store in town from the originating location, making certain they have and are willing to hold your items so you can dash across town to retrieve them. Or, you can break away from the need to stick to a pre-packaged, branded theme.

The truth is that the best rooms don’t have to come straight from one designer’s workshop. You know what’s best for your home. All you have to do is keep a strict record of each of your purchases—never destroy, lose or get rid of your receipts—pick up samples where possible, bring a sample of your area rugs to choose pieces that will blend and balance your room and be ready to let some pieces go.

Remember, the journey to matching your area rugs and other themed products is only as long and as hard as the pavement you pound to get the pieces.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oriental Area Rugs - A Way to Set Mood in You Home

Oriental rugs are one of the most outstanding ways to bring a touch of pattern and harmony in your space. These are the most perfect way to bring unifying elements in your home that needs more of colors and style. Balancing and unifying, yet soothing, these oriental area rugs add elements of strong linearity to your subtle room and coherence to curvilinear or floral patterns existing elsewhere in house.

These oriental area rugs complement the collections of sofa, dining table and accentuate other pieces of furniture in your home. But careful attention should be given while purchasing these beautiful accessories for your home. Following are presented some of the factors that need your notice:

Color: color plays an eminent role that can easily set mood for your space. Every shade gives a different tone as well as adds a touch of intensity. It is always advisable to go for lighters shades if you want to brighten the environment. But if you are willing to have more intimate ambiance, then select the patterns of darker shades.

Designs: there is a vast array of sophisticated designs available that defines calmness and serenity needed for your home. Traditional as well as contemporary designs are available to choose from and these sophisticated designs fit every lifestyle. Chinese, Turkish, afghani, Persian and east-Indian designs of oriental area rugs illustrate the components of nature and life in general. On the other hand, contemporary designs are generally characterized by bold use of bright colors, geometric designs and stark contrasts.

Following are presented some of the eminent factors that need to be taken into consideration while buying the oriental area rugsto enhance the beauty and add relevance into your space.

Always make sure that color of the oriental area rug never matches the color of main fabric used in it. It should be a rich blend of colors of same family so that it looks more appealing. This exquisite accessory can have the patterns of contrast to get a taste of creativity.

It is always advisable to look for the size as it helps to determine the beauty of the room. There should be considerable size that matches well with room. Also, it is significant to consider the size of furniture so that you get the perfect blend of furniture and area rug in your space.

Another crucial factor that should be taken into account is traffic that the oriental area rug has to hold on. The fact of the matter is to see the dirt it will hide thereafter and still hold up its appearance well.

Nowadays these oriental area rugs can be purchased directly from the wholesalers through the vast network of internet. There is a multitude variety of this beautiful accessory available that suits everybody’s pocket as huge discounts are offered upon them. The added advantage with buying online is the fact that they offer various designs and styles at one place and according to the budget of the browser.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How to select an Oriental Rug

Traditional wisdom says that interior home decorating should begin with an Oriental rug. There are plenty of choices in colors and materials from which to choose a rug and a rug well chosen and well cared for will probably last much longer than anything else in the room. In the olden days, Persian rugs or kilims from Iran were supposed to be the best rugs available but today you find that other eastern countries like India, Nepal, Pakistan, Nepal, Tibet, China and Turkey have been making rugs which have matched and even surpassed the quality of those from Persia.

Before you go out shopping for an Oriental rug, it would be wise to spend some time thinking about the size and color that you would prefer. You may even carry some photos of your room to help you decide. There are plenty of colors and designs to choose from. Next, you have to decide on the how much you are willing to spend on your purchase. The price of an Oriental rug is dependent on the following factors :
- Country from which it comes
- Age
- Condition
- Quality
- Design demand

Counting the knots in an Oriental rug is not the only or most important thing to do. A geometrically designed rug might have fewer than 100 knots in a square inch but a floral pattern extremely detailed might have more than 300 even. Although the regularity and tightness of the rug are of utmost importance, the quality of the wool ascertains the resistance and longevity of the rug. And don't forget to take into account the quality and color fastness of the dyes being used.

