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Information on a Handmade Area Rug

Rugs have found their way into homes as an interior decoration. Nowadays, rugs and carpets are not only used to pad hardwood floors. They are added to homes to provide a touch of elegance and comfort in common house areas such as the dining room and the living room. They are considered as very special pieces because of the great length of time that is being put into each rug. Area rugs are available in beautiful and exotic designs. As a matter of fact, there are several types of rugs that are hand-woven with fine details and wonderful styles. Since these rugs provide more than just aesthetic beauty, a lot of homeowners are buying rugs for their homes.

The Purposes of Area Rugs

One of the most common purpose of an area rug is floor covering. It is placed on specific floor spaces within homes. On the other hand, it is used to accentuate a certain part of your home to make it more distinct. Area rugs come in different single colors like violet, brown, blue, and red. There are also some rugs that are available in wonderful color combinations. There are rugs that are woven with the use of a machine. But the most exquisite are those that are hand-woven or handmade. These are special because of the hard work that the workers have put into the creation of the rug.

Choosing the Right Area Rug

Area rugs are placed within homes to highlight a room or area. If the rug has a very distinct design, the more it is capable of drawing attention to the interior design of the house. Compared to machine-woven rugs, handmade rugs are more in demand. This is due to the fact that buyers consider hard work a huge aspect of the beauty of a product. A handmade area rug provides a soothing ambiance to your home. This is possible, especially if its color and design matches with the interior decorations. Before you buy a specific rug design, you have to consider your home’s interiors. Area rugs with light colors and shades bring out your furniture’s size and tones. On the other hand, rugs that have dark colors provide more comfort and warmth. You should also buy a rug that has matching primary colors with your wall paint.

Another factor that you have to consider, when buying a rug, is its size. If you want to use the area rug to cover the entire floor length of the room, you can opt for huge rugs. The sizes of these rugs are diverse, from 1-square-foot rugs to room-sized rugs. Aside from the size and design of area rugs, you can also look into their texture, material, and shape. One rug material that provides soft textures is mohair, which comes from Angora goat hairs. There are also some rugs that are made from animal skins.

Buy Your Area Rug from Online Retailers

The best sources of area rugs are found on the Internet, where there are plenty of retailers selling rugs from top manufacturers. With online rug retailers, you are provided with diverse selections that are categorized according to brands, colors, and themes. The most wonderful benefit that you can get from some of these retailers is that shipping is offered for free. Plus, you can shop for discounted area rugs.

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3 Great Tips to Choose the Best Area Rugs for Your Home

span style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: "Times New Roman";">The Area rugs have gained great popularity in interior design through the recent years. When it comes to the best interior design items at affordable prices, the area rugs are the ones to look for. With very easy maintenance and simple installation, the area rugs are the most preferred objects by the best Interior designers. Though the area rugs come in all shapes and sizes, not all of them are suitable for every home. There are certain factors that have to be taken into account for selecting the best area rug. Just keep reading on the article to know the 3 most wanted tips to choose the best area rug that perfectly suits your requirements.

1. Selection of the material

From cozy wool to stylish bamboo, the area rugs are made out of different types of materials. There are area rugs that come with a Sisal-wool combination too. The main benefit of using such sisal-wool area rug is that they can be easily cleaned by using a conventional vacuum cleaner. Moreover, the sisal-wool area rugs have great sound absorbing capabilities too. Hence if your rooms produce much echo, the Sisal-Wool area rugs will be perfect for you. There are pure woolen area rugs if you love natural materials rather than synthetic ones. If you like to be environment friendly, then the woolen rugs are made for you. The added advantage of the woolen rug is that they are highly durable and can last for a lifetime in its entire splendor. When it comes to environment friendliness along with great looks and durability, the bamboo area rugs are the ones to look for. They are stain resistant and the bamboo area rug maintenance is very simple. There are other rugs like silk area rugs, Persian area rugs and so on.

2. The Size factor

Once the material of the area rug is chosen, next comes the size. The area rugs should perfectly fit the place where you are installing it. Hence before choosing the size of the area rug, you must first decide where to install it. The area rug size selection has to be done based on the spot where you choose to place the area rug. Most of the people make a mistake by buying the area rug and then searching for the best spot to place it.

3. The Price factor

When it comes to the area rugs there are very costly ones and very cheap ones. It’s always good to spend some time in the Internet before buying the area rug for your home. With a very high competition, the area rug sellers are offering great discounts now. For example, you will find an area rug for $750 at some place and moments later you will be able to find the same rug at a discounted price of around 600$ at some other place. However, along with the discounts comes the online scam. Hence you shouldn’t rush to buy an area rug by just seeing the discounted pricing. You should make sure that the source is genuine before you proceed with the purchase.

