Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fixing a Damaged Rug – How it Works

Oriental rugs require special care and professionals who understand the types of patterns and dyes that went into making your unique imported rug. If your rugs become damaged or torn, you need a professional who can repair your rug and recreate the beauty of the original style. But what goes into professional Austin rug weaving and what do they do with your heirloom rugs?

Most professional Austin rug weavers are experts at both cleaning and repairing your treasured possessions and have the experience necessary to take great care of your rug. Keep in mind, though, that cleaning and repairing are two very different processes. Although both require intricate knowledge of the history of your unique rug, professional rug weaving and repair requires weavers who understand the intricacies of the patterns. A quality professional rug weaver can match the weave and texture of your rug without any color or pattern variations.

When a professional Austin rug weaver takes your rug, they usually clean it first, removing all loose dirt and debris from the fibers. Cleaning a rug prior to repair can help decrease the amount of damage done to the wool or silk fibers and help the professionals find any other damage or repair that you may have missed. After removing loose dirt, professional teams usually hand clean the carpet and inspect it, making notes for the individual or team of individuals who will mostly likely conduct the repairs.

You'll need to make sure that the professional Austin rug weaving and repair teams employ individuals who have experience in the type of work and weaves that your rug requires. No two rugs are alike and most professional rug weaving and repair services use master weavers who have experience in matching the weave and patterns of various different rugs. You'll also want to make sure that these Austin rug repair companies are confident in matching not only patterns and knots, but also the fibers and dyes of your unique rug.

Some Austin rug weaving repair team employs a master weaver, like the ones at Kiwi Austin rug weaving. These individuals have been specially trained to match the weave, texture, pattern, and dyes of thousands of different regions around the world. They hand match each component of your rug to ensure seamless repairs and restore the luster and color of your treasured rugs.

Every rug is unique and different. Each one combines dyes, patterns, and colors that define the region of origin and the time period in which it was produced. In order to keep your rug looking great, you need to trust only the professionals who have employed Master Weavers, like the ones with the Kiwi Austin rug weaving team. If you need professional rug cleaning or rug weaving, trust your treasures to the professionals and those who understand the importance and heritage of your unique rug. As questions and research the team prior to signing a contract and make sure they employ individuals who can recreate the beauty of your rug without compromising the integrity of the fibers or dye.

Only perfectly matched Master Weavers and rug restoration professionals, like those at Kiwi Services, can produce the seamless results you want. Research the Austin rug weaving, rug repairOriental rug Weavers services in your area and ask appropriate questions to make sure their teams and services match the needs and requirements of your rug. and

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