Besides, the price of an Oriental rug could also be decided by the prevailing design and color fads. About 50 years ago, orange, brown and green were considered the hot colors; but that is not the case today. The condition of the rugs and age affect the value of second hand rugs. Age will increase the value of the rugs provided they have been well maintained but if not, wear and tear and stains will reduce the value.

The best of rugs are always made from natural fibers with wool, silk and cotton being the most common and silk the most sought after as well as expensive. Wool is the most popular material used to make a Persian rugs or kilims because of its intrinsic properties - wool is long lasting, flexible, is easily dyed and can be woven or spun with ease. Besides, wool is readily available in areas where kilims or Persian rugs are made since you find a lot of nomads tending sheep there.

A fascinating thing about the Persian rugs or kilims is that you can deduce from which tribe the rug came from based solely on the type of wool and dye used. Some wool from sheep is sought after even more than the rest as it gives a certain luster to the Persian rugs or kilims.

Warps are commonly made of cotton as its high strength helps maintain the shape. Besides it maintains its natural white color over time. Another reason is that cotton can be spun into the finest of threads. Hair of camels, goats and horses is often sued to make Persian rugs or kilims to produce unique effects. Camel hair might be used to give a woolen rug additional strength while horse hair might give eye-catching tassels. Wool when mixed with goat hair produces a silky sheen. Silk has always been considered a material of luxury so silk rugs are rare although they might still be produced. They are often included in the dowry of a bride along with other Oriental rugs and treasured as part of the family wealth.

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Safe and Colorful Area Rugs For Your Home

Accidents are common in many households in the United States, and even in other parts of the globe. One of the common types of these household accidents is sliding or slipping on floors that result to mild or serious injuries.

The group of persons who are at high risk or prone enough to meet this type of mishap are those that belong to a very young age or toddlers and kids, and those who are in an old age group. But anyone can meet this injury, especially when being extra careful inside the bathroom, in the kitchen, or when crossing a wet floor is not observed properly.

The best solution for this predicament at the household is to place area rugs on spots where there is a greater possibility of sliding or loosing balance to occur, especially on bathrooms or near a bathtub shower.

Area rugs are effective in holding a person in place, especially when balance control is interrupted. The frictional force between the rug and the floor is responsible for the hold phase. So instead of the person getting injured, his safety is secured.

But the right kind of the raw material it is made of when choosing area rugs should be considered as the top priority. There are those, which are made from poor quality of textile that instead of helping you stand in place causes added risk for injury.

There a variety of materials used for area rugs, but the best ones are made from wool. Wool has a greater frictional force that holds a person in place when balance is getting out of control. It even works for heavy persons.

There are also area rugs that are well braided and that give creases or uneven surface. These creases are responsible in keeping the person from sliding. Compared to a smooth textile, braided rugs are more effective for ambulation control.

Area rugs can also be use as decorative materials inside your home. These can be used as centerpieces on your living room floors, or it can add hue to your bedrooms. It comes in many different colors; others may have patterned lines and shapes.

In choosing which one fits your home makeover, it is best to consult experts on home arrangement and decorative art. It is also best if you will associate the designs and colors to your personality.

If you are more than a happy person, with lots of blissful vibes, and who is always on the go, you can opt for a brighter shade. Such as bright red, orange, yellow and yellow green colors. If you are quite reserved, you can have blue or darker shades of green. If you are more of a romantic person, red is simply the best.

You can also match it on the theme of the spot on your house. There are area rugs that are well crafted from native and indigenous materials, and these are perfect if you want to go oriental. Velvet designs are ideal if you want your area to look a little bit luxurious.

Just bear in mind that in purchasing the perfect area rug for your home, always consider first the safety it can give, then the beauty it can add to your home.

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