All the above mentioned tips will help you to choose the best suited area rug for your home.

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Tips for Decorating With Quality Area Rugs

A house has to be decorated with various accessories to make it look beautiful. Carpets and rugs add to the overall effect of a room. Each room can be decorated with different designs and colors to suit the room and also individual tastes. Carpets cover a bigger area and need more maintenance, while area rugs cover only the area that you want covered.

Area rugs can be placed in front of the hearth, the window seat or in a small passage way. It can be used in front of a sink, in front of sofas and under the dining table. It can be placed on a table to keep flower vases or lamps. It can also be hung on the walls or framed and placed on the walls. All this adds to the effect of the room.

The area rug is the best solution wherever you have a lot of people walking about. The rug will protect the carpet or the floor from being worn out quickly. Buying an area rug is much more economical than buying a carpet. So, students and people who have limited income can also afford it. This will also help in making the room warm.

The area rugs are easy to maintain. When you are rearranging the room you can also change the place of the rug. They are found in various colors and designs. You can also have multi colored rugs. In one room you can two or three rugs to decorate the room. They are available in various prices, too, to suit your budget.

You can get handmade and machine made rugs. Machine made rugs are made from artificial fabrics like olefin and polypropylene. Choose the one that will suit you.

You can have floral rugs which give a country or traditional feel. Bold colors and contrasting designs and lines will add to the modern look of a room. You can also have a sheepskin rug or a shag rug.

Persian rugs are supposed to be the best. The reasons for this are that premium dyes are used to get striking colors. Each rug has a unique look. There are three types of designs available in the Persian rugs. They are: geometric designs, pictorial designs, curvilinear and floral designs. The more knots that are there the more tightly it is woven. They are made of the best quality of wool, silk and dyes.

There are three types of rugs to choose from – the hand knotted, the machine made and the hand tufted. The quality of hand knotted rugs depends on the number of knots per square inch, the type of wool used and the wash. The machine made is made by machine. The hand tufted is made by yarn being forced into a grid. This later has an application of latex or fabric backing.

While buying area rugs, you must decide what place in the house you are going to use it in. You should also plan as to how you will blend it with the existing look of the room. Be sure to ensure that the colors match. You should keep in mind how each room is used to decide on what type of area rug you want in which room. You can buy area rugs for the drawing room, the dining room, the bedroom, the bathroom and the children’s room. You have outdoor and indoor area rugs, cowhide rugs, bamboo rugs, oriental rugs and modern rugs. The size of the rug and where it is going to be placed is very important.

Area rugs should not be used when there is an opening to another room or at the edge of a pathway. This might result in people tripping and falling. The rugs with small designs and light colors can make the room look bigger. If you want the attention to be focused on the area rug, then it should have bold colors and designs. Rugs of various shapes can be used to make the room look attractive.

It is good to use rug pads under the rugs wherever the rugs are placed in a room. The rugs get worn out from the bottom, when we walk on it. The rug pads protect them.

You can get area rugs in stores or you can order them online. Each piece can be special. It will definitely enhance the look of the room and add to the décor. There are a variety of styles, designs, materials and textures to choose from. Since it is available in all price ranges, you can buy one to suit your pocket. Go ahead and get area rugs to decorate you home.

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Bathroom Rugs - The Centrepiece Of Your Room

No modern bathroom is truly complete without a bathroom rug of some kind. These rugs are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles - there's something for everybodys taste out there. From your contemporary round bathroom rug to big shaggy bathroom rugs you're spoiled for choice when shopping online. Another nice thing about a rug like this is that it allows you to update the bathroom itself by just changing the rug and some of the basic accents and accessories in the bathroom - you don't always need to redecorate the entire room.

This can obviously save you a lot of money down the line as you won't need to totally redecorate your bathroom to give it a fresh look and feel each time you want to change it up a bit. Visualize your bathroom as it currently is and then change it a bit by changing the bath rug for a new style or color. Visualize how this can and will change your bathroom. Isn't it amazing how such a small change can make such a big difference to the entire room?

Bathroom rugs are popular for a lot of reasons but the main one is safety - their original purpose was to stop people from slipping on a wet or dramp floor after bathing or showering. The bathrug eliminates this fear because it gives the bather a stable and comfortable surface to dry themselves on. Bath rugs are really useful in a busy house with kids where you'll have the shower in use for hours at a time. If you have a very large bathroom rug then it can span that distance between the shower and the sink so you can move from showering to brushing your teeth and shaving in safety too!

