Thursday, August 27, 2009

Outdoor Rugs - Bring Fun and Color to Your Patio

If you are trying to find a way to bring color and fun to your patio or yard, a couple of outdoor rugs might be the answer. These rugs are durable and waterproof and you can use them indoors or outdoors to suit any of your purposes. They are usually all weather rugs which means they can withstand whatever nature throws at them. What's also great about them is that they can take heavy traffic from children and pets. There are several ways you can use an out door rug around the house some which include doorway traffic, patio deck or even by the poolside.

Using moving blankets at the entrance of your house is very helpful when it comes to cleanliness. Wherever there is foot traffic there is always dirt especially if shoes are involved. If you put an outdoor rug outside the front door of your house it will take most of the dirt off the shoes that enter your home. This reduces the grime that makes it's way indoors. It would be a good habit to train family members to wipe their feet on the rug before they come in.

If you like to have barbecue parties and you have a patio deck it would be very smart to have one of these durable rugs right on top of the deck. Choose colors that are very inviting to make your guests feel comfortable. Some of the colors and designs are fun and flattering; your guests would surely love it. You don't have to worry if someone spills some soda or ketchup on the rugs because it will simply wash off with a garden hose.

Outdoor rugs are the best solution for slippery areas at a poolside. Slippery areas near a pool could be very scary and very dangerous especially if you have children. A waterproof rug will provide enough traction so that even if someone is carelessly running around it would be hard for them to slip. Some people like to have outdoor rugs all along the sides of a pool and some people only need to put one at a hazardous area. Either way, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

These are the most common ways to use outdoor rugs. If you are using them for foot traffic, on a patio or even at a poolside you don't have to worry about cleaning them or fading. Since they are all weather this means that the sun will not fade them and they don't even fade from washing. The best thing about them is that they rinse off very easily and dry up immediately.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bedroom Decorating - Matching Your Rugs and Bedspreads

Matching your area rug to your themed pieces giving you the home décor blues? Take charge and go solo to find the real you and the real room you’ve been searching for.

The vast array of home decorating products available to us today not only causes the issue of choosing which design, theme, fabric and brand are right for your home but also causes a lengthy list of other problems, including whether or not you can find all of the matching pieces to a set.

What do you do when your perfectly situated set was only missing one pillow and you were certain you’d find it at another store location only to find that particular pillow has been discontinued and now you have no pillows matching your perfectly themed room?

Any normal home decorator would curl up into a ball, sulk for days and then gloomily pack their expensive items into boxes to be stored in a dark corner and forgotten for the next ten years and hopefully forever, following up with an even gloomier trip to the department store to buy yet another expensive set, thus renewing the cycle of gloom and misery.

But not you. Armed with the right information, you’ll start a quest for “near match” that will not only bring your room together but will also create a sense of eclecticism that only you’ll be able to put your finger on.

The first thing you need to know about perfectly themed sets is that they are never perfect and of course, that stores will never order as many oriental area rugs as they do bed spreads and sheet sets. Why? Because unlike you, the general population is far less likely to purchase an entire matched set—not even over the same six months—than they are to purchase one piece of that matched set. Not to mention the fact that area rugs—whether they are wool area rugs or cotton area rugs, red area rugs or grey area rugs—are a huge investment for most people.

You’re likely up against a store setting where there are five bedspreads and sheet sets for every one area rug in the same theme.

What can you do to get around that problem? Well, you could always call every store in town from the originating location, making certain they have and are willing to hold your items so you can dash across town to retrieve them. Or, you can break away from the need to stick to a pre-packaged, branded theme.

The truth is that the best rooms don’t have to come straight from one designer’s workshop. You know what’s best for your home. All you have to do is keep a strict record of each of your purchases—never destroy, lose or get rid of your receipts—pick up samples where possible, bring a sample of your area rugs to choose pieces that will blend and balance your room and be ready to let some pieces go.

Remember, the journey to matching your area rugs and other themed products is only as long and as hard as the pavement you pound to get the pieces.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oriental Area Rugs - A Way to Set Mood in You Home

Oriental rugs are one of the most outstanding ways to bring a touch of pattern and harmony in your space. These are the most perfect way to bring unifying elements in your home that needs more of colors and style. Balancing and unifying, yet soothing, these oriental area rugs add elements of strong linearity to your subtle room and coherence to curvilinear or floral patterns existing elsewhere in house.

These oriental area rugs complement the collections of sofa, dining table and accentuate other pieces of furniture in your home. But careful attention should be given while purchasing these beautiful accessories for your home. Following are presented some of the factors that need your notice:

Color: color plays an eminent role that can easily set mood for your space. Every shade gives a different tone as well as adds a touch of intensity. It is always advisable to go for lighters shades if you want to brighten the environment. But if you are willing to have more intimate ambiance, then select the patterns of darker shades.

Designs: there is a vast array of sophisticated designs available that defines calmness and serenity needed for your home. Traditional as well as contemporary designs are available to choose from and these sophisticated designs fit every lifestyle. Chinese, Turkish, afghani, Persian and east-Indian designs of oriental area rugs illustrate the components of nature and life in general. On the other hand, contemporary designs are generally characterized by bold use of bright colors, geometric designs and stark contrasts.

Following are presented some of the eminent factors that need to be taken into consideration while buying the oriental area rugsto enhance the beauty and add relevance into your space.

Always make sure that color of the oriental area rug never matches the color of main fabric used in it. It should be a rich blend of colors of same family so that it looks more appealing. This exquisite accessory can have the patterns of contrast to get a taste of creativity.

It is always advisable to look for the size as it helps to determine the beauty of the room. There should be considerable size that matches well with room. Also, it is significant to consider the size of furniture so that you get the perfect blend of furniture and area rug in your space.

Another crucial factor that should be taken into account is traffic that the oriental area rug has to hold on. The fact of the matter is to see the dirt it will hide thereafter and still hold up its appearance well.

Nowadays these oriental area rugs can be purchased directly from the wholesalers through the vast network of internet. There is a multitude variety of this beautiful accessory available that suits everybody’s pocket as huge discounts are offered upon them. The added advantage with buying online is the fact that they offer various designs and styles at one place and according to the budget of the browser.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How to select an Oriental Rug

Traditional wisdom says that interior home decorating should begin with an Oriental rug. There are plenty of choices in colors and materials from which to choose a rug and a rug well chosen and well cared for will probably last much longer than anything else in the room. In the olden days, Persian rugs or kilims from Iran were supposed to be the best rugs available but today you find that other eastern countries like India, Nepal, Pakistan, Nepal, Tibet, China and Turkey have been making rugs which have matched and even surpassed the quality of those from Persia.

Before you go out shopping for an Oriental rug, it would be wise to spend some time thinking about the size and color that you would prefer. You may even carry some photos of your room to help you decide. There are plenty of colors and designs to choose from. Next, you have to decide on the how much you are willing to spend on your purchase. The price of an Oriental rug is dependent on the following factors :
- Country from which it comes
- Age
- Condition
- Quality
- Design demand

Counting the knots in an Oriental rug is not the only or most important thing to do. A geometrically designed rug might have fewer than 100 knots in a square inch but a floral pattern extremely detailed might have more than 300 even. Although the regularity and tightness of the rug are of utmost importance, the quality of the wool ascertains the resistance and longevity of the rug. And don't forget to take into account the quality and color fastness of the dyes being used.

