Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tips for Decorating With Quality Area Rugs

A house has to be decorated with various accessories to make it look beautiful. Carpets and rugs add to the overall effect of a room. Each room can be decorated with different designs and colors to suit the room and also individual tastes. Carpets cover a bigger area and need more maintenance, while area rugs cover only the area that you want covered.

Area rugs can be placed in front of the hearth, the window seat or in a small passage way. It can be used in front of a sink, in front of sofas and under the dining table. It can be placed on a table to keep flower vases or lamps. It can also be hung on the walls or framed and placed on the walls. All this adds to the effect of the room.

The area rug is the best solution wherever you have a lot of people walking about. The rug will protect the carpet or the floor from being worn out quickly. Buying an area rug is much more economical than buying a carpet. So, students and people who have limited income can also afford it. This will also help in making the room warm.

The area rugs are easy to maintain. When you are rearranging the room you can also change the place of the rug. They are found in various colors and designs. You can also have multi colored rugs. In one room you can two or three rugs to decorate the room. They are available in various prices, too, to suit your budget.

You can get handmade and machine made rugs. Machine made rugs are made from artificial fabrics like olefin and polypropylene. Choose the one that will suit you.

You can have floral rugs which give a country or traditional feel. Bold colors and contrasting designs and lines will add to the modern look of a room. You can also have a sheepskin rug or a shag rug.

Persian rugs are supposed to be the best. The reasons for this are that premium dyes are used to get striking colors. Each rug has a unique look. There are three types of designs available in the Persian rugs. They are: geometric designs, pictorial designs, curvilinear and floral designs. The more knots that are there the more tightly it is woven. They are made of the best quality of wool, silk and dyes.

There are three types of rugs to choose from – the hand knotted, the machine made and the hand tufted. The quality of hand knotted rugs depends on the number of knots per square inch, the type of wool used and the wash. The machine made is made by machine. The hand tufted is made by yarn being forced into a grid. This later has an application of latex or fabric backing.

While buying area rugs, you must decide what place in the house you are going to use it in. You should also plan as to how you will blend it with the existing look of the room. Be sure to ensure that the colors match. You should keep in mind how each room is used to decide on what type of area rug you want in which room. You can buy area rugs for the drawing room, the dining room, the bedroom, the bathroom and the children’s room. You have outdoor and indoor area rugs, cowhide rugs, bamboo rugs, oriental rugs and modern rugs. The size of the rug and where it is going to be placed is very important.

Area rugs should not be used when there is an opening to another room or at the edge of a pathway. This might result in people tripping and falling. The rugs with small designs and light colors can make the room look bigger. If you want the attention to be focused on the area rug, then it should have bold colors and designs. Rugs of various shapes can be used to make the room look attractive.

It is good to use rug pads under the rugs wherever the rugs are placed in a room. The rugs get worn out from the bottom, when we walk on it. The rug pads protect them.

You can get area rugs in stores or you can order them online. Each piece can be special. It will definitely enhance the look of the room and add to the décor. There are a variety of styles, designs, materials and textures to choose from. Since it is available in all price ranges, you can buy one to suit your pocket. Go ahead and get area rugs to decorate you home.

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