These days bathroom rugs have moved beyond mere function. They obviously do still serve a purpose in terms of providing a safe surface to stand on after showering or bathing. It's just that they've also become a very real and very common bathroom accessory and are now normally integral in the design or remodelling of any bathroom; in much the same way that carpets or throw rugs are in any other room. Bathrooms are now becoming as much a statement of a persons individual style as they are a functional room that all humans need. In a way your bath rug will form the centerpiece of the room and will attract a lot of attention from visitors and say a lot about your taste and style.

Some people worry about being able to find the perfect rug.... don't worry it does exist and will complement your bathroom completely. It doesn't matter what style or pattern you're looking for you'll be able to find a match for it in at least one of the online stores and at a great price too. Some of my own personal favourites are dolphin designs (how can you not like dolphins?) and the new wooden duckboard mats that would be ideal for a more rustic bathroom design.

Your bath rug gives you a real chance to add a major dash of your own personality to your bathroom - make the most of this opportunity!

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Shop for Traditional Oriental Rugs

First came the trend of traditional rugs in the initial stages when it was new for all people then slowly other types of rugs like modern rugs, shaggy rugs came into existence. Traditional rugs are easily available from any rugs shops or market. The traditional rugs are known for providing alleviates the stress of your body. Sitting on a hard floor may strain your back or leg but on rugs shows positive effects. Connoisseur people have long back recognized the magnificent work of art to décor their palace or home. While for those who are rich & healthy obsesses traditional rugs of ancient times considering as an elegant & luxury item for mark of status symbol.

The traditional oriental design rugs are readily available in the market made by hand craft work or use of machine. Traditional rugs come in Arts & Crafts, Persian, Floral and Aubusson patterns. Generally, traditional rugs are made of hand hooked, hand knotted, hand tufted, flat weave, braided and machine made. The hand knotted rugs in common terms is known as carpet. The genuine Oriental rug is a hand knotted carpet which in most of cases is either knotted with pile or hand woven without pile.

Traditional rugs refer to both Traditional Persian Rugs as well as Traditional Oriental Rugs. These rugs because of its age are known for its high value. Traditional Persian & Oriental rugs are very expensive for one to afford. The demand of traditional rugs lies in the artistry works which differentiate out every piece of rug because of its uniqueness which are dated back to biblical times. These rugs were hand crafted and hand knotted which lacks words of appreciation and admiration. The finest piece of traditional area rug does not include any noxious element. Rugs made with 100% cotton, wool or silk also add up some health benefit points in your body. If you want to compare between the traditional handmade rugs & machine made rugs then you clearly get the distinguish features of them. Traditional handmade rugs lasts for long time and its durability is much better. While machine made rugs show off their poor result within some limited period of time as they could stand by the wear & tear of the environment. Traditional handmade rugs give back to the weavers creating job and opportunity for the artists & weavers. While machine made rugs seize of hundreds of weavers job. As a result, a kick on their starving stomach to feed on.

Thus, it is your prime duty to take the utmost care of your traditional rug as it is highly valuable and unique too after knowing its importance. A little care with proper attention will serve you the best. Don’t forget a traditional rug is an integral part of your home and a finest piece of artistic work that decors your room, so better take care of it.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Natural Looking Area Rugs For Your Home

Seagrass carpets are a type of area rug that is as versatile as it is durable. Naturally stain-resistant, they can enhance your décor with its natural sheen and are relatively inexpensive to purchase.

The words seagrass carpet have a very romantic and exotic ring to them. The images that come to mind are of calm waters, cool underwater greens, blues and blue-greens, possibly in a dark setting, right? At the very least, seagrass carpet evoke a natural source.

The seagrass carpets natural colors range from browns to grays and tans. They are great camouflage for the dirt that can be tracked in and are therefore excellent in areas with a lot of traffic such as entryways, patios and porches. Seagrass carpets are also good a number of areas around the home for other characteristics than their ability to hide dirt. They can endure the heaviest amount of foot traffic and are extremely sturdy, coping well with vigorous sweeping, vacuuming, and beating (should you still perform the age-old practice of beating the dust out of your rugs). Seagrass carpets are also pretty much stain-resistant as the fibers they are made of Further, it is virtually stain-resistant, as the fibers they are made of do not absorb liquids: this is why they are very rarely dyed as the dye cannot be absorbed.

Seagrass carpets are also popular for their lustrous gloss and luminosity, which can remind you of the reflective undersides of grass blades.

The natural fiber used to make seagrass rugs grows in vast paddies in the coastal wetlands of countries such as India and China. Specialist supplier explains that during the growing season, the paddies are “flooded with sea water.” Seagrass carpets are cheap to produce and therefore relatively cheap to buy. They are one of the most versatile types of floor coverings, and come in many appealing weaves that include designs such as the “seashore” weave (rowed fibers with alternating fiber tie downs), the “sea basket” (fibers thatched in squares), “sea bass,” “sea breeze,” and “seashell” designs (which are symmetrical styles of herringbone mesh).