Besides, the price of an Oriental rug could also be decided by the prevailing design and color fads. About 50 years ago, orange, brown and green were considered the hot colors; but that is not the case today. The condition of the rugs and age affect the value of second hand rugs. Age will increase the value of the rugs provided they have been well maintained but if not, wear and tear and stains will reduce the value.

The best of rugs are always made from natural fibers with wool, silk and cotton being the most common and silk the most sought after as well as expensive. Wool is the most popular material used to make a Persian rugs or kilims because of its intrinsic properties - wool is long lasting, flexible, is easily dyed and can be woven or spun with ease. Besides, wool is readily available in areas where kilims or Persian rugs are made since you find a lot of nomads tending sheep there.

A fascinating thing about the Persian rugs or kilims is that you can deduce from which tribe the rug came from based solely on the type of wool and dye used. Some wool from sheep is sought after even more than the rest as it gives a certain luster to the Persian rugs or kilims.

Warps are commonly made of cotton as its high strength helps maintain the shape. Besides it maintains its natural white color over time. Another reason is that cotton can be spun into the finest of threads. Hair of camels, goats and horses is often sued to make Persian rugs or kilims to produce unique effects. Camel hair might be used to give a woolen rug additional strength while horse hair might give eye-catching tassels. Wool when mixed with goat hair produces a silky sheen. Silk has always been considered a material of luxury so silk rugs are rare although they might still be produced. They are often included in the dowry of a bride along with other Oriental rugs and treasured as part of the family wealth.

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Safe and Colorful Area Rugs For Your Home

Accidents are common in many households in the United States, and even in other parts of the globe. One of the common types of these household accidents is sliding or slipping on floors that result to mild or serious injuries.

The group of persons who are at high risk or prone enough to meet this type of mishap are those that belong to a very young age or toddlers and kids, and those who are in an old age group. But anyone can meet this injury, especially when being extra careful inside the bathroom, in the kitchen, or when crossing a wet floor is not observed properly.

The best solution for this predicament at the household is to place area rugs on spots where there is a greater possibility of sliding or loosing balance to occur, especially on bathrooms or near a bathtub shower.

Area rugs are effective in holding a person in place, especially when balance control is interrupted. The frictional force between the rug and the floor is responsible for the hold phase. So instead of the person getting injured, his safety is secured.

But the right kind of the raw material it is made of when choosing area rugs should be considered as the top priority. There are those, which are made from poor quality of textile that instead of helping you stand in place causes added risk for injury.

There a variety of materials used for area rugs, but the best ones are made from wool. Wool has a greater frictional force that holds a person in place when balance is getting out of control. It even works for heavy persons.

There are also area rugs that are well braided and that give creases or uneven surface. These creases are responsible in keeping the person from sliding. Compared to a smooth textile, braided rugs are more effective for ambulation control.

Area rugs can also be use as decorative materials inside your home. These can be used as centerpieces on your living room floors, or it can add hue to your bedrooms. It comes in many different colors; others may have patterned lines and shapes.

In choosing which one fits your home makeover, it is best to consult experts on home arrangement and decorative art. It is also best if you will associate the designs and colors to your personality.

If you are more than a happy person, with lots of blissful vibes, and who is always on the go, you can opt for a brighter shade. Such as bright red, orange, yellow and yellow green colors. If you are quite reserved, you can have blue or darker shades of green. If you are more of a romantic person, red is simply the best.

You can also match it on the theme of the spot on your house. There are area rugs that are well crafted from native and indigenous materials, and these are perfect if you want to go oriental. Velvet designs are ideal if you want your area to look a little bit luxurious.

Just bear in mind that in purchasing the perfect area rug for your home, always consider first the safety it can give, then the beauty it can add to your home.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Choosing The Rugs Colors That Match The Walls

There should be some contrast to prevailing colour as it is a benefit, and the universal value of carpets in a plan of beautification is exactly that they provide contrast in small spaces, it should be blended in with other tints and tones so that it manages to make its effect without negatively hampering the general plan.

Therefore, if there is a room where the walls are closely resembling a pale shade of copper, the carpets should bring in a diversity of reds that would become usual parts of the same scale, e.g. secondary notes in the octave; but still should add splashes of comparative blues and balancing greens; even, deep gold, and black and white could be included; the latter in small forms and lines which only signify or augment the general effect.

It is truly a fascinating problem, as to why the strong colours usually found in Oriental rugs should look so much better with weaker shades of colours on the walls and furniture than even the most shrewdly selected carpets can possibly do. It is a fact that bad Oriental rugs exist, extremely bad ones, just as there may be a villain within a collection of the pious, but it is surely hampered by the long centuries of Eastern manufacture, reaching back to the dawn of civilization. This has provided Eastern nations with secrets not to be easily mastered by the populace of nowadays.

However if it would be difficult to tell with confidence as to what is the reason behind good rugs fitting all places and conditions, whilst any additional object of human assembly must have its location carefully organized for it, we might perhaps take for granted to understand why the most striking of modern carpets are not as easily manageable and hence successful.

Firstly, having made clear that there should be some amount of contrast, some boost of contrasting colour, anything that the artist calls snap, is necessarily required in every flourishing colour plan, we shall see that if we are able to arrive at this by straight forward means of placing a carpet, it is important to choose one which holds more than a single colour in its composition, and colour shown as design must be included in the laws of automatic assembly; that is, it should come in as a repetitive design, and here in lies the real problem.

The similar forms and matching colours have to come in the similar way in each yard, or each half or three-quarter yard of the carpet. It follows, then, that it must be consistently sprinkled or regularly amble over each yard or half yard of the exterior; and this regularity results in spots, and spots are unbearable in the whole scheme of colour. So, if the space is very broad then the space as the floor of a room would be covered by sections of continually recurring design with no production of a spotty effect, even though it can be rather modified by the hard work of the good designer. Nonetheless, in spite of his best information and purpose, the difficulty remains.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Throw Rugs: Affordable And Beneficial For Your Home

Throw rugs: what more can you say about them? There are so many benefits of throw rugs that you could go on forever talking about them. But with that being said, there are still some people who do not have any of these in their home; and that is fine. When it comes down to it, there are some people who think that these do not fit in with what they are trying to accomplish on the inside of their home. But guess what? Until you look into what throw rugs have to offer, you will never really know what they could do for you.

The first thing that you need to consider is the affordability that surrounds the majority of the throw rugs on the market today. When it comes to saving money, while also keeping your floors looking good, this is one option that you probably want to look into. For instance, take the time to compare the cost of a couple throw rugs to the cost of getting wall to wall carpet. You will find out soon enough that you could save hundreds, maybe even thousands, by deciding to use throw rugs. And with that being said, you should know that they are far from being cheap in appearance. In fact, many people feel that adding throw rugs will give their room a much more high class look when compared to the simple use of wall to wall carpeting or hardwood floors.

