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Inspirational Artworks Of The Persian Rugs

While dealing with the issues of Persian rugs the history tends to span back to the Bronze Age - some 3500 to 2000 BC. Some of the rug experts and the researchers of this subject believe that the root of the Persian rugs is the Safavid dynasty that used to exist during the 16th and the 17th century. With the rich Persian culture and art the Persian rugs have developed gradually to a extent and is now among the world's top ranking categories of rugs.

While almost all the original rugs of the reign of the Safavid dynasty has destroyed, yet some of the worn out pieces have been saved and are restored at the carpet museum of Tehran. People from far and wide come to this museum in order to view the magnificent artworks of the craftsmen of those periods. The unswerving artworks of the artists and the rugs makers of the Safavid dynasty are perhaps the best-treasured wealth of the world.

Persian rugs of the prevailing era is much different form those but it is beyond all doubts that today's Persian rugs are also highly demanding because of the mind-blowing art. The Persian rugs tend to be the most effective and pivotal components that delineate the central theme of the Persian art and culture.

Properties of the Persian Rugs

During these days the Persian rugs have changed to a great extent. With the unique synchronization of the traditional Persian art and the modern trend of decoration the Persian rugs has revolutionized the modern mode of decorating the interiors of the modern homes and offices. Although the awe-inspiring touch of the royal classical beauty is still found in today's Persia rugs. This is where the Persian rugs are remarkably distinctive from the other categories of rugs.

Secondly vital property of the Persian rugs is that the art of the Persian rugs are originally based on the art related to the Islamic culture - especially the Shiah Isalm. This tends to be the major reason behind the fact that the beauty of the Persian rugs involves the aesthetic fervor of classical Islamic style. The modern Persian rugs tend to represent the aesthetic blend of the awe-inspiring artworks and the traditional Persian culture.

Thirdly, the quality range of Persian rugs is crafted out of high grade wool or cotton or high quality silk, although the silk Persian rugs are not as hardy as the woolen and the cotton rugs. The silk Persian rugs are enjoying high demand in the global market but the woolen and the cotton Persian rugs have acquired a demand level further high.

Categories of the Persian rugs

As far as the categories are concerned the Persian rugs are of various types, which have been named on the basis of the places they are made. The varied categories of the Persian rugs are however, Abadeh rug, Ahar rugs, Arakh rugs, Aradabil carpets, Afshar, Gabbeh, Heriz carpets, Isfahan, Jozan, Nain rugs, Qom rugs, Sarouk rugs, Shiraz rugs, Tabriz rug, Kashan rugs and etc.

Each of these categories has got their own specific notes of designs and art, which are unique and are very much different from each other. Purchasers of the Persian carpets must look as to which specific type or category would match the preset tune of decoration of the interiors of their home prior to purchase.

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Rug - Snug as a Bug!

Rugs are a great way to decoratively cover a floor. Whether you have carpet, tile or hardwood, a rug can protect your floor and add a designer’s touch to it! Since rugs are more interchangeable than the base flooring, you can change the rugs and change the whole look of a room. It’s a great way to vary your interior design.

My favorites are Persian rugs. I love the intricate designs. In fact, they are so pretty that I don’t always put them on the floor. Yes, there’s a big one in the living room and another runner in the hall, but my favorite is a small round multi-colored Persian rug in deep red tones that I hang on the wall in my bedroom. It’s always been just too beautiful to walk on. Cream-colored fringe on the edges hangs down so nicely from the rug!

Early American designs are a favorite of many. There are hooked rugs and shirred rugs and braided rugs. The hooked rugs, in particular, have very intricate designs with various scenes pictured on them. Shirred rag rugs are a creative use of strips of fabric sewn together in a coil or in rows. Everyone knows the traditional braided rugs. They are also coils, but these are made of braids. They can be one color or multi-colored. Look at Rugs for some great examples of all three kinds, as well as others.

Of course, the rug of all rugs is the bearskin rug! Honestly, I’d rather have a fake. I don’t want some bear to die so he can decorate my floor. But I’m happy to have a good imitation in front of my fireplace. I do spend time on it with my beloved. We pour wine and set out some cheese and crackers and lie back to enjoy the evening in front of the fireplace. Now that’s the way to get the best use out of your rug!

There are many rugs ideas on the internet. Browse and see!

About the writer

Jenny Mettarod is an interior designer. She loves to help people improve the look of an older home or redecorate after the children have grown and gone.You can read more articles about rugs at Shehady Rugs

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Braided Rugs

Every little object is important in its own way. It is the same with braided rugs too. Though they may not have the same status as Oriental rugs, a braided rug too is valuable and worthy because of its utility.

Manufacturing Process

Among the many types of rugs available in the market, area rugs, braided rugs, and Oriental rugs are quite popular. As their name suggests, “braided rugs” are primarily made up of a few strips of cloth braided together to form a circle or ellipse. All the loose ends are sewn to strengthen the rug on the whole. This is just a preliminary idea as to how a braided rug is neatly designed. Based on this, several features can be added to make the rug appealing and user-friendly too.


Like other rugs, braided rugs are available in different colors and designs. The range is simply stunning. The most common among them is Chandler 4 Corners. Braided rugs can be used to complement other types of rugs too. They go well with carpets. They can also be hung as wall decorations.

It is not just the color and shape; you need to be careful in choosing the appropriate texture and finishing, too. Look at the edges and sides, and decide whether you are going to add another padding of cotton or other materials to the standard product. This will further strengthen the rug and prolong its life.

Themes like beauty and elegance are the propelling factors behind most interior-decorating ideas. Choosing a rug is one such step. Braided area rugs offer the convenience of ‘mix-n-match’ options. You can order a mixed braided rug or a multi-layered one reflecting many colors.

You can choose from a small rug to an extra-large rug. There are rectilinear rugs available for your dining room, guest room, etc.

The best way to choose a braided rug is to match it with your room décor. You need to remember the fact that the easiest way to remodel your home or office is to perhaps choose classic braided rugs and place them in the appropriate and exclusive place.