When designed for indoor use such as dining or living area, seagrass carpets feature various types of borders stitched on for a great visual effect, using materials like leather, tapestry, wool, or a cotton rim. They also come with reinforced backing, or padding, to increase traction and longevity. The underside is commonly made of jute, glued on with a natural, chemical-free adhesive, or latex.

Seagrass carpets look and feel as natural as and area rug can, especially as they are rarely treated chemically to make them ‘stain-resistant’. This is as close as you can get to those underwater growing green and blue grasses!

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Importance of Having a Good Rug Pad

For all of you out there who just ran out to the store and bought yourself a brand new area rug to compliment the interior of your home, if you did not remember to purchase a quality rug pad for beneath that new area rug, here is why you should. First and foremost, an area rug needs a rug pad, even if it sits on carpeting. Think about slippage and the rug moving around all of the time and having to be repositioned. A rug pad eliminates that ruckus and allows you to truly enjoy that area rug in the place you originally positioned it. Another added benefit is cushioning. A rug pad will greatly add to the cushioning effect that your feet experience when you re walking over the area rug. And finally, rug pads are cheap, making them easily affordable for everybody.

Why You Need Rug Pads

For those who plan on placing their rug on a stone, tiles, wooden, or other hard surfaces, a rug pad is a must, no exceptions. At any point if your rug slips, it could amount to a nasty spill and or a serious injury. Read the tags on shower rugs for wiping your feet from water when you are finished showering, and even they will recommend that you have a rug pad in place to prevent slippages and serious injuries from occurring. What about pets, what if you have them, running around and slipping; they can easily be injured from lack of a rug pad as well. Case and point: an area rug and a rug pad go hand in hand, don't get one without the other.

They Extend the Lifetime of your Rug

Many times the most common point of wear and tear on area rugs is with the backing. A rug pad will protect the backing of a rug and extend the lifetime of that area rug greatly. They also add an extra bounce to the step of those walking over the rug, making it more comfortable to walk over often. Area rugs can be a costly interior investment that can last you for years, but you want to make sure that you do everything that you can to best protect your investment. A rug pad assures that you get the maximum life out of your area rug.

Make Cleaning Easier

Because rug pads actually lift area rugs up slightly from the flooring, they can make cleaning a much easier process, which is essential to the maintenance of your area rugs. They create a pocket of ventilation, so when you are vacuuming the vacuum can breathe easier and will actually suck up more dirt and debris.

Benefits of a Rug Pad

To sum it all up, a rug pad is a must own for anybody who is planning on investing in a classy area rug to spice up the interior of their home. It greatly extends the lifetime of your rug and protects your investment. They make the cleaning of the rug easier and most importantly, they keep the rug in place, preventing slippages from occurring that can result in serious injury.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Advice For Buying Kids Rugs

Most home decorators are unaware of the differences between kid’s rugs and carpet made for the rest of the home. Choosing a versatile, resistant rug for a children’s room will extend the life of the rug and the child’s enjoyment.

The first thing home decorators need to consider is pile length and backing. While a long pile and deep padding is perfect for a living room or den, the children’s rug should have a lower pile, and simple backing. Experts recommend a pile 1/3 of an inch or less.

The lower pile allows the child to play on the rug as if they were playing on the floor. The pile does not interfere with zooming trucks and building fantasy worlds for dolls.

The lower pile protects the child’s health. It allows parents to put a rug on cold surfaces, keeping the child away from drafts while playing.

Vacuum cleaners can dig deeper into the carpet, and ‘pull’ on the pile. The carpet should also be small enough that it can be lifted easily, so that parents can vacuum under it monthly.

Fiber content is another major concern. Children’s rugs should have synthetic fibers, nylon or polypropylene so they resist stains and are washable. Some fibers emit noxious fumes that contaminate the child’s play area.

It is also necessary to check the stain treatment and glues used on a child’s rug. Some stain treatments are toxic. Most glue is toxic. The best child’s rug should have no backing. This lets the rug breath, reducing invisible mold and bacteria growth that is attributed to several breathing problems, including asthma, in children.

Never put ease of care and cleaning above a child’s health. Noxious glues that are used in manufacturing companies with little or no regulations can cause serious lung problems in a child.

Kids rooms can come alive with colorful rugs. There are many designs and patterns available, especially when buying online. One of the newest products are ‘black light’ rugs that glow in the dark. These offer a decorative contrast to the rest of the room while lighting the floor, revealing any lurking monsters.