Now that you are aware of the affordability, you should consider the benefits of using these. As mentioned above, when you use throw rugs you can really take the look of any room to the next level. Many people use these in family rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, hallways, basements, as well as other areas. The fact of the matter is that if you own a home, there is a good chance that you can find a place for at least one throw rug.

Additionally, throw rugs are a great way to protect the floors in your home. Is a certain area of your wall to wall carpeting wearing down? Maybe the area where the carpet leads to the outside? If so, you can buy an accent throw rug to put in that spot. Not only will this help to cover up the spot that has been damaged, but it will also go a long way in preventing future problems.

Finally, since throw rugs come in different sizes, styles, and colors, you will be able to find the perfect option for your home. There is no reason to think that you will not be able to find a throw rug that suits your home. Remember, there are both land based and online stores that sell hundreds of different types of throw rugs. This will allow you to find the one that is perfect.

Overall, throw rugs are affordable and offer many benefits to you and your home. If for any reason you think that a throw rug is right for you, look into buying one today. With a large selection, as well as prices that anybody can afford, there is no reason to pass these by for any longer.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tips To Choosing Great Area Rugs For Your Home

Area rugs can do wonders for a home. A well chosen area rug covers up stains and spots, disguises wear marks on carpet and brightens up a room. A great rug can make an ordinary room look great.

Here's a few tips for choosing a good looking area rug.

Size. How do you determine what size area rug to select? Should you buy one big one or 2 small ones?

Remember that a rug is there to add spice and appeal to your carpet, not to cover it entirely so that the rug becomes the carpet. A rug draws your attention to the design and mix of colors, so if it is too big it will lose it's effect because it just looks like a fancy carpet.

So you should leave a reasonable amount of room around the edge of the rug between the edge and the wall. Don't buy an area rug that is too big, or it will be too expensive and not do the job as well as a smaller rug.

A good size area rug for the average room is around 8' x 11', though of course it does depend on the size of the room.

Use small rugs under coffee tables. The rug should be large enough for all 4 legs to rest comfortably on the rug without being too close to the edges, and the rug should be the same shape as the table. So if you have a rectangular shaped coffee table try for a rectangular shaped area rug that goes under the table.

A round area rug for a round table and a square rug for a square table.

Make sure that the rug shape also fits in with the shape of the room. Modern contemporary house and room design allows for all sorts of room shapes, and modern contemporary area rugs can complement them beautifully. But don't try to put a square rug in a triangular room without thinking very carefully. It's best if the sides of the rug are parallel to the sides of the room.

And consider a rug pad. This helps keep the rug in place, otherwise it may well end up crawling all over the floor over time, and you will be forever pulling your rug back into place.

Spend some time thinking of your design too, and the colors that appeal to you. There are some wonderful colors available on modern and contemporary rugs and you have a world of choice.

Worried that you won't be able to afford a nice area rug as they are too expensive? Don't be concerned, there are all sorts of places where you can buy cheap area rugs at prices you won't believe.

Go on, give your house a treat and buy it an wonderful area rug. Your house will love you for it.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Moroccan Rugs - How To Cheer Up Your Home Decor

Adding a touch of ethnicity to your home’s interiors by using furniture, furnishings, and rugs is a sure way to brighten the atmosphere! Over the past few years, decorating homes in ethnic styles has become extremely popular. Sensing the demand for original tribal art from various places around the world, even big stores such as Target have been known to launch complete furnishing lines that reflect a particular culture or region such as Indian or Japanese home furnishing lines.

One of the most popular emerging styles is Moroccan, especially in the rugs and carpet industry. Hand-woven Moroccan rugs are a fantastic way to invite warmth and create a bright and charming atmosphere in your home.

Moroccan rugs have been infusing the magic of color and art to the homes of millions over the world. Moroccan rugs and art have been widely connected to the west and examples of this can be seen in Bauhaus movement or in the works of American designers like Billy Baldwin during the 1960’s and 1970’s.

The simple geometric patterns of Moroccan rugs have been used for long to lend a stylish, urbane and sophisticated look to most of the modern furnishings. The famous pile carpets from the Middle Atlas Mountain region of Morocco are proudly displayed in renowned historic houses such as Frank Lloyd Wright's iconic Fallingwater and Charles and Ray Eames spectacular Pacific Palisades house in California.

And with the late 1990’s, Moroccan rugs revival was imminent as designers and public showed a renewed interest for elements of the 1960’s and 70’s era both in terms of style and color. Bright and warm hues of oranges and saffron yellows reflecting in Moroccan rugs geometrical patterns were scene stealers. Moreover, these rugs are made from spun wool and had an authentic indigenous character making them ‘one-of-a-kind’ with a quality that was hard to find in their synthetic factory made modern cousins.

Moroccan rugs were and are still being made by the Berbers, who are an indigenous tribe of North African region living in Morocco. These weavers use hand-dyed wool to weave the rugs and each rug is unique in its design, use of colors, and patterns. The designs of Moroccan rugs are often similar to those found in the weaving of Native Americans.

Another type of Moroccan rugs are ‘kilims’ or ‘hanbels’ though these are lightweight, flat in weave and motifs are made with variations of red, blue, green, yellow, mauve and white. The price of Moroccan rugs and kilims are usably determined by the size, quality of the design and the colors used.

Why Buy Moroccan Rugs?

A holistic mix of modern and ethnic styling and design, Moroccan rugs lend a distinctly stylish look to your home decor. Warm and bright, they can simply liven up any space and make it look trendy, colorful and luxurious. Romance is an integral part of Moroccan culture and your Moroccan furnishings can bring some of that feeling in your room or home.

Rectilinear Moroccan carpets and rugs are visually striking and rich, and vivid with interesting motifs, making them a perfect flooring accessory for your living room or bedroom. Made from organic, hand woven wool, Moroccan rugs can be hung on walls hanging or used as a throw.

Let’s look at some of the things you should know before you set out to purchase Moroccan rugs for your home:

Rugs Authenticity –Always shop around. Extremely low priced rugs may mean that the products are not authentic. All Moroccan rugs are made from wool and have very bright colors. Also, good quality rugs should have 120 knots/square inch of weave; turn the carpet over to look at the knots. Handmade carpet will feature variations in the knots as compared to factory made carpets. Ask the shopkeeper if you can burn a small bit of the fringe to check the authenticity of the material – silk and wool being natural fibers will smolder when burnt.

Rugs Design—Bold patterns, visually enticing motifs and sparkling colors, Moroccan rugs are eye-catching to say the least. If your room already has a lot of visual movement and your furnishings are heavily designed then opt for a less conspicuous pattern.

Rugs Formality—Casual and comfortable appeal of the Moroccan carpets is a reflection of the tribal heritage of the indigenous people. You may not be able to achieve an authentically layered look as the Moroccan rugs are made in larger sizes to fulfill modern living room requirements.