Rugs provides detailed information on Rugs, Area Rugs, Braided Rugs, Oriental Rugs and more. Rugs is affiliated with Curtain Room Dividers.

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How Can You Buy Rugs - A Simple Guideline

Who do not want to have a comfortable home with the luxuriously adorned interiors? You can buy rugs for all the rooms of your dream home to wipe off its drabness. This is perhaps one of the simplest solutions to give your home a paradisiacal fervor of aestheticism, due to the fact that a beautiful rug has the ability to deliver a special dimension to the interior decoration of the room. In order to buy rugs it is significant to groom yourself up with all the requisite information and technical guidelines regarding how to buy rugs.

When it comes to the technical step-by-step procedure regarding how to buy rugs, there exist some of the sequential steps to be followed.

Planning when you want to buy rugs

Planning is perhaps the most authentic way that ensures buying rugs of right kind and at the right cost. When you want to buy rugs, formulation of right plan in this regard is of prime significance. When you step out to buy rugs with a proper plan in your mind you can save a lot on this and will be having a shopping experience that would be worth meaningful.

Planning while buying rugs involves understanding of what kind of rugs do you actually need or what kind of rugs will best suit the interiors of your office or home. Whether you plan to buy rugs for your office or home you should always go for the good quality, although it may prove to be expensive. In order to buy rugs or to formulate plan regarding buying rugs, a serious market research is, however, essentially necessary insofar beautiful rugs are concerned.

Budgeting when you want to buy rugs

Budgeting is another essential part of the issue of buying rugs. If you have planned to buy rugs, it's now the perfect time to formulate your budget. As the story encompasses the issue of buying rugs, the budget should never be too tight. Too tight budget may turn out to be highly detrimental and the thing will end up with substandard quality. Hence when it comes to buying rugs - whether for your office or home, it is important to know as to how much you can spend. This will help you searching out for the perfect thing.

Buying rugs according to types

Another vital point to be noted while buying rugs is that you should know the types or the kinds of rugs before buying it. There are many kinds of rugs such as tufted rugs, traditional pile, tapestry, kilim, needlepoint, hooked and etc. Before stepping out to buy rugs you should gather the requisite knowledge about each of them and see which one would complement your lifestyle. Beautiful rugs doe not always mean that it will be perfect for your home, as it must match the décor elements of the interiors.

Buying rugs are not as easy as buying anything else. Keeping this in mind you must step to buy rugs. Without enough knowledge you may turn out to be a fool - although you have purchased beautiful rugs.

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Antique Oriental Rugs

These are the largest antique Oriental rug dealers, importers, providers, online galleries and companies available in the United States.

Krikor Markarian antique rug and carpet gallery ( Located in New York City, Krikor Markarian specializes in collectible antique tribal rugs and other woven artefacts from the main Near Eastern and Asian weaving areas. It features 19th century Caucasian rugs, 19th century Persian tribal and village rugs, antique Central Asian weavings and antique Anatolian rugs.

Nalbandian Inc. ( is a floor covering company that includes antique Oriental rugs, tapestries and textiles in its collection since 1826. The business started in Ceasaria, (kaisery) Turkey, extending to Erevan, Tehran, Beirut, Paris, Monte Carlo, Aix En Provence, Marseille, Zurich, Boston and Los Angeles. Services also include Restoration and Conservation.

Oriental Rug Mart ( An Oriental rug company which has been buying, selling, cleaning and repairing Oriental rugs in central Illinois since 1919, in the name of James Demanes & Sons. Their rug emporium is located in the Demanes Galleries building in Peoria, Illinois. Services include Hand wash, repair, restoration, and appraisal.

Pasargad ( Pasargad is an importer of hand-woven oriental rugs, featuring an extensive line of hand-woven Chinese, Persian-design, and Indian masterpieces in vegetable-dyed wool. It is a family owned business established in 1904, well-known for its in-house restoration and cleaning facilities, with showrooms in New York and Washington D.C. is an online shopping gallery of an Oriental rug business started by Robert T. Mosby since 1969, who deals strictly in handmade, antique oriental rugs and not in mass produced program rugs. The website has a link to Ebay, where a selection of antique rugs is showcased, changing on a weekly basis. The business is located in Sarasota, Florida.

Abraham Moheban & Son Inc. ( The Company offers trade, designers and retail clients a choice of antique Persian, Indian, Turkish and European rugs and carpets. Located in New York City, it has an extensive collection of 18th to early 20th century pieces. Services include hand washing, conservation, restoration and insurance valuation.

A.E. Runge Oriental Rugs ( Located in Yarmouth, Maine, Runge Rugs was started in the 1880s by Edward Runge. Its large inventory of handmade Orientals has been purchased almost entirely from estates and private individuals in New England and Europe dated between date between 1900 and the 1930s. All the products in the store is claimed to be authentic oriental rugs.

Antique Rug Gallery, Inc. ( This is an online gallery only, which operates in Massachusetts. The Antique Rug Gallery Inc. offers exclusively antique oriental carpets and tribal rugs, and accepts dealers as well as retail customers at wholesale prices. Services include written appraisals, wash and repair.

Antique Textile Gallery ( The Company, buyer and seller of antique oriental carpets, Turkmen trappings, tribal rugs, decorative textiles and Kashmir shawls, was founded in Paris 25 years ago and moved to Manhattan's Upper West Side in 1986. The gallery is also a consultant and appraiser of antique, ancient and decorative textiles. Business is conducted by appointment only.

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Tips About Rugs

Traditional rugs would go a long way if handled and stored properly with care. Here are a few tips that would help you in stretching the life of that favorite traditional rug. Do not fold traditional rugs, instead roll them when you want to stow them away for some time. Rolling prevents stretching or cracking thus providing a long life to fragile fabric of traditional rugs. Wrapping on plastic may cause mildew to traditional rugs, this will eventually damage the rug. You can wrap your traditional rugs in a heavy paper that should be free from acid, cloth or you could wrap it on a sheet.

Tightening with rubber bands should be avoided after rolling your rug. Don’t place your traditional rugs near high temperature zones. Keep traditional rugs away from direct sun because ultra violet rays may fade or damage them, if kept exposed to it for a long time. Keep your traditional rugs away from the areas of heavy traffic to prevent strain and soil. A thin pad should be kept under your traditional rugs to increase its life.

