Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sisal Rugs: Environment Friendly Flooring Decor

A sisal rug is an environmentally friendly, natural and biodegradable type of flooring decor. Sisal rugs are versatile, long-lasting, sound absorbing, water and fire resistant with some insulating properties. They are also naturally stain resistant, resilient and less expensive than other traditional rugs. These rugs are also very easy to take care of and maintain. Made from the sisal agave, commonly known as a cactus, the plant was first discovered in the Yucatan and was named after the port where the fiber was first exported.

These plants grow in humid climates in huge plump leaves from which the sisal fiber is flattened and frayed until only the fibers remain. The fibers are then soaked before exposure for drying in the sun or otherwise by searing air. It is very important to dry the fiber correctly as the value and type of the sisal depends on its moisture content. The washed, dried and treated sisal produces a sturdy, tough, expandable material suitable for rugs as well as rope, paper, buffing cloth, dart boards, handicrafts and many other uses. Their long woven fibers are stronger than coir, jute, hemp and flax. These sisal products have been utilized by people all over the world for many years.

The leading exporters of sisal fiber are Brazil, Mexico, China, the Caribbean, Tanzania and Kenya. In sisal rugs, sisal is usually blended with wool and acrylic for a softer cushion. This is accomplished by a 60% wool and 40% sisal using only its high-grade quality fibers. Their long woven fibers are stronger than coir, jute, hemp and flax. These sisal products have been patronized by professional architects and top interior designers all over the world for many years. They are gaining tremendous popularity by becoming one of the favorite rugs in the field of interior home and office design.

Sisal rugs have some unique characteristics, apart from being made from a cactus. Sisal will expand or contract depending on weather conditions. It has natural anti-static properties in addition to the fact that dust are not absorbed or retained by sisal rugs. They can be dyed to any color you prefer be it bold, natural or neutral. You can place them in heavy traffic areas where people converge. They can withstand the pressure.

You will be delighted with its fashionable and exotic beauty and you can place them in the living room, bedroom and hallway or conference room in your home or office. Sisal rugs have various texture and design schemes. You can choose those handcrafted rugs with 100% natural woven fiber with latex backing and stylish weavers. You can choose natural color rug or a dyed and bleached color flooring fixture of your choice. If you want to create a heavy visual impact, new life and vibrant personality into your rooms, the high fashion, earth friendly designer series of custom-made rugs with blind stitching edges are excellent choices.

Friday, April 8, 2011

5 Great Black Area Rugs For Your Home

Among the many styles of floor rugs for sale today, the area rug is one of the most popular. Most likely you already own one or two or even more in your home. One color that never seems to go out of style is black. Black area rugs can transform any space in your home from dull to divine, boring to beautiful. If you would like to try using these black rugs for your home, here are five suggestions that you can start with.

Black wool area rugs

The black wool rug works best for high traffic areas like the living room, as wool is a great natural material that is tough and hard-wearing, yet remains very soft and comfortable for the feet. Wool is also a natural fiber which means that it is safer than synthetic materials. Did you know that wool is naturally flame resistant? This makes it a great rug to be placed in living rooms with fireplaces. A small errant spark that may accidentally land on your wool rug will burn itself out.

For this wool rug, you can easily take your pick from the many available shapes and sizes. A rectangular one looks great and so will a round one. Most people go for the 8' x 10' sized ones but this depends on the amount of space that you have. Design wise, you can have a traditional design or a contemporary design. Pick a solid black one or better yet pick a dominantly black rug with other complementary colors. You can easily find black and white styles, black and red wool rugs, black and grey contemporary rugs, or even black and brown rugs.

Black shag area rugs

The black shag rugs can offer a different and fun texture to your home. Shags come in many styles, and you can pick a shag made from natural fibers or synthetic materials. The most expensive type of shag rugs that you can use in the home is the Flokati shag. In black, these add a very soft and comfortable surface for you to step on while giving your room a classy luxurious look that you will definitely love. Besides the Flokati, you may want to try a black shaggy Aros rug, black leather shag rug, cotton jersey shag rug or even a black synthetic acrylic shag rug.

Black sheepskin area rugs

The black sheepskin rugs make a nice addition to any room in the home. Sheepskin today can be found in many hues and black is one of them. A sheepskin rug is either made from real sheepskin or you can find them made from synthetic fibers as well. So you can take your pick based on your personal preferences. You can use these rug sin the living room or other areas of the home. Some of these rugs come in the natural shape of sheepskin rugs that you may have seen, while others like the synthetic sheepskin rugs are found in several sizes in the rectangular and round shapes.

Black silk area rugs

The black silk rugs are one of the more expensive types of rugs for sale. This is because the material used is silk, which is a luxurious material. On the other hand, you can now find faux silk rugs if you so prefer. These are much cheaper than the real thing. Black silk area rugs normally can be found in oriental or Persian designs. These real silk rugs may not be suitable for high traffic areas, unless you opt for a faux silk area rug. These rugs can instantly make your home look and feel more luxurious and opulent.

Black outdoor area rugs

The black outdoor rugs are made specifically for you to use outdoors. You can easily make any of your outdoor living areas more comfortable and look more chic by adding these black beauties. Look for rugs that are easy to clean and maintain and your rugs will provide you with many years of service. Choose geometrical design and shapes, wavy lines and zigzags, flower and plant motifs and solid black colored rugs. The choice is yours.

The above five types of black area rugs will make your home more comfortable and cozy, and will add an air of stylish elegance.

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