Keep these things in mind when buying Moroccan rugs and enliven your home decor today!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Area Rugs, Free Shipping

These days, you cannot buy an area rug from a reputable seller without being offered free shipping; the two go hand in hand. It is always nice to know that companies care about not only the selling part but also the safe and trouble free shipping of your precious area rug. With the area rug industry growing with leaps and bounds, the aim shifts from only selling the product to creating a new bond between the company and it's valued customer, you. Free shipping is one of the most important values that can be added to the selling of a product. Customers love it, and when it comes to be a matter of choice, they will always go for that area rug which comes with free shipping.

Speaking of area rugs, the limits to your choice are endless. From the representation of your whimsical desire to pure class and elegance, the area rug of today provides for all of that with little or rather no difficulty at all. With the shattering of the barrier between the machine woven area rug and the handmade, the diversification in terms of quality, style and design is wondrous. And, the best part is that you don't have to pay a single cent to ship it to anywhere you want. They have not started fedexing to moon at the time of this writing, but if there were people up there, and they were buying area rugs, I wouldn't be surprised if these dealers offered free shipping. In today's competitive market, that is, to reiterate, one of the best values that a seller can add to that splendid rug for your home décor.

Do not be under the impression that you have to spend a lot of money in order to elevate the mood of your home to a new exquisite height. An area rug does the job with acute precision. Brands like the famous Karastan sell affordable area rugs that will simply blow your mind. Though Karastan manufactures machine made rugs; don't get fooled with that, because when placed beside a handmade rug, even the experts have doubts deciding which one is the machine-made one and which the handmade. To create something like this, a complete mimicry of human artwork, this is sheer mechanical excellence. It is not though that Karastan makes only machine made area rugs, as they import a lot of Persian rugs and Indian ones. Whether handmade or machine woven, one general assurance that the brand provides you is the guarantee of the quality of the wool, which is used to manufacture the rugs. Karastan uses wool of the highest quality to make their wonder rugs. This is a guarantee that has been there since 1928 and they intend to keep it that way, with no compromises on this one, ever.

Discount rugs are available from most dealers and you'd be amazed to see the level of quality you can get even when there is the discount tag attached to it. The discount is not because the rugs are bad but rather it is the celebration of the goodwill of the various companies as they are out to provide the customer satisfaction and in return, the inception of a life long relationship between them. The free shipping policy plays a pivotal role in developing this relationship.

Choice of material is never a matter of constraint. So what if you don't like wool? There's so much to choose from. New materials and fibers are being introduced constantly, in an effort to provide you the best possible option that you can have for your home. For example, manufacturers are using nylon in ways that you can't imagine. It won't even feel like nylon to you. Some may say that this is overworking the methods of rug making but on the contrary, it is the evidence of the untiring dedication of the manufacturers to furnish the maximum possible choices for you. They are very well aware of the fact that your home is important to you and it is important that you get an exhaustive range of options from which you can find the perfect one for your home.

Rugs and home; the former complements the latter and becomes the pride of any home owner for whom the look and feel of his or her home matters. This relationship has its own history and the variety of rugs that are found all across the globe are a testament to it. The Persians made their rugs a whole aspect of their identity and so did many other cultures. The explanation is simple, because rugs can define one's home, add that essential warmth and color to any part of your home. This wonderful property of the area rug makes it the pride of any room and of course, your home. Use a rug to change your home and the way you will remember your home when days have passed across the landscape of time. A rug adds to the perfect home and takes the not so perfect home to the pedestal of perfection. If you own a good rug from a reputable collection, your satisfaction, so far as making your home a more livable place is concerned, is guaranteed.

So stop looking for useless and expensive ways to achieve your goal of beautifying your home, and go buy an area rug. You'll most definitely end up saying, "why didn't I try this before?"

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quality Area Rugs Transform a Room

Area rugs hold a lot of fascination for consumers, collectors, and interior decorators. Rugs are no longer limited to the traditional designs we were accustomed to in our childhood days. Currently, area rugs are being designed by new leading designers, architects, and famous fashion designers. Interior design firms have also jumped on board to lend their talent and vision to the creation of attractive carpets. People are beginning to complain that wall-to-wall carpeting is dull and insipid and mostly seen in neutral colors. With wall-to-wall carpeting, the rooms continue to look empty. It is believed that a carefully selected area rug will add value to all the artwork, furniture, and all other articles in the room without highlighting vacant space. There cannot be two opinions that area rugs can transform floor space instantly. By using an area rug you can define an area, create false walls, and define hallways. By using different color area rugs you can divide a large room into separate spaces.

There are three general types of area rug available in the market.

Hand-knotted rugs the quality and price of these rugs are determined by the quality of the wool used; the number of knots per square inch; and the wash. Machine made – this type of area rugs is as the name specifies – made by machine and not hand-made. Hand-tufted – this kind of rug consists of yarn forced into a grid followed by an application of latex or fabric backing. Present day area rugs are typically designed in modern styles, although there is an abundance of patterns to select from. Regardless of your budget, you are sure to find contemporary rugs to fit in with your area rug decorating ideas. Area rugs are fairly easy to maintain and there are many styles, textures, materials and sizes to choose from.

There are three different styles of rugs – Casual Floral, Color and Modern. Casual Floral are said to provide the ambience for a comfortable, relaxed traditional setting. Color rugs are of a bold patterned type that can add spice to your space. Modern rugs are of a trendy style and now widely sold. Persian rugs continue to be rated as the best rugs on earth. The matchless superiority of the Persian rugs are due to their strikingly rich vivid colors, enchanting designs, high knot count resulting in a tighter weave and high quality of materials like wool, silk and dyes.

If it is your intention to transform your room quickly and without spending much, consider using an area rug. An area rug is a brilliant way to instantly warm the room up too. Before buying an area rug, decide what you will use the rug for and how you propose blending the area rug with the existing décor of the room.

You can place a small rug on a tabletop or other elevated area for a unique touch. Framing and hanging area rugs on walls well add a touch of class to your interior. Of course, you can use area rug on the floor in places such as in front of a fireplace or in a small passageway thereby adding a touch of warmth and coziness to the ambience. If you accustomed to changing your room decor often, then choose synthetic rugs — polypropylene or nylon rugs which water proof and UV-resistant. If you are environment-conscious, opt for plant-based fibers such as sisal, jute, and bamboo that are not only biodegradable but made from renewable resources.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Floor Coverings On A Budget: Area Rugs

My friends recently purchased a lake home near ours, in need of a lot of work. It was previously used as a weekend home by various members of a family, and consequently some of the much needed regular maintenance was not taken care of. My friends’ first task was to select quality floor coverings.

They were lucky enough to get the keys to the property a month before having to move out of the home they were selling, which gave them some time to tend to the most pressing work before moving in.

The wall-to-wall carpeting in the living room had seen better days and obviously suffered from the heavy weekend use. To help her decide on what carpet to pick, my friend picked up a few samples from a local dealer: he would come out to measure the rooms once she had made her choice.