The pad used for keeping under the traditional rugs must be cut half inch shorter than the edges of traditional rugs. These pads help absorb the moisture. You can purchase these pads from your supplier; opt for synthetic pads. Avoid using latex paintings on the backside of an heirloom rug or a traditional rug. Due to the latex, traditional rugs may get hard and cracks may develop. These cracks will damage your traditional rugs. If museum quality traditional rugs come in contact with latex then the life a traditional is cut short.

Due to variation in temperature and humidity, fiber of traditional rugs may swell or shrink. While hanging your traditional rugs avoid stretching. Nailing, stapling or gluing on a frame or board is not to be allowed. Don’t keep your traditional rugs near plastic or glass as condensation on these surfaces will cause mildew and this will ultimately damage your rug. For matting, use mats that are free from acid.

For padding use acid free batting covers on mounting boards, if you have a wooden frame it must be Mylar covered. Mylar is one type of natural plastic. While you hang your traditional rugs on a wall, the weight of your traditional rugs must be equally distributed to prevent straining and avoid sag on the back. To avoid unwanted stretching on your traditional rugs of small size, stitch rug tape or fabric cuff on the edges of your traditional rugs and you could make use of a drapery or dowel rod for slipping through its sleeve. For attaching your traditional rugs on wall drapery fasteners like bend nails or cup hooks must be attached on the rod of the sleeve. Rug hangers or hard wood quilt can also be used for same purpose. A full lining to support the weight of large traditional rugs is required.

Beating or shaking a rug causes strains on the backing of a traditional rug. If your traditional rug is old then it can disintegrated into parts. During foggy days or on damp days allow your traditional rugs to come into contact with natural air from outside, this will make your traditional rugs soft and cracks will not formed in the backing of your traditional rugs. Clothesline hanging should be avoided. Lay your rug flat and turn it occasionally. Grit and sand must be cleaned with vacuum cleaner regularly. Prevent your traditional rugs for getting dry.

Do not let stains form on your traditional rug. Try to remove them immediately. However do not make use of a washing machine for this purpose. Traditional rugs can be washed gently with mild detergent and cold water. Harsh detergents may damage to your traditional rugs, avoid using harsh detergent. Do not dry clean your traditional rug. Your traditional rugs must not be immersed. For cleaning and storing your traditional rug, you could take the advice of an expert.

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Bamboo Rugs

Picking out flooring coverings for your home is not easy, and it is not cheap. Right now hardwood floors are very popular, however, hardwood floors can be damaged easily by normal traffic patterns in homes. To protect your hardwood floors from damage, and to add texture and dimension to your home’s décor, you may want to consider adding bamboo rugs to home’s décor.

There are many different options when it comes to bamboo rugs. First you can buy bamboo area rugs. These rugs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. Bamboo area rugs will generally be some shade of yellow or brown. The next option is a bamboo mat. Mats can be used as a flooring cover, it can be used as a decorative wall hanging, or it can be rigged to be used as a window covering. Bamboo carpet is the final option. Bamboo carpet is designed just like a bamboo area rug, however, it tends to offer larger dimensions. This is a great option for covering large areas.

Bamboo rugs can be used in any part of your home. Bamboo kitchen rugs are great for protecting your floors from splatters, dropped pans, and scuffing. In your dining room a bamboo area rug can protect your floors from spills and gauges caused by your dining room set, as well as add a beautiful decorative touch. Bamboo rugs can also be used in bedrooms to add texture and dimension to the room’s décor, as well as provide protection for the floor from moving furniture and shoe scuffs.

Bamboo, a vital building tool that grows 10 times faster than trees, is an increasing popular choice of furniture in America's home. Learn more about bamboo and Japanese furniture and decor at Bamboo Furniture Etc. - your source for bamboo patio furniture, cutting boards, decorative fans, contemporary chairs, bamboo flooring as well as towels, rugs and blinds. For more in home decor check out luxury bedding

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Area Rugs - Decorating Your House

If you're looking for an elegant and cost-effective way to add visual interest to your home's flooring, look no further than area rugs. Area rugs are high-quality carpets that can cover an entire room or part of a room, but unlike traditional carpeting, they are removable for easy decor reconfiguration or cleaning.

One of the most popular variety of area rugs are Persian rugs. This kind of oriental area rug is handmade in virtually limitless color combinations and intricate patterns. The art of Persian rug construction dates back to ancient times, making these rugs highly admired for their artistry and technique. These types of rugs are also enjoyed for their use of natural fibers, usually high-quality, handspun wool.

Tibetan rugs are quite like Persian rugs in the sense that Tibetan rugs making is a tradition stretching back for centuries. Highland sheep virgin wool is utilized in these artistically crafted works of art. Patterns and colors in the Tibetan rugs are often brighter and busier than those of Persian style rugs, and they make a grand addition to any room in the house.

Shag rugs are made using an unusual process by which carpet strands are pulled to create a high, soft, luxurious pile that is a delight to both the eye and the feet. These carpets come in a variety of fun colors and offer a more relaxed, contemporary look than oriental carpets; they also add soft area rug padding to your home. Although they are best known as a part of the 1970s aesthetic, Shag rugs are becoming increasingly popular today.

Many people want to choose a contemporary type of rug, but not all rugs can be classified as "contemporary" style. You can get contemporary area rugs in a variety of textures, materials, colors, and patterns. For high quality and durability, look for natural fiber such as wool or cotton. Some of the contemporary rugs are quite popular as they mainly come in interesting geometric designs and bright colors which are great for a child's bedroom.

Rugs are produced in a huge variety of colors and patterns and can be used to add extra decoration in any household room.

An easy and inexpensive way to decorate your home and soften the look of your floors is to use area rugs. They come in every range of prices and are much easier to clean than wall-to-wall carpet. Persian rugs are a popular type of Oriental area rug that feature intricate designs, creative color combinations, and high-quality natural fibers. Choosing a Persian rug brings a touch of artistry and sophistication into your home. Tibetan rugs are another option for vibrant colors and patterns. Shag rugs add soft area rug padding for your home, and come in modern fun colors. Any kind of area rug brings class and personality to your room.