The only rule for color is to choose large shapes and primary colors for younger children. Infants should have rugs with ‘eye’ patterns on them. Research shows that infants respond to eye shapes. They are comforted by the illusion that another human is in the room.

Parents today have a definite advantage over parents ten years ago. Today’s decorators can enjoy kids rugs made by specialty manufacturers who specialize in healthy, stimulating, and inspirational rugs.

There is no need to pick up a cheap rug at a local department store. Now, parents can purchase the same quality of rugs used in daycare centers and schools. These rugs are easy to clean, have age appropriate designs for children, and lack noxious stain repellant treatments or glue.

The cost of a specialty children’s rug are prohibitive, but the price is tamed when buying from a reputable online store. These stores are linked with distributors allowing them to offer the best selection and recent releases at affordable prices.

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Area Rugs and Flooring -- Two Newly Green Giants

Over the years, a debate has taken place in the flooring
industry over the impact its products have on the
environment. In 2003, a group of industry researches and
technical specialists met at the University of North Carolina
to examine the science with regard to the positive or
negative attributes of materials found in products like
carpeting, area rugs and linoleum.

The panel looked at hundreds of studies in relation to how
carpet and non-carpet materials contribute to environmental
quality and whether there's a significant concern with toxic
substances and allergens alleged to have commonly been

The intention of the researchers was to try and settle years
of anecdotal evidence and set an industry standard to help
buyers and sellers of flooring products. A good portion of the
information reviewed came from the Environmental
Protection Agency, the National Health Science Libraries,
and other previously published industry experts.

A review of all of the literature led to one major conclusion:
materials found in flooring "play a significant role to the
quality of life indoors." It contributes to healthy design
factors, safety, aesthetics, climate control, ergonomics and
physical comfort. When maintained properly, carpeting and
area rugs are not at all risks to public health.

While the group's conclusion was great news for the
industry and the public, it's still necessary to examine
flooring's impact on the whole environment, including the
part played by rugs and flooring made from natural

Decorating Like Darwin: By Natural Selection

With so many types of area rugs available today, it's hard
enough to make a style selection, let alone having to take
health and environmental concerns into account. Keeping
rugs clean and in good condition will go a long way in
alleviating any concerns. Area rugs do have material
differences, though. Here's a quick look at natural fiber rugs
and other natural flooring:


Water, water everywhere, so keep it away from wool. Water
is one of the biggest enemies of wool rugs. Wool, popular in

href="">Oriental rugs
, has a high moisture regain and is
susceptible to microorganism attack. That may sound like
the bad plot to a Hollywood horror film or an episode of Fear
Factor. Nevertheless, keep something that requires water,
like potted plants, off of wool rugs.

Water aside, wool's long, coarse fibers have the ability to
maintain indoor air quality and, unlike synthetic fibers, can
absorb indoor contaminants. Since discarded carpet
accounts for a tremendous amount of waste – 4.7 billion
pounds in 2002 according to the EPA – any rug that lasts
longer, like a hand-knotted wool rug, is going to get the seal
of approval from the Green Party.


Once used primarily as carpet backing, Jute has made it to
the big time. As a full-fledged member of the area rug and
carpet family, Jute, which ranges from light tans to browns,
is one of the finest and softest of natural floor covering

Composed mainly of plant materials, Jute is a rainy season
crop that grows best in warm, humid climates like parts of
China and India. While it may grow in rainy weather, the Jute
rug won't stand up to areas with high moisture levels. Unlike
wool, jute is resistant to microorganisms, but the material
will in fact deteriorate rapidly when exposed to moisture.


Gilligan's Island no longer corners the market on bamboo
flooring. You don't need to live in a hut to use this material.

Bamboo, which is also a trend in cutting boards and
hardwood floors, has become a popular option for area
rugs. And its environmental friendliness is obvious. No
trees to cut down, no waste. Bamboo is technically a grass,
and moreover a highly renewable resource. Maturing in less
than six years, bamboo is harvested over and over from the
same plants. Its strength combined with a natural beauty
can add a contemporary touch to any living space.


Seagrass is not something you may have thought was
illegal. You can't grow it in your backyard, but it does look
great in the house. Created from tropical grass mainly
imported from China, Seagrass, which only comes in a
natural organic green color, is smooth to the touch and
extremely durable and stain resistant.


Sisal is another natural fiber that has recently gained
popularity among designers. The material is derived from a
cactus plant, grown in semi-arid regions liked Brazil and

Sisal is stronger and more durable than other natural fibers,
making its staying power ultra-environment friendly. Water is
not Sisal's friend, either. The rug should never be used in
the bathroom or other moist areas of the house.