The living room was not the only area in need of quality carpeting. The carpets in all bedrooms but the master suite were in bad condition, though the master bedroom carpet needed to go on account of its hideous color. Putting quality carpets in 3 bedrooms as well as the living room was going to cost a sizeable amount and my friends were worried about their budget. While replacing all the floor coverings at once meant for a big initial outlay, they knew it would be much easier to lay the carpet before moving in with their furniture. In order to same money they opted to remove the existing carpets themselves. They uncovered hardwood floors in the living room, in good condition except for an old water stain in an inconspicuous area: after a simple cleaning and a coat of sealant my friends were left with stunning wood floors that set out the room beautifully and saved them the expense of carpeting.

My friend also opted for an option for the bedrooms that turned out to be significantly cheaper than wall to wall carpeting. We went shopping together for quality carpets to be used as area rugs: this also meant it would be easy to change to a different color scheme if so desired.

The lake home is now starting to shape up: the carpets in the bedrooms give it a very clean look and feel, and I think my friends are happy with the way their efforts are paying off in the fixing up their home.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nourison Area Rugs Are Considered Best For Your Home

Are you looking to modify the interiors of your home? Is it that you have become bored of the old styled carpet flooring in your home? Nourison area rugs have created a revolution in beautifying the ambience of your home. Your home sweet home is the ideal place to feel relaxed. Everyone wishes that their home should be immaculately furnished. Unnecessary dirt and muck on the carpets can become a root cause of various ailments. They are also too heavy to be changed. Apart from this, it becomes very difficult to clean them.

Nourison area rugs are the designer products that can glorify your home. Everyone wants the best things to be placed in their home, be it area rugs or any other things that can beautify your place. The designer look of the area rugs has the ability to attract the customers. The work done on them and its color combination can sway you. Such area rugs look so attractive that the customers feel a temptation to possess them. Nourison area rugs have such grace that can add four stars to the looks of your room or even the entire house.

Nourison area rugs are famous for durability and excellent quality. The soft fabric used to make these area rugs are easy to clean and maintain. They last much longer than the usual carpets. You can use vacuum cleaner for clearing the dirt on your Nourison area rug. These area rugs can also be washed with the help of mild detergents. The cleaning process of Nourison area rugs is so easy that they can very easily become your first choice for area rugs. In fact, proper cleaning is the appropriate way to extend the life of these area rugs.

Everyone is aware of the fact that Nourison area rugs can enhance the looks of your place. The designs of these area rugs reflect creativity and the importance of style in the matter of furnishing. You can check out a whole lot of variety of Nourison area rugs in the market. The area rugs are embossed in traditional style look or modern style look. If you are also looking for a country-style specific, then Nourison area rugs have a concern for your selection. The design and colors appeal to the eyes of customers so much that they can’t resist themselves from buying them.

Nourison area rugs are the best available product that is meant to create wonders for your home décor. These area rugs have the ability to make your home look elegant and distinctive. The main reason behind this is that, people are becoming more and more fashion conscious. They are fully aware of the latest styles, designs and colors that can be adopted in furnishing their home. They also know that what style and color will match with the colors of their wall or which type of area rugs will be suitable for their room.

If you are not able to find that perfect area rug for you, then you can put special order to make it. It may happen that you don’t find the area rugs that can catch your attention. This can land you in problem, but not anymore. There are manufacturers, who custom build the area rugs for you. In this regard, they give special attention to your choice of color and the type of design required by you. The Nourison area rugs are available at affordable prices, so that every sort of person can buy them.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cow Skin Rugs: Right For Homes With Children?

Cow skin rugs can make great accessories to childrens’ rooms or for baby’s room. Young children, girls and boys, can enjoy, and be perfectly safe with, cow skin rugs. The rugs can be purchased in a wide variety of colours, shapes, and prints. They can complement a kids’ room very well by adding a touch of the unusual, a visualisation of the “west” or “cowboys.”

Many children enjoy playing the part of a cowboy or cowgirl, and if they are really into the “role,” they will truly enjoy have something of that theme that stays with them in their rooms. Cow skin rugs can be natural in colour, which can temper a Wild West-themed room if it’s already “busy,” or the rugs can be patterned, designed, and coloured to provide a bold look and give the room just the right tone of intensity.

Cow skin rugs can be laid on the floor or hung on the walls. Either way, they will make a great accent to any room that needs a little flair. Cow skin rugs, if they have been professionally tanned using methods that are safe, will be soft, supple, and should last a lifetime. They should never show any signs of cracking or shedding. If the cow skin rug has been properly treated, it will not produce any odours and should be safe. The tanning procedure using chromium is considered by many to be the best treatment method.

Children will love the diversity in colours and shapes. Babies will love the visual appeal of the patterns and designs on the floor or wall. Cow skin rugs are safe for your little ones to play on. Kids and pets alike will find cow skin rugs soft and the feel unlike any other texture they have known. It has been said that they represent a “tactile” experience.

Babies and young children learn by experiencing, touching, seeing, and smelling. Versions of baby books make great gifts for young children that have pieces of different types of fabric for little ones to touch, feel, and experience. The same can be true of a genuine cow skin rug. There also seems to be something comforting about cow skin rugs for both babies and pets.

Cow skin rugs are friendly and safe for the entire family and provide a much more utilitarian purview to decorating a room. Also making them the ideal rug for children is the fact that they are very easy to clean and care for. No special chemicals are needed to clean the rug, just mild soap, water, and a sponge.

These rugs do not collect or hold dust particles, helping to make them hypo-allergenic, which is always a good premise to be working on when children and pets are going to be involved in the use of the rug. Their backing generally provides for a non-slip surface, which is also great when kids are around. You won’t have to worry so much about them slipping and falling on loose rugs.

Cow skin rugs made great additions throughout the entire house and for the entire family. Take a look at some selections today and imagine in your mind all the possibilities for use in your home.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tip For Shopping For Cotton Bathroom Rugs

Finding cotton rugs isn't rocket science. All you have to do is type "cotton bathrom rugs" into a search engine and voila you'll have thousands of results from online and offline stores. Any one of these suppliers will be more than happy to sell you anything you wish from their selection or rugs.

So the first step in finding the perfect cotton rug for your needs begins with making up your mind about what you're looking for in the first place. Smart consumers always comparison shop to make sure they're getting the best deal - even it's not a big ticket item it's always a good idea to compare prices in at least 3 different stores. There's nothing worse than finding the same product at 50% off in another store one hour after you bought it.

Another important thing to consider when shopping for cotton bathroom rugs is the importance of safety. More accidents occur in the bathroom than in any other room in the home. It does not matter how beautiful the colors and design patterns are, if your bathroom rug is not safe, you do not need it. Make sure that the rug you select is slip resistant for you and your children, if you have any. You can always buy slip resistant coating in sheets if you find a rug that you love but doesn't seem to be safe.

Aside from being slip resistant, you should select a bathroom rug that is water absorbent and quick drying. This creates another hazard if the rug remains wet for a long period of time after you step out of the bath or shower. Taking care of safety in your bathroom is critical; your life could, quite literally, depend on it.