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Area Rugs Online

If you want to update the look and ambience of your home and office, you might want to consider buying area rugs.

Rugs create a warm and inviting space in any room, providing style, comfort and ambience with minimal effort. Popular choices of carpet and rugs in America are those made from natural Oriental materials such as seagrass, sisal and jute. These materials are appealing since they are affordable, sturdy and easy to maintain.

There are online stores that sell area rugs, offering designer quality at an affordable price. Choose from Persian, Oriental or modern materials. There are a variety of patterns and designs with a large array of pleasing colors available. Custom-made rugs can also be purchased online.

Area and accent rugs are the top choice of interior decorators to lend a casual and relaxed aura to a space. Popular fibers that are used come from plants that grow in Brazil, Africa, Asia and Mexico.

The use of natural fibers in flooring, such as area rugs, provides a modern appeal to your home. There are various area rug options to fit your particular needs.

You can choose from a vast array of mountain grass rugs or other natural materials for your rugs. They come in all sizes and shapes for each area in your home. You may place them in the bedroom, sitting area and kitchen to add style and class. There are also various shapes of rugs to choose from oval, round, rectangular and rug runners.

Before deciding on the area rug that is perfect for your home, consider its price and durability. Consult the Internet for a list of online stores that sell high-quality affordable area rugs.

Area Rugs provides detailed information on Area Rugs, Discount Area Rugs, Cheap Area Rugs, Contemporary Area Rugs and more. Area Rugs is affiliated with Contemporary Wool Rugs.

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Bathroom Rugs

Bathroom rugs are commonplace in most homes and hotels. They are used for their aesthetic value and help provide a neater and cleaner look. Apart from this, most bathroom rugs are functional rather than decorative. They are used to wipe feet in order to avoid walking around the house in wet slippers. Rugs can be placed at the door or inside the bathroom itself. At the door, they are usually smaller in size, similar to door mats. When placed inside, they may be larger covering a substantial amount of the total bathroom area, away from the shower space. Bathroom rugs are available in numerous colors and are an excellent alternative to other bathroom embellishment.

It is advisable to purchase bathroom rugs that are easy to wash and dry quickly. Certain bathroom rugs are made of synthetic materials that are waterproof in nature. In order to maintain the longevity of bathroom rugs, it is advisable to pay heed to manufacturers' washing instructions and tips. Very often, they are printed on the reverse of the rug and are easy to follow.

Bathroom rugs can be purchased at local stores or from online shops. In case customers choose to buy online they may be likely to receive bathroom rugs at cheaper rates as compared to local store rates. This is because online shops incur lesser overhead costs and often pass on low cost benefits to their customers. Prior to purchasing bathroom rugs, it is advisable for customers to indulge in comparison-shopping. This helps analyze price points and company reputation, enabling people to locate bathroom rug stores that offer reasonably priced and superior quality products. Apart from regular priced rugs, manufacturers often offer discounts and cheap deals during special seasons, stock clearances and closeouts. Such offers allow customers to find cheaper priced bathroom rugs that come with a manufacturer guarantee.

Rugs provides detailed information on Rugs, Area Rugs, Braided Rugs, Oriental Rugs and more. Rugs is affiliated with Curtain Room Dividers.

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Discount Rugs: Can You Get What You Want?

There are many reasons that people look into buying discount rugs. But unfortunately, there is one big reason that a lot of homeowners pass this by. Do you know what that reason may be? Simply put, some people do not think that they can get what they want from a discount rug. There are some myths surrounding these, and if you do not get past these, you will never be able to save money when purchasing rugs for your home. Luckily, if you know about these myths, you will be able to purchase discount rugs, which will in turn save you a lot of money.

Here are three myths that surround discount area rugs as well as some details that will show you why they are not true.

1. Many buyers think that discount rugs are not going to be of high quality. Although this can be true, it is not a myth that you should buy into. As long as you know who you are buying from, as well as what you are getting, you should never have to worry too much about the quality issue. You should always remember that discounted prices do not necessarily mean discounted quality; this is simply not the way the rug industry works.

2. Buying discount rugs does not mean that you are getting something that has been used, or has a defect. When it comes down to it, many sellers discount the price of rugs because they have too many in stock, or they are simply not selling. All in all, it has nothing to do with the actual rug itself. Remember, the rug industry is a very big one. In order for sellers to make room for the latest and greatest, they need to clear out inventory that is not making them money. In turn, buyers are the ones who can benefit.

3. You can find discount rugs in a number of different places. Not only are there land based stores that will discount the price of their pieces, but there are online stores where you can turn to as well. No matter where you shop for discount rugs, you should keep in mind that there are many locations available to you. For this reason, you may not want to buy from the first store that you come across in your area. Take the time to consider what you have to choose from, and then make a decision that will suit your needs. You can try searching online or try visiting some local rug stores to do some price comparisons.

There are many myths that need to be dispelled when it comes to discount rugs. You should never let any of these myths hold you back from getting the piece that you want for your home. Instead, you should know the many myths that surround this industry, and then ignore them when you are shopping. This is the only way to make for 100 percent certain that you get the rug that you want without having to spend an overabundance of money.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Decorate With Tribal Rugs

Oriental rugs lend an aire of elegance to a room. We most often think of them as large centerpieces, and may feel they are less appropriate for smaller spaces. Currently, the simplified patterns of Tribal rugs are in vogue. Tribal rugs tend to be smaller, ranging from 2 ft, up to about 6 or 8 feet in length. They can be used easily throughout a home or office, no matter the space available.

Tribal rugs are different than oriental city made carpets. They are still handwoven, durable, and of high value but they are slightly smaller, and tend to feature different patterns. Tribal rugs are ideal for decorating areas of the home that are much smaller than traditional living rooms, kitchens, etc. They are ideal for sprucing up a small bedroom, den, and dining room. Tribal rugs are becoming very trendy for consumers who love the bold and simplified patterns that are common to them.