Now you may be thinking how a rug is made from cork?
Well, it's not. Cork has been slipped in to this discussion
simply because it can be considered a cousin in the natural
fiber family. Used as durable hardwood-type flooring, the
cork tree is the only one whose bark can regenerate itself
after harvest without damaging the tree or the environment.
The tree is never killed or cut down and can produce bark for
centuries. Furthermore, almost all of its harvested materials
are put to use.

Cork is known for its sound environmental policy, and when
feet hit the floor, it's known for its durability. Cork may seem
elastic when compared to wood, but its "natural memory
ability" and resistance to liquid penetration can make it an
attractive alternative.


This is no joke. Linoleum is back. So break out the disco
ball and platform shoes. Vinyl nearly sent linoleum to the
flooring scrap yard, but just like bell-bottoms, linoleum is
making a comeback. It's contemporary and gets the green
seal. While vinyl is synthetic and petroleum-based, linoleum
is made entirely of natural materials, linseed oil being the
main ingredient.

The resurgence of natural and retro products is behind
linoleum's rebirth. As a natural product, linoleum can be
recycled and is hypoallergenic, which benefits those who
suffer from allergies or asthma. Linoleum also contains
antibacterial properties that help stop the growth of

About the author:

Based in Los Angeles, Ron Neal is a free-lance writer, editor and owner of Writemind Media. With more than 20 years of experience, including six at the Los Angeles Times, Mr. Neal has produced and edited hundreds of articles on a variety of subjects, including flooring, home improvement and area rugs of all kinds, including braided and sisal rugs.

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Aesthetic Look With The Prefect Bathroom Rugs

Give your bathroom a perfectly inspirational fervor of aestheticism with the prefect bathroom rugs. One can at ease revitalize the essence of the beauty of the glamorous bathroom in his or her beautiful home by decorating it in the most updated fashion by the dint of a perfect bathroom area rug. The dull look of a drab bathroom can be miraculously turned into a dreamy apartment of your home by using a high quality bathroom rug. When matched with preset wall tiles and the other accessories in an old fashioned or contemporary bathroom, the bathroom rugs are bound to deliver an awe-inspiring glamour, making it the focal point of any modern home. If chosen rightly to complement all of décor elements of the bathroom, the bathroom rugs tend to deliver an undefined glory to the apartment. Hence selection is what you should give the special emphasis on.

Usually the bathroom rugs are inexpensive and come in an affordable price range. The price varies as per the quality and the brands. Although the best brands often prove to be quite costly, yet they are the best purchase – this is beyond all controversies.

Importance Of Using Bathroom Rugs

It is not only for the ever-longing looks of beauty and aristocracy that you should use the bathroom rugs. As a matter of fact the bathroom rugs are really versatile and run a long way to serve a wide range of multifarious purposes.

• Decoration: Decorating and beautifying the bathrooms with the most modern looks of aesthetic glamour is one of the many significant reasons that people use the bathroom rugs in their bathrooms. From the large master bathing apartments to the little powder rooms the patterned bathroom rugs tend to give perfect touch of mind-blowing sophistication, thereby reflecting your personality and cultivated taste.

• Protecting the floor: High quality bathroom rugs are specially designed to protect the hardwood floor as well as the wall-to-wall carpeting from being destroyed. The wooden floor will gain some more lifelines with the use of the right quality bathroom rugs.

• Bathroom rug on the wall: Although sounding little bit off the tune, it is a fact that some people use the bathroom rug on the walls of the bathroom in order to create some interesting interior displays.

• Prevents accidents: In case of the concrete bathroom floors, the floor sometimes becomes slippery and in turn becomes much prone to serious accidents. The rightly chosen bathroom rugs prevent people – especially the children and the older members of the families to remain safe from being exposed to such accidents.

• Saves money: The bathroom rugs allow the to come up with some very innovative style of re-modeling the wall without spending on re-tilling it. This eventually saves a great deal of money in the process.

• Feel of softness: The quality range of bathroom rugs tends to provide the soft touch not only to your feet but the tender feet of the little kids as well. This feel of comfort turns to be an exceptional experience to be treasured.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Coffee Kitchen Rugs Brew Style And Imagination

It is no surprise that the kitchen is often the focal point of many of the decorating and renovations that take place in a home. And the reason it happens is very simple, on average a woman will spend two-thirds of her time in her home, in the kitchen. She may be cooking, cleaning or simply sitting helping her kids do homework, but she spends a lot of time in that room. It's no wonder we all want our kitchen to be as welcoming and comfortable as we can possibly make it. It's also no wonder why the kitchen often has so much character and life in it. If that is something you feel your kitchen is lacking, it may be time to spice it up a little bit with a coffee kitchen rug.