Once you have taken care of safety features, think about the color and design of your cotton bathroom rugs. Many stores and manufacturers offer a wide variety of selections to choose from. Also, you can buy your rug as part of a matching shower curtain and towel set to make sure your bathroom stays consistently beautiful.

You'll often see rugs advertised as 100% cotton but this isn't always the truth. Usually you're buying a cotton blend which is no problem - as long as you're not paying inflated prices for it. 100% cotton generally costs more, depending on the manufacturer. Even the color can make a huge difference in the price so if it looks to good to be true.... well it probably is folks.

This is why shopping around before making a purchase is the best idea. You will know what to expect and be able to make the right selection based on your own knowledge, not on what the salesperson or store advertising is trying to sell you. Just because the bathroom rugs cost more does not necessarily mean that you are getting the highest quality.

If you decide to make your purchase online, know what the return policy is, and whether or not a warranty is offered. Again this is where comparison shopping becomes something you need to pay attention to.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wool Area Rugs Have Many Benefits Over the Latter

Lots of people are entirely unaware of the many great benefits there are to owning a wool area rug versus a synthetic area rug. One of the biggest selling points about wool is that it is an entirely all-natural material that is shorn from sheep each year and is naturally reoccurring. So you are not going to be negatively impacting the environment by purchasing wool mediums. Another positive is that wool is a very strong and durable material, so you can rest assured that your area rug will stand the test of time for years to come, maintaining its value and good looks.

Wool versus Synthetics

Synthetics materials are not all that bad. However there are some drawbacks to them. For example, synthetic silks tend to not be as durable as wool and some people may have allergies to them. Another point to make is that wool, unlike synthetics, does not have to be manufactured in a plant. Rather it comes from wool farms where sheep are raised for one purpose, to sheer their lush and thick, naturally growing wool and use it as a medium for many different things. Unlike the many synthetics that may have industrial grade curing agents in them or dyes, wool is as close to nature as you can get with an area rug medium.

Wool shag versus Silk and Rayon Shag

When it comes to shag carpeting, wool is the king. In fact, most shag carpets of the past were made from wool exclusively. It has not been until recent years that synthetics started to really dominate the shag rug business. Similarly, the claims are that wool rugs shed more. However, wool, unlike synthetics, is more versatile, has more options when it comes to the style of the shag and the soft piles and the weaving patterns. And, wool is not going to deteriorate as quickly, making it the ideal alternative to a synthetic shag area rug.

Benefits of Wool

There are many benefits to owning a wool rug. For one, they are naturally hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to worry about allergies. Wool will also naturally clean and purify the air in your home, which is another added benefit. And finally, wool will not promote the growth nor harbor dust mites and or bacteria. So if you are looking for a way to enjoy an all-natural and environmentally-friendly area rug that offers you the best value hands down for your investment, then you really should look to wool.

What is the best type of Wool?

Generally wool can come from any place in the world that has sheep. However, premium area rug importers tend to favor New Zealand wool because it has a softer, thicker nature. There are only minute differences between different types of wool from around the world and you will notice a decent price gap between imported wools and domestic wools. Keep in mind that wool does not necessarily have to be imported just to be of higher quality. However, generally you will find that the imported wools are spun thicker and have a more supple texture to them.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rug Pads - A Worthwhile Investment For Your Oriental Rug, Or a Waste of Money?

This may seem like a silly question, but if you have just spent a load of money on a very expensive hand-knotted Oriental Rug, the last thing you want to do is drop a few hundred more on a rug pad that no-one will ever see! But, ask yourself this, if you purchased a new car, would you skip the oil changes? Of course not, as everyone knows, changing your oil prolongs the life of your engine and helps you get the most out of your car. A rug pad can serve the same purpose for your rug.

Believe it or not, a rug usually wears out faster on the bottom of your rug than on the top. This is because the bottom of your rug is crushed against the hard floor. A rug pad cushions your rug and acts as a buffer, keeping it from being constantly smashed.

Another reason your rug can wear out faster on the bottom is because hand-knotted rugs have an open weave. Even if you have a hand knotted rug with a high number of knots per square inch and have difficultly seeing the holes, they are there. Over time, dirt drops down between the holes to lie underneath your rug. If you don't have anything underneath your rug, this dirt will just sit there and grind away at the bottom of your rug as it is walked on. A rug pad helps significantly - if you have an open cell pad, it will trap the dirt and hold it away from the rug. If you have a closed cell pad, the dirt is held and cushioned - it's not constantly ground against the hard floor.

Speaking of dirt, a rug pad can also help keep your rug clean. When vacuuming your rug, having your rug held off the floor will bring air underneath your rug, helping your vacuum be more efficient and your rug looking great.

What about safety? Have you ever walked on a rug - especially on a runner - and have it slip underneath you? Have you ever tripped on a curled up edge of a rug walking into a room? In these days of ready law-suits, the last thing you want is a hazard waiting to happen - most importantly to keep you and your family safe, but also to prevent unfortunate accidents for guests. A rug pad helps your rug "stick" to the floor, keeping it in place, and making it safer for everyone.

While safety and protecting your rug are the most important reasons to invest in a good quality rug pad, there are a number of other reasons:

• Protects your floor from being scratched by the bottom of your rug - often, rugs are built on a backing of unfinished cotton or wool. Over time, friction can rub through the finish of your floor.
• Protects your floor from any potential staining. Depending on what kind of dye was used in the making of your oriental rug, if you spill something on it, dye may be transferred to your floor.
• Comfort! Ever stand on a hard floor all day? A thick rug pad will make you feel like you are walking on air.

I hope you are now convinced that a rug pad is a good idea. Your oriental rug should last for generations - make sure you get the most out of it!

So, now you have decided to purchase a rug pad - what kind should you get? Well, your pad should be selected for your floor, not for your rug. There are different rug pads for hard surfaces such as ceramic or hardwood, for various types of carpets, and for indoor or outdoor use. There are even special types of open cell rug pads for use over floors that have radiant heating to allow heat to freely flow up through the pad and rug.

Once you've selected the type most suitable for your floor, you have to measure your rug carefully. You don't want the rug pad to show, so it should be cut to be at least 1/2" smaller all the way around. And one final tip, when laying your rug pad down, make sure you read the instructions to ensure you are putting the right side down - some pads have different textures on the bottom to help it grip better to the floor!

Monday, June 22, 2009

What Does Free Shipping On Area Rugs Really Mean?

Perhaps one of the most costly aspects of purchasing things from an online store is the shipping costs that are associated with that purchase. Sometimes the many great deals that can be offered for online purchases become not so great deals when you factor the cost of shipping into the equation. This is why a smart buyer should always look for the best deals on shipping when choosing which online vendor or merchant to make their purchases with. And, thanks to the massive size of the World Wide Web, finding plenty of merchants who carry the products that you desire, and that offer free shipping on those products is actually fairly easy to do.