Tribal rugs have distinctive designs, which compliment contemporary furniture. Their simple patterns and geometric designs create elegant drama in any area of the home. They are perfectly suited to putting the finishing touches on a room.

Tribal rugs can be used for other areas besides flooring. Many decorators are adding appeal by hanging the tribal rugs on the wall to enhance the character of the room. They are large enough to conceal blemishes or awkward features in a room as well. Since Tribal rugs can be quite valuable, displaying them on a wall preserves the value while showcasing it.

Tribal rugs are perfect for small areas in the home, but they can also be used to liven up larger rooms by grouping several together. You can freshen the look in many different ways without redecorating the whole house.

While bigger may be right for some things, the smaller sizes and simplified patterns of Tribal rugs may be just the touch you are looking for.

Written by Tracy Collins, marketing assistant for Handmade Oriental Rugs, NYC - - a New York based company which has sold high quality handwoven contemporary Oriental carpets for 4 generations. Visit their showroom in New York, or their store online for a wide selection of lovely handmade carpets.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Exceptional Quality Area Rugs

When you are looking for options to redecorate or give a fresh look to any room, Natural Area Rugs are a great choice. They attended a strong competitive position in the retail market place and developed advanced skills in importing and marketing the finest floor coverings, contemporary rugs and carpets.These are available in unique as well as traditional color designs and are marketed through distributors, carpets and rugs dealers, furniture stores and designers.

Natural Area Rugs is the right place to find the best prices and great selection on area rugs. They carry many types of rugs, including wool rugs, sisal rugs, shag rugs. The contemporary rugs are one of their personal favorites. You will love the look that contemporary rugs can bring to your home, and are much more versatile than you may think.

Many clients put their modern area rugs in trendy lofts going up across many major cities in the US, but they also have a place in the everyday home. Contemporary rugs are truly floor art and are good to bring color to a room similar to a painting on the wall. Modern rugs are a great easy way to make a bland beige room a bit more exciting.

Since many contemporary rugs make a bold statement, they are great to design around. They can certainly be the focal point of the room, so if you are redesigning a room completely you may want to first purchase your rug and then choose other elements in the room to work with your rug. You will want to choose furniture that can work with the style of your contemporary rug. These rugs really work great with furniture and walls of solid color or minimal print.

These area rugs will add comfort to your living area with their plush fibers, and natural beauty. They are easy to clean with a vacuum attachment or a damp cloth. Natural Area Rugs use hand-tufted high quality wool that is appealing to the eyes, and soft to the touch. These rugs feature a shag pile just under 1 1/2" thick to ensure a soft cushion on your floor and they are backed with canvas., so an accompanying rug pad is recommended.

Natural Area Rugs provides Colorado Indoor or Outdoor rugs made entirely from 100% polypropylene. The polypropylene weave and binding combination make these rugs resistant to mold, mildew, and stains. These durable multi-purpose area rugs provide warmth and protection during colder weather and relief from hot surfaces during those long hot summer days. Inspired by the natural look and feel of our ever-popular sisal rugs, you will love the way these rugs complement both interior and exterior spaces.

Colorado Indoor or Outdoor rugs are versatile and attractive and will enhance any kitchen, bathroom, patio or sunroom decor.

They are easy to clean, reversible, and are a perfect choice for high traffic areas.

With this selection of Polypropylene rugs, you can expect superior quality and design at the best prices anywhere.The area rugs buyers carefully select patterns based on the latest color trends and designs. The textures and patterns offered range from fresh and bold to traditional and subdued. The elegance and quality that a new area rug will add to your space is sure to be enjoyed for years to come.

Natural Area Rugs provides bamboo rugs as well. These are made entirely from the highest quality natural materials. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet and one of the toughest. This inherent strength is combined with its natural beauty to create the delightfully contemporary look of these bamboo rugs. You can experience this beautifully crafted bamboo rug collection at low price. These rugs are easy to clean and built to last. They are exclusively imported for Natural Area Rugs.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Discount Area Rugs - A Money Saving Scheme

When it comes to discount area rugs the general idea that the general flock tends to grow is that the rugs may not be of up to the mark as far as the quality is concerned. To the extent the discount area rugs are concerned, the rugs are not usually of substandard quality. There exists a great difference between the discount area rugs and the inexpensive area rugs. While the words cheaper and inexpensive are related to the rejected or defective products, the discounted area rugs, on the other level, means that the retailers or the wholesalers are clearing their old stock at the discounted rate. The discount area rugs are as good as the quality range of rugs sold at the normal price range - this is beyond all controversies.

There are, however, some of the renowned online rug stores that are engaged in selling the discount area rugs specially. They are all famous with the names discount are rugs stores - a name that fits their policy perfectly. Their quality and the astounding rates are the secret of the success story for these online discount area rugs stores. Although they have come up with the wide assortment of inexpensive area rugs, they tend to put special emphasize on the standard of the quality. In this aggressively competitive market, where the impersonal service has become the rule of the business, these online discount area rugs stores also try to give proper guidance and services to their customers, which set them apart from the other unknown inexpensive area rugs sellers.

There are certain points to be looked for when it comes to shopping for the discount area rugs. These points are discussed below:

Identify discount area rugs and cheap rugs

While planning to purchase the discount area rugs, it is important to identify if it is really the discounted area rugs or inexpensive area rugs of substandard quality. As a general rule you should opt for the renowned rugs stores only to get the discount area rugs. The other unknown stores may provide you the inexpensive area rugs of low quality.

Identity the right rugs stores

While Internet has been over-flooded with innumerable number of discount area rugs stores coming up with the well-known brands of the world, the real stores in your local market may also be the right choice. All that you have to do a bit of market research in order to find the rug stores dealing with the discount area rugs, as in general all the renowned stores - whether online or real offers alluring discounts on the rugs when they need to clear their stock.


Discounted area rugs refer to the highly quality branded area rugs at discounted rates. These rugs are never rejected and low quality products, nor defective items. Even if there are defects then it is too minute to affect the quality and the durability. Hence even if you are planning to buy the discounted are rugs quality is what you should put special emphasize on.