These coffee kitchen rugs will instantly add a comforting and welcoming feel to your kitchen. In addition to that, if there are any unsightly spills or stains on your floor, they will suddenly vanish with one of these stylish rugs overtop of it. The coffee kitchen rugs seem to be the latest in kitchen décor and always have pictures of coffee mugs, coffee shops, or just the deep colors related to the coffee house mood. Often times these rugs will have unique quotes or simple words such as “Brew” or “Java” embroidered on them. With all of this variety it would be almost impossible for you not to find a kitchen rug that matches up with your personality. The browns, reds and oranges that will fill your room will make you feel like you are sitting back at your local coffee house relaxing as you sip your freshly made coffee.

However, your kitchen rugs should be more than stylish. They should be easy to clean and maintain and hold up under the heavy traffic they may encounter. Making sure the rug you are selecting is machine washable and stain resistant are two key features you will want to check out. Also make sure that your rug comes with a nonslip bottom on it to ensure that you won't slip and fall on it. If it doesn't have a nonslip bottom, you may want to consider purchasing a rug pad, this will serve the same purpose. The more durable and stain resistant your rug, then better it will be in the long run. Each time you wash your rug, it will come out looking as good as new. There is one thing you may want to watch for when washing your rug however. With the dark, deep colors in most of these rugs, there is a tendency for the colors to run. It would be in your best interest to wash them separately from the rest of your laundry, especially for the first several washes.

The location of your new kitchen rug will ultimately be up to you. With a good rug pad underneath though, in front of the sink becomes an ideal choice. The pad will keep you from slipping if you spill any water and it will also provide additional cushioning while you stand to do dishes. The entry way into your kitchen is another great location however. These rugs will be able to blend the kitchen and dining room as well. Try placing your rug in several different locations and see how well it fits in each spot before deciding, otherwise you may miss out on the ideal location for your new coffee kitchen rug.

Now that your kitchen is complete, step back and take a look. While looking the color of the rug and accent colors in the rest of the room you may see other places that you could add a little color with pictures, color appliances or even a little paint. Let the coffee kitchen rug be your guide as you have just spiced up your kitchen and given it new life and warmth.

By: Christopher Schwebius

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Oriental Rugs - History And Information

Oriental rugs are handcrafted rugs woven in the Middle East and the Orient - mostly regions extending from China in the east, to Turkey in the west and the Caucasus in the north, to India in the south. Authentic oriental rugs are knotted with pile or woven without pile and exclusively handwoven, which makes them unique and more exquisite, precious, and expensive than the other types of rugs. Some of the most popular and best oriental rugs include the Turkish, Caucasian, Turkoman, Afshan, Donkeybags, Prayer Rugs and Kilims rugs.

Short History:

The earliest known oriental pile rugs were those found in a Scythian burial site in Outer Mongolia dating back to the fifth century B.C. The second millennium B.C in Egypt and Central Asia had already seen the evolution of the art of rug weaving so by the fifth century B.C., rug weaving had become a fairly well-developed art. When the Silk Route came into being in the 17th century during the Safavid reign in Central Asia, oriental rugs started gaining immense popularity and Europe began to import them in large quantities. The rug making art and industry in the Orient also became a lucrative, highly skilled occupation. By the mid 19th century, not only the rich but the middle class citizens of Europe also began to value and afford these exquisite handwoven rugs.

Knots and Oriental Rug Weaving:

Oriental Rugs are handwoven on looms. The pattern of the rug is created by the knot (pile). Pile knots are of two types - symmetric and asymmetric. Symmetrical knots can be tied in such a way to give the pile a left or right inclination. Knot density is measured by counting the knots vertically and horizontally within the given area along the back of the rug. The size of warp (foundation threads wrapped around the loom), warp depression, weft (thread inserted along the width of the loom) and pile threads all determine the knot density. A cartoon (preliminary sketch similar in size to the work) may be created as a guide before weaving.

The loose warp threads along the ends are knotted, woven or braided into the fringe after the weaving. The Selvage is the edge formed after a single terminal warp or a cord made of various terminal warps is wrapped with the weft threads. The side cord may also be added only after the rug has been woven and removed from the loom, and a single cord is sewn on to the side of the rug. To create a rounded finish, an overcast (warps wrapped with a separate thread in circular fashion) may be used.