Of course, in a perfect world, the consumer would never have to pay for shipping costs just to order something online, and unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world. But, that does not mean that the savvy consumer can not find great deals on hefty products, products that normally would costs hundreds to ship otherwise. Case and point: area rugs. These can weigh in excess of hundreds of pounds when they are bound and tied, boxed and sealed for shipping. Most shippers will charge in upwards of hundreds of dollars just to ship you the natural area rugs that you want to buy.

But, if you really take your time and look around enough to find the best deals, you can find free shipping on natural area rugs. Perhaps the fastest way that you will be able to find free shipping on area rugs is by conducting a search engine enquiry online, using keywords like free shipping and area rugs, free shipping. You might be surprised at how many merchants are out there that will easily be able to meet your expectation. And, in the end, why pay hundreds for shipping when there are vendors out there who are offering it for free?

Go Green in Your Home with Eco-Friendly Rugs

The word is out: going green is the new trend for those of you whom are truly seeking to become as environmentally friendly as you can. There are many different ways that folks can do their part to assure that their homes are as friendly to environment as possible. One such way is by making sure that you only buy environmentally safe products.

Many people are evening choosing to go with a more vintage and aged look when it comes to their home furnishings so they can do their part with helping to assure that our environment stays as healthy as possible, and that we can all work together in the worldwide battle to combat global warming.

One of the ways that you can be more kind to the environment is by how you choose to decorate your home. Always look for products that are all-natural and do not contain any materials or chemicals that can be deemed harmful to the environment.

Many home owners are choosing to remodel their home floors using reclaimed woods, oaks and cork. Others are refinishing older furniture and reusing it to avoid having to purchase newer furniture which contributes to the felling of trees in the forest.

And even more people are choosing to only purchase all-natural rugs and area rugs to decorate their homes, which are made out of eco friendly materials that benefit the environment. By assuring that the flooring and the area rugs in your home meet the eco friendly standards of today, you can know that you are indeed doing your part to help battle global warming.

Being more eco friendly is not just a choice anymore, is a must-do that we as members of society and as responsible homeowners have to do to assure that our world remains clean and healthy for millions of years to come. By assuring that you only decorate your home with environmentally safe items, like all natural area rugs, reused flooring and chemical free furniture, you can rest assured that you are doing your part.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

How to Clean a Sisal Rug

Sisal rugs, derived from Agave Sisalana plant fibers in Central America, get stained, soiled and stepped on just like any other rug. Cleaning a sisal rug is easier than it looks—or sounds! (Sisal is pronounced see-szal or sai-szal.) Just bear in mind the following tips, and you too can have a sparkling clean yet ruggedly natural sisal rug.

Sisal is harvested and stripped for their durable fibers, thus making an extremely flexible, strong rug. But while your rug may be hearty, it can still be affected by external forces. When it comes to cleaning, clean your rug with care to avoid surface damage and uneven coloring. Don’t clean your rug with an excess amount of liquid; sisal rugs tend to shrink when this happens. Keep your rug away from moisture or areas high in humidity. The wetness can distort your area rug, warping it into a shadow of its former self. Instead, keep your rug in its current shape by lying it down in a dry place, preferably an area where spills are less likely to occur. If you spill on your area rug, clean it as quickly as possible by blotting it with a dry cloth and without rubbing the liquid into the fiber. Say you spill something that could stain—clean your sisal rug with a mild soap and water solution. Alternatively, you could a half vinegar half water solution, or try spot cleaning with a cleaning product recommended by your rug’s manufacturer. Dip the cloth in the soapy substance and blot the rug, but keep in mind to blot it dry afterwards. And remember to use a small amount at a time so your rug doesn’t absorb the liquid. Repeat on the underside of the rug if you need to.

Clean off dry materials like dirt by scraping them off with a blunt edge, like a wooden knife. Special cleaning powders for sisal rugs are useful as well. Remember to vacuum your rug regularly so you pick up accrued dirt and such right away. Vacuuming frequently also prolongs the life of the rug because dirt embedded into the rug can destroy the rug fibers. Even all the durability of a sisal rug can’t save itself from poor maintenance. If you’re truly concerned that your rug is looking less than perfect, many manufacturers suggest dry cleaning. Check with the manufacturer first, and be sure not to wet-shampoo or steam clean your rug! Again, all that excess wetness will pucker your rug into something unrecognizable. Sisal rug are tough, robust, and versatile—but only if you let them be. Spot clean when necessary and keep your sisal rug dry, and you’ll be enjoying it for years to come.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Traditional Braided Area Rugs

Traditional Braided Area Rugs

The craft and origin of braided rugs has been the subject of some debate over the years. It is said that the art and craft of braided rugs has roots in the Native American culture. Indigenous cultures the world over have long and well documented histories of rug making. Others contend that the braided rug came to the New World with early European settlers, originally as rag rugs. Regardless of the how the braided rug arrived in North America, the popularity of these rugs has not diminished over the years.

Rag rug making has long been considered a folk art that is still widely practiced. Like many other types of weaving, rug making was a home based craft, borne out of necessity. Frontier settlers did have the luxury of climbing into the family wagon and heading to the local rug store. If something was needed for the home, be it a warm blanket or a rug, a way was found to make it.

As the term implies, rag rugs were made from any available scraps of fabric. Like quilting, the practice of utilizing available materials meant that color schemes and patterns were a secondary consideration. In essence, form followed function. Fabric dyeing, if done at all, made use of local plants, berries and roots. Again, the practice of fabric dyeing was not limited to European settlers. For centuries, Native Americans understood the power of nature to provide beauty and color. This understanding can be seen in virtually every aspect of Native American life.

Traditional braided rugs can be found in a wide variety of weaving styles and construction. Regardless of the fabric, weave or construction, properly made braided rugs share one common feature. Simply put, a proper rug must be made to lay flat on the floor. One sure sign of a poorly braided rug is curling and bunching. A properly made braided or rag rug will have a flat braid. Flat braids are sometimes referred to as tape braids. Flat braids are made by weaving around at least two parallel center cords.

Many round braids are made by weaving around a single, round center cord. The practice of round braiding is a technique that can be found in more modern rug construction. Round braiding is a perfectly acceptable practice, though some less expensive round braid rugs have some problems. Use of a stiff center core in combination with a poor quality yarn will result in a rug that does wear very well. Cheap yarn abrading against a hard center core causes the yarn to wear prematurely, often exposing the center core material.

One of the more unique and beautiful characteristics of braided rugs is color. Makers of early braided rugs might have used whatever fabric or yarn was at hand. The result was a blend or variegation of many colors, often resulting in random patterns. The variegation in color made every rug unique much like patchwork quilts which did not rely on any particular pattern. Variegated rug patterns are perennial favorites among those folks prefer a very traditional look.

The practice of dyeing fabrics and yarns allowed weavers to create patterns of more uniform color. The choice of styles and patterns available today is quite diverse with some rugs following thematic patterns.