Price comparison when it comes to discounted area rugs

It is always good to compare the prices prior to purchasing an expensive item like the rugs. Insofar the discount area rugs are concerned you should always compare the prices offered by the other discounted area rug stores. Too much comparison may lead you to confusion and you may end up with the low quality rugs.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Discount Rugs

Many stores selling regular priced rugs also offer discount rugs. It is incorrect to believe that these are defective or low quality products. Discount rugs prove to be beneficial for manufacturers as well as clients. This is because discount rugs help customers save a great deal of money. Certain manufacturers use discount offer periods to showcase other expensive rugs at the same venue. Discounts offered may not always be applicable on the primary purchase. As such, consumers buy a single rug, which is bought at its regular price, and they are likely to receive a second rug free of charge. Quite logically, this equates to buying two rugs at half their regular price.

Discount rugs are made available as limited period offers, company closeouts and special season sales. A number of lifestyle stores may combine discount rugs with other deals. Customers can avail of discount rugs when they purchase other products from the shop. Discounts can also be availed of through coupons and codes that are offered by certain stores. At times, malls and shopping centers offer a discount on billings that are of a specified sum. In such cases, rugs too are offered at a discounted price.

A logical approach to acquiring reasonably priced rugs is to indulge in comparison-shopping. This helps compare company policies, features, refunds and pricing. As a result, consumers can easily locate rug stores that offer cheaper prices. The Internet proves to be a strategic tool in finding discount rugs quickly and effectively. Most online shopping sites are known to offer lesser rates as compared to retail stores. Hence, a potential customer is sure to get discounted rates through the various online shopping sites. Prior to buying discount rugs, it is advisable to enquire about their return policies or replacements in case they prove to have holes or lose color during wash.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Afghan Rugs & Throw Rugs Add an Extra Touch

In fact, you may want to utilize multiple rugs. Use a second one to anchor a seating group in the living area. You will still have great flow, but you'll also have visual separation.

Afghan rugs were first made in Afghanistan, hence how they got their name, and there are some of these rugs with many holes in them. One common point among all Afghan rugs is that they are made of yarn and are stitched by hand.

The most common pattern in Afghan rugs is an octagonal shape with patterns and colors around it. These colors are added to the rug by dyes and also some are made by the use of yarn that has been made with color. These Afghan rugs are very popular among American households.

These rugs serve a dual purpose as blankets and also rugs. Some people have used these Afghan rugs that are formed as blankets but they are very uncomfortable and scratchy on the skin so many people choose to use them as rugs only. Throw rugs though are a bit different and come in all different shapes and colors.

Throw rugs are made out of almost any material. Some are made with wool and others made with fur. There are also throw rugs that are made out of plastic. These are the types of rugs that you find common in an American household. People put them down in bathrooms and also in bedrooms.

These rugs also can be put right in front of a door to keep shoes and carpet from touching. Some throw rugs are put down right on the carpet while many choose to put them on tile floor to keep the heat in your feet while you walk across it barefoot. This is how the throw rug gets its name. You throw them onto any surface and they serve a purpose.

The other reason behind the name is because when they were first made, they used a material that decayed and then they were thrown away. So whether you put them on the floor or throw at a family member that upsets you, these throw rugs will work anywhere and serve any purpose.

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Outdoor Rugs

Of late, the need for outdoor rugs has increased, as more and more people are opting for gazebos and patios. Smaller outdoors rugs are usually placed at the entrance, as they help keep out excess dust. The practice of using outdoor rugs prompts visitors to clean their shoes prior to entering a house. They tend to be smaller in size as compared to other outdoor rugs.

Outdoor rugs are available in a wide range of natural and synthetic fibers. Most people tend to use outdoor rugs near their lawns to create patio space for sitting. This prevents exposure to moisture retained by lawn grass allowing people to sit outdoors for longer periods. In case there is a gazebo in the backyard, outdoor rugs can be used to create a perfect sitting option. Apart from this, they can be used as decorative backdrops during outdoor parties and gatherings. When used for such purposes, it is possible that guests may spill food and drink on them. As such, they need to be cleaned as per manufacturer specifications. Care instructions and tips are often printed on the reverse side of outdoor rugs. Others may choose to place them on futons, rather than on the ground.

Though they are specially designed for outdoor use, it is not advisable to leave them out for long periods. This is because exposure to the elements can cause discoloration and weaken the rug. Prior to purchasing, customers need to mention to shop owners that they are looking for outdoor rugs. This is because most stores stock a larger variety of indoor rugs, as compared to outdoor collections.

A wide range of decorative outdoor rugs is also available. They prove to be expensive, as they are more decorative than intended for regular use. The main idea behind these outdoor rugs is to put them away after use. Potential customers may choose to buy outdoor rugs from local or online shops.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oriental Textiles Rugs

Authentic oriental textile rugs are hand made carpets which are either knotted with pile or woven without pile. They come from the geographical region extending from China and Vietnam in the east to Turkey and Iran in the west. Most oriental textiles rugs are made by tribal artists under difficult conditions. Oriental rugs have been decorating western interiors since early 16th century.

Oriental textiles rugs are named after their place of origin i.e. Persian rugs, Anatolian rugs, Kurdish rugs, Caucasian rugs, Central Asian rugs, Chinese rugs, East Turkistan rugs and Tibetan rugs. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The design and colors differ according to country, culture, racial group and religious faith. But there are some basic designs such as designs with straight lines and geometric figures, designs with curvilinear lines, contemporary designs, designs based on medallions, and pictorial designs. Finely knotted oriental rugs are more popular than others as curved lines are drawn more smoothly and gracefully, and they have dense surfaces which reflect light in an attractive way.

These days many oriental textiles rugs weavers have started to use modern colors in their designs, this suits the changing global color tastes. Oriental rugs which use natural plant dyes are more preferred. Rugs with natural dyes cost 30% more.

Good oriental textiles rugs will lay flat on floors and will not have any wrinkles or ripples along their edges. They will last for decades, sometimes even centuries. They are simple to handle and need less attention than other carpets. Good oriental textiles rugs will have colors that resist fading in normal light.