Type of Materials used for Weaving Oriental Rugs:

Wool, cotton, silk and rayon are commonly used in weaving oriental rugs. Wool and Silk are generally used in the pile. Wool is the most common fiber in the Oriental rug weaving industry and silk is the most expensive. Silk, which is also the most resilient, is used for creating the most elaborate and intricately knotted rugs because of the possibility of creating unique and exquisite texture unmatched by any other. Cotton is mostly used for weft and warp. Rugs made from rayon are cheaper and less durable though they almost resemble silk.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Choosing And Care Of Oriental Rugs

Nothing says opulence for your floors quite like an oriental rug. Actually, some say the correct way to design a room is to design a room "around" an oriental rug.

Generally the price of a carpet is figured out by the amount of labor and art put into the rug. When considering a rug you will want to consider the quality of the wool and the dyes used in the construction of the rug.

Some carpets that are passed off today as oriental carpets are actually machine made. Experts can tell the difference by looking at the nap of the carpet. A machine is not able to tie knots as a hand is, therefore a machine made oriental rug will have the nap of the carpet stuck between the base and the wefts. Another way to tell if a carpet is machine made is to check the back of the rug. If the nap is of polypropolene, polyolefin or synthetic wool it is most likely machine made. Also, on a machine made rug the fringe is usually sewn directly to the carpet backing and is not a part of the rug as it is with a handmade rug. Make sure that you are dealing with a reputable carpet dealer who specializes in handmade rugs. This is one of the ways to avoid paying more than you should.

When you purchase an oriental rug there are a few do's and don't's. First, a good quality padding will help to protect the rug, it will also help to prevent it from wrinkling or moving. Generally oriental rugs are placed over hard flooring. A good quality pad can add many years of life to a rug. Rotate the rug frequently. This will help prevent any obvious over-wear on one part of the rug. Try to keep the sun off the rug as much as possible to prevent fading. Remember, this rug will probably outlast any other furniture or rugs you have in your home, and twenty or twenty-five years worth of strong sun can fade wool rugs.

Cleaning your rug is also a consideration. Never have your rug dry cleaned. Never have an oriental wool rug steam cleaned. The steam will remove the essential oils from the carpet which will make it brittle and cause it to wear faster. If you find your rugs needs something other than a mild surface cleaning with water find an expert to do the cleaning for you.

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Fixing a Damaged Rug – How it Works

Oriental rugs require special care and professionals who understand the types of patterns and dyes that went into making your unique imported rug. If your rugs become damaged or torn, you need a professional who can repair your rug and recreate the beauty of the original style. But what goes into professional Austin rug weaving and what do they do with your heirloom rugs?

Most professional Austin rug weavers are experts at both cleaning and repairing your treasured possessions and have the experience necessary to take great care of your rug. Keep in mind, though, that cleaning and repairing are two very different processes. Although both require intricate knowledge of the history of your unique rug, professional rug weaving and repair requires weavers who understand the intricacies of the patterns. A quality professional rug weaver can match the weave and texture of your rug without any color or pattern variations.

When a professional Austin rug weaver takes your rug, they usually clean it first, removing all loose dirt and debris from the fibers. Cleaning a rug prior to repair can help decrease the amount of damage done to the wool or silk fibers and help the professionals find any other damage or repair that you may have missed. After removing loose dirt, professional teams usually hand clean the carpet and inspect it, making notes for the individual or team of individuals who will mostly likely conduct the repairs.

You'll need to make sure that the professional Austin rug weaving and repair teams employ individuals who have experience in the type of work and weaves that your rug requires. No two rugs are alike and most professional rug weaving and repair services use master weavers who have experience in matching the weave and patterns of various different rugs. You'll also want to make sure that these Austin rug repair companies are confident in matching not only patterns and knots, but also the fibers and dyes of your unique rug.

Some Austin rug weaving repair team employs a master weaver, like the ones at Kiwi Austin rug weaving. These individuals have been specially trained to match the weave, texture, pattern, and dyes of thousands of different regions around the world. They hand match each component of your rug to ensure seamless repairs and restore the luster and color of your treasured rugs.

Every rug is unique and different. Each one combines dyes, patterns, and colors that define the region of origin and the time period in which it was produced. In order to keep your rug looking great, you need to trust only the professionals who have employed Master Weavers, like the ones with the Kiwi Austin rug weaving team. If you need professional rug cleaning or rug weaving, trust your treasures to the professionals and those who understand the importance and heritage of your unique rug. As questions and research the team prior to signing a contract and make sure they employ individuals who can recreate the beauty of your rug without compromising the integrity of the fibers or dye.

Only perfectly matched Master Weavers and rug restoration professionals, like those at Kiwi Services, can produce the seamless results you want. Research the Austin rug weaving, rug repairOriental rug Weavers services in your area and ask appropriate questions to make sure their teams and services match the needs and requirements of your rug. and

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