Quality braided rugs are easy to care for. Remember that these rugs have been around since before the introduction of such modern conveniences as the vacuum cleaner. Tightly sewn and woven braided rugs could be swept clean with stiff broom. Braided rugs are reversible and regularly turning the rug over greatly extends the life of the rug.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Using Southwestern Rugs For Unique Rustic Home Decor

Southwestern rugs are an easy way to enhance that unique western, rustic or Native American feel in your home decor. Because of their growing popularity, more and more home decorators are choosing to buy southwestern accent rugs online. Used as western rugs and also southwest area rugs in the different rooms in your home or when decorating a log cabin with a rustic or western theme, southwestern rugs give your home warmth and a definite authentic southwestern country look. When purchasing American Indian style rugs, you will find a large selection of southwestern rugs to choose from and will definitely want to include a few of the most popular and sought-after rugs in your home decor. These rugs have a long history that has changed over time and can truly be appreciated as great works of art.

Among the most popular southwestern and western rugs are handmade area rugs, spirit rugs, Mexican Guadalupe rugs, Oaxaca Mexico rugs including Zapotec Indian rugs, Mohair and Navajo rugs. Each of these different rugs uses a combination of a variety of colors and characters, symbolizing spirituality or depictions of historical events. A good example of this is brought to life in the Southwestern Spirit rug which combines a wide variety of colors and designs. The spiritual characters weaved into these rugs are created in a variety of patterns and forms that express the spirituality of the people.

Not only are southwestern rugs admired for their great beauty, but the skill and hard work involved in making Native rugs and runners is also greatly appreciated. The makers of hand woven wool rugs must be very skilled and begin the rug making process by kneeling in front of a vertical wooden-framed loom. The designs are then put into place by using a shuttle to weave a variety of colored yarn together, making large-scale geometric characters and designs. In the beginning, Navajo rugs as well as those of some other Southwest Indian tribes were weaved of hand-spun cotton thread. However, once the wool of domestic sheep was introduced to the region by the Spanish settlers, the people mainly used wool to create their colorful rugs and other traditional weaving.

Today, many of the modern southwestern rugs are woven in areas where Spanish and Native American histories have melded together to create colorful designs. Southwest rugs, with their warm earth tone colors and unique southwestern designs make them a great choice for rustic home decorating. If you are searching for a great southwest rug, you will most likely purchase from American companies or directly from Native American weavers. Buying rugs from Navajo or other American Indian tribes not only allows you the satisfaction of knowing that you have a southwestern rug that is made by Native Americans but also helps to support the Native American heritage of rug weaving, and the people who themselves sell their rugs, blankets, and Native American art.

The rug you choose will certainly depend on what you like and what kind of decorating you have in mind. You will find that southwest rugs are the perfect southwestern accent when combined with rustic or western home decor. Whether you are changing your home decor or decorating an entire house using a southwestern theme, you will find many designs and colors available to choose from. Among these options you will find everything from Zapotec rugs with no two alike, to southwest table runners and southwestern tapestries. Designers love hand woven rugs because of the variety of colors and textures. Whatever your decorating style and whatever your decorating needs, you will no doubt enjoy the warmth and color created by decorating with southwestern rugs.

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Maintaining And Cleaning Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are definitely must haves for homeowners who wish to have a more exotic setting in their dwellings. Their designs are very pretty to look at; it makes many wonder how this artwork can be placed on a rug. They are sure to be eye candy for many generations to come – if they last that long.

The life of your oriental rug depends on how much you devote to maintaining it, and extending it in the process. Here are some things that you may want to consider to prolong the life of your oriental rug for more and more people to see and appreciate.

Like other rugs and carpets, it is not only comfortable for you to place padding underneath your rug. It’s also practical in the sense that it cushions your rug and prevents it from changing its form. You should place some padding underneath your oriental rug especially if you plan on placing furniture on it, or if you plan on having people walk on it. Padding also makes the rug stable, keeping people from accidentally slipping on it after taking a wrong step. This also means that there are lesser chances that the rug would get creases.

Speaking of placing furniture on your oriental rug, you will want to use glides or other forms of protection between the actual article and the rug. Using such protection will keep the fibers of the rug from getting crushed in the areas where the furniture rests. If you plan on changing the position of furniture on your rug, make sure that it is lifted instead of pushed to where you think it should be. This usually means that you will need the help of a few other people in carrying the item.

A spill on your rug may not be avoided. The best thing to do is to attend to the stain as soon as it is noticed. If a dry substance is spilled on the Oriental rug, try to lift out the mess instead of pushing it in more by scrubbing. Finish off the cleaning job by using a vacuum.

In case of any liquid spill, make sure that you soak up any excess liquid or excess moisture with paper towels. Do not scrub the area; instead, wet it with some clean water and soak it all up with more paper towels. The idea there is to make the stain rise up from the Oriental rug’s fibers with the water. Keep repeating this step until the stain disappears, or is no longer obvious.

If it’s a whole dinner plate that unfortunately made its way to the floor, then take away any visible solid particles right away. Be careful and make sure that you aren’t rubbing any particles deeper into the Oriental rug. Then take a clean knife and try scraping the smaller scraps of food residue from the area. Treat the remaining spot as you would a liquid spill, with clean water and paper towels.

Keep your oriental rug vacuumed. Many people prefer to vacuum the rug on a weekly basis, and they would clean it more depending on how often people step on it. When you plan on vacuuming your rug, do not forget to vacuum around and under any furniture on it too. Maintenance of an oriental rug can be a bit tedious, however it still beats paying a big amount of money to a professional cleaner.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Area Rugs Can Add Warmth To Your Home

Area rugs can help to finish off the look of a room by adding personality and extra style to the home. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit all room needs.

Some people find that their floors have a tendency to look bare, but there are things out there that can make it look so much warmer. One great option available is to use area rugs as they come in so many different shapes and sizes to suit all sizes of rooms. There is so many available to suit everyone’s needs and tastes and they will be able to fit into every home.

How Can The Rooms In Your Home Benefit From The Use Of Area Rugs?

The great thing about area rugs is the amount of choice that there is out there. If you have a smaller room, there is a huge range of smaller area rugs that you can use to best fill up any open spaces. Also if you have a larger room, you could buy massive area rugs or even try using more than one to add warmth, flair and extra personality to the room. They can be used to finish off the look of any room whether it has just been decorated or not.

What Should You Look For When Buying An Area Rug For Your Home?

There are a few things that you can consider when it comes to buying a rug for your home. Here are a couple of things that you may want to consider:-

How much do you have to spend on a rug?

How can the space in your room benefit from an area rug?

Do you need a rug in your room?

How much space do you have to fill and what size rug do you need?

What color will best suit the room?

Will the style compliment the room?

It may not seem like it, but by asking these questions can actually help you to make the right choice. There is more to it than just buying any old rug as it may not suit the look of the room you are using it for.

What Style Of Area Rug Should You Go For?

When it comes to choosing a style of rug this will depend entirely upon a person’s own tastes and needs. A great choice that is quite popular is oriental designs which include Persian rugs and they can really add something special to the room. You need to find one that compliments the room the best so it is a case of having a thorough look around to find the best one. Look at all of the different materials and styles to get a feel for them and visualize which one you think will best suit the room.