Although Iran was the market leader, most rugs these days come from Turkey, India, Pakistan, Nepal and China.

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Oriental Rug Prices

Oriental rugs are pretty expensive, but they are a great way to enhance your rooms? appearance. There are mainly two types of Oriental rugs, they are new rugs and antique rugs. Antique rugs are more expensive. Oriental rug prices vary according to their size, design, fiber used, number of knots per square inch and the place of origin. The prices of oriental rugs start from around $200 and can go beyond $3000 depending on the demand and quality.

Oriental rugs which are hand woven from fibers that are treated with vegetable dyes are the most expensive type of rugs in the world. The prices of oriental rugs are directly proportional to the area of the rug. The common sizes available are large rugs, medium rugs, small rugs and runners. Many Oriental rug vendors have fixed prices, while some allow you to bargain.

The price also depends on the idea or originality of the motif, symmetry of the patterns, harmony of color combinations, quality of used dyes, quality of wool and silk, symmetry of weave or the individual knots, ending of the weave, arrangement of fringes and marketing. Usually Persian rugs, due to their high quality, are more expensive, Indian, Nepali and Tibetan rugs are cheaper.

Oriental rug purchased online is cheaper than those purchased from the retail market. This is because most of the sites offering oriental rugs are wholesalers or importers. These companies do not spend much on advertising and marketing. Oriental rugs produced using synthetic fibers by machine weave are cheap and their price starts from about $50.

There are sites on the Internet which provide information about prices of Oriental rugs, they give price comparisons, ratings and reviews. Most companies online offer discounts up to 30%.

If well maintained, the value of Oriental rugs increase with time, many antique oriental rugs have been auctioned for several thousands of dollars. But dirt, stains, unnatural coloration, and rodent attacks decrease the value of rugs.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wholesale Area Rugs

If you are on the lookout for wholesale area rugs, you might want to check various online stores to find the perfect piece.

The beauty of area rugs is made possible by a merry mix of colors and designs. Notice that there are various patterns that are full of surprises in the design of area rugs. The harder and the longer you look, the more you will notice variations in design.

Oriental rugs originate from the areas in the world known for weaving rugs - Turkey, Iran, western China, Caucasus and India. During the 15th and 16th centuries, these rugs were also produced in Egypt and Spain.

Through the years, these manufacturers of area rugs have developed their distinctive designs that were based on local culture and tradition and available materials and supplies for dyeing. You will also notice that each area has a particular preference for design, patterns or colors.

You may consider buying these area rugs online, where you can choose from an array of rugs ranging from contemporary accent and carpet rugs to other rugs made from natural materials. You may purchase them in small, large and medium sizes.

There are also antique rugs that are already from forty to ninety years old. These are imported from parts of Asia and Africa including China, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. These handmade antique rugs are all made from natural dyes.

Eastern antique rugs differ from regular or pile carpet rug in the sense that the design is made from interwoven colors and various designs to make what is called a flat weave.

So if you are looking for cheap, wholesale rugs, you may want to shop around and visit some stores that sell area rugs.

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Discount Area Rugs

Attractive area rugs are are very sought after items for the home. However, the high prices of area rugs can make it difficult for some people to afford them. Hence, many companies sell discounted area rugs that are affordable and can spruce up a floor as well as any expensive alternative.

Unlike popular perception that discount rugs are generally inferior, most area rugs offered at a discount can be durable and beautiful. Discounted area rugs are perfect for individuals who do not have the means or are unwilling to invest a huge sum of money on area rugs.

Just keep in mind when buying any rug it pays to go to a dealer who has a good reputation, whether online of in your community. You have to rely on a knowledgeable staff, and depend on a guarantee that the store will sand behind their rugs, discounted or not. You also want a dealer that has a large selection of area rugs to choose from. If your home is new, it’s a good idea to chose your rugs first, and match the walls, furniture, etc. to the colors you’ve chosen for your rugs. There are many new, fashionable discounted rugs available that will give your room the designs and color scheme that you have in mind. If your room is already decorated, take plenty of samples from the room colors with you. There are many discounted area rugs that blend in with almost any color scheme you have chosen.

Discount area rugs are sold at the factory price. Price is offered on the site where area rugs are manufactured and subsequently find a way to the market. Major manufacturers of discounted area rugs supply and distribute them all over the world. Discount area rugs can boast of high quality and are often free from manufacturing defects.

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Handmade Area Rugs

A rug is material used to cover a specific area of floor space in a room. Area rugs are used to dress a particular area of the floor and add a distinct style to the room, for decoration. The rugs could be in a single color, Indian durries or hand made area rugs. They are fashion statements that set apart certain furniture from the rest of the room. The rugs add to the desired look of the room and improve furniture arrangement.

Area rugs are used to highlight portions of the room and draw focus to specific interior decoration. Handmade area rugs add to the mood and ambience of the room by blending with the various colors and shapes present. It is important to know the effect of the various colors used in these rugs. The light colors are known to bring out the color and size of the furniture, whereas darker colors make the room cozier, inviting and warmer. It is also advisable to choose a rug whose primary colors match the color of the walls.

Area rugs are available in a variety of materials, textures and shapes and colors. These can range in size from 24 inches to 10 feet and can be bought in accordance to the purpose they are expected to serve and the area that is to be covered by the rug. Area rugs are attractive and brilliant decorative creations.

Handmade rugs stand apart from the regular synthetic rugs freely available. These beautifully crafted hand rugs are authentic works of art. It is seen that most handmade area rugs are made from fine quality wool. They are found to be capable of handling the strains of regular use and cleanings. These area rugs usually have a density of more than 750 knots per square inch.

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Rustic Area Rugs

Area rugs are used to add grace and charm to a room. They are expected to be sturdy enough to bear daily cleaning and usage. The color of the rug should match the wall color to enhance the overall effect and ambience of the room. Rustic area rugs have motifs and designs that are typically rustic. These are a necessary buy in case the homeowner has a rustic theme layout in any room.

Rustic area rugs are a must when decorating a cabin in the woods, a cottage or a vacation retreat. These rugs add to the soul of the room and enhance the rustic charm. It is possible to match the design and motif of the rugs to the lamps in the room. The projection of the light from the lamps onto specific motifs of the rugs can bring about the desired rustic effect in the room.

Rustic area rugs feature images of moose, bears, cabins and pinecones among other outdoor themes. These rugs come in a variety of products that are versatile, comfortable and at the same time practical. It is also possible to customize the rugs, to suit the taste of individual buyers. There are many manufacturers who come up with new designs and motifs on a regular basis. They provide the customer with a variety of designs as well as texture. The large cabin area rugs can be effectively used under dining or kitchen tables. They can serve as the main carpet in the living room or office too. Rustic rugs are manufactured as braided rugs or hooked wool rugs, with wildlife designs and motifs on them.

The rustic area rugs are created to transport the buyer into the realm of thick forests and timberland, with abundant wildlife. The rustic rugs work wonders in outdoor arrangements.

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are stylish and sophisticated. They add comfort to households. The rugs were invented in Egypt almost four thousands years ago. Persian rugs have got the finest designs. You would definitely love to have them on the floor of your home. The rungs will add grandeur to your interior design. Not only that, Persian rugs are quite durable. Iran takes pride in its Persian rungs. The rugs have become an indispensable ingredient for home décor. Persian rugs have been classified into six segments on the basis of geographic region and design - central, southern, eastern, northwestern, southwestern and western. Bakhitiari, Kashan, Hamadan, Serebend, Sarouk, Malaye and Tabriz are some of the renowned Persian rug types.

Such opulence in Persian rugs is the result of never-ending passion and commitment from some dedicated craftsmen. They get encouragement from the growing popularity of Persian rugs. Persian rugs are extremely popular worldwide. Those who want to enhance their home décor can go for Persian rugs. All you need to do is check out the extensive range of Persian rugs and go for the one that suits your home atmosphere most. The beauty of Persian rugs is simply fascinating.

Earlier people used to have broad collections of Persian rugs. They used to go to the East to collect rare Persian rugs. But now you don’t have to do that, as Persian rugs are available everywhere. Persian rug dealers have now spread even in the West, to cash in on the demand. Persian rugs appeal to those with aesthetic sense. The demand and appreciation for quality Persian rugs will never die down. Everybody wants to have Persian rugs in his or her house. These rugs are icons of grace and splendor. Add glitter to your homes with Persian rugs – they are simply awe-inspiring.

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Discount Persian Rugs

If you want to add affordable sparkle to your home environment, you can go for discount Persian rugs. The rugs are phenomenal, making your home environment elegant and magnificent. Discount Persian rugs are quite economical. If you want to bring home innovative color and floral extravaganzas, you will have to purchase discount Persian rugs. Rug weaving is an ancient and traditional industry in Iran. The rugs have become a national phenomenon there. That’s why people associated with rug weaving take extra care to ensure quality.

Discount Persian rugs have been able to preserve elegance and exclusivity thanks to their commitment and dedication. Discount Persian rugs have become so popular as a home décor ingredient that the demand for quality discount Persian rugs has witnessed an upsurge. Dazzling Persian rugs will surely enhance the inner beauty of your home. So all you need to do is visit your local stores and pick up your favorite discount Persian rugs. The discount Persian rugs have shown to the world what elegant home décor is all about. Discount Persian rugs have the ability to bring dynamism to your interior decoration. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the elegant Persian rugs. Everyone enjoys spending time at home, so if you want to make your home look more gorgeous, you should try discount Persian rugs.

You will find various websites offering discount Persian rugs. So, it’s always wise to shop for discount Persian rugs carefully. You have to be sure about the quality of the Persian rugs on sale. You need to check out whether the styles are suited to your taste or requirements. Price is a concern here. The quality of the discount Persian rugs matters most. The Persian rugs you are planning to purchase must be the finest.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Buying Persian Rugs - 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Persian Rug

The question of whether or not you should buy a Persian rug over say, a Chinese rug is a simple one to answer. After reading the following 10 reasons as to why you should choose to purchase a Persian rug, you will be convinced that a Persian rug is the perfect rug for you.

1. There are over 60 different styles of Persian rugs and each individual style has hundreds of varying patterns and designs. What does this mean for you? This means you're very likely to find a rug that you not only like, but that also matches your home or office décor.

2. Persian rugs last a lifetime. Yes, a lifetime! A genuine, hand-made Persian rug will last you anywhere from 3 to 5 generations. They last so long that your children might even have to inherit them.

3. Persian rugs are an investment. Just buy a Persian rug today and in just a few years, the appraised value of your rug will increase as it ages and becomes scarcer. The biggest increase in value is seen when a well-kept rug is decades old.

4. Persian rugs are known for quality. Nothing screams quality louder than a hand-made Persian rug that takes months if not years to design and weave.

5. Persian rugs are perfect for just about any room. The great thing about Persian rugs is that they make a perfect addition to just about any room and it isn't difficult at all to find rugs with certain colors that match your home or office furniture. If you have plain and dull floors with nothing covering them, a Persian rug will make a world of a difference.

6. Persian rugs are well-known around the world. It's true. Just ask your friends or neighbors if they've ever heard of a Persian rug and prepare to hear them say they have! Persian rugs have been around for over 2,500 years and the Persian people were to first ones in our Iranian history to begin weaving rugs.

7. Persian rugs add elegance to your home or office. Nothing can spruce up the look and feel of your home or office better than a Persian rug. Because of their intricate details and colors, your home will be left looking very majestic.

8. Persian rugs require very little maintenance. If you are cautious to avoid spilling anything on your rug, the only maintenance you've got to do is vacuum the rug once every two weeks to keep your rug in top condition.

9. Persian rugs can fit any budget. Genuine Persian rugs are by no means cheap. However, there is a great deal of variation in the prices which is influenced most by the materials used to make the rug and the knots per square inch. Browsing through are collection of Persian rugs, you are bound to find a rug that fits your budget.

10. Persian rugs are magic carpets. Use them to fly instantly to the destination of your choice! Okay, this one was a joke, but you get the idea - Persian rugs are high-quality, intricately designed pieces of carpet that last a lifetime.

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