Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Antique Rugs

History never dies. To say it in a different way, history never get lost. There are lots of things around the world that bear the testimony of history and lots of historical events. Among those lots of things antique rugs have taken a special place. They are all about beauty, elegance, style and art. Today, it is not that antique rugs only provide a room or a place with an elegant look. It is also a matter of pride to have it to one's possession. For example, an antique rug used by one time Emperor Shajahan of India will certainly have an immediate psychological impact on you if you somehow manage to own it.

History saw different kings and emperors in different times around the world. Almost all the kings and emperors were choosy about art and stylishness. They wanted to show off of their property and had highly skilled artists available to them to impress them with their work. This resulted in creation of lots of highly artistic historical places, palaces and even different things like rugs, furniture, clothes and lots more. Today, all these things are called antiques. rugs that were made before the 19th century are regarded as antique rugs.

Demand for this type of rugs is huge today. There are certain reasons behind the demand. Firstly, they were made by highly skilled artists and such artistic skill is rare today. Secondly, they are longer lasting. Thirdly, they have everything that can dramatically increase the beauty of a room or a certain place. Most importantly, having in possession of antique rug is about pride and prestige.

Antique rugs are of different types. Some are called oriental rugs. The term oriental refers to Asia. It means that rugs that were found in Asia or in the region of Asia are called oriental rugs. Anyway, oriental rugs are especially famous for its intricate design. Color combination is also eye catching. Then, comes the European rugs, Persian rugs, Chinese rugs, Anatolian rugs etc. Persian rugs have high demand all over the world due to its rich design and artistic accuracy. To be brief, all kinds of traditional rugs are different in their own style and design. This is one of the most amazing facts about the them.

Maintenance of these old rugs is a critical task. For any person, they are like asset. Therefore, there should not be any lacking of proper care of antique rugs. You will not mind whatever it takes for the proper safety and maintenance of the antique rugs, will you?

One of the most negative aspects of the modern world is that it has become easier to make fake items. People tend to fool one another with fake items. Antique rug is not out of this category. However, original ones are quite distinguished from the fake ones. To figure out if a rug is original or not only what it needs is special attention and previous experience in using or maintaining rugs.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Living Room Rugs Can Bring A Profound Impact To Your Home's Decor

Living room rugs are a great way to update, refresh, and transform the look of virtually any room. Many living room rugs also look great in kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, and even children's rooms. For a nominal cost, a living room rug can transform the look of the room without changing anything else. Decor, paint, and professionally installed carpet can be very costly. A vibrant and complementary living room rug can breathe new life into a room and make it fresh again.

Living room rugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Accent rugs are typically a few feet wide and a couple of feet long. These look great in the entryway of a home or as a bath mat in the bathroom. Colorful accent rugs also look great under tables and consoles on hardwood floors. Runners are long, skinny rugs that are often perfect for displaying in hallways, entryways, and foyers leading to the living room. They have a "red carpet" feel to them that makes them inviting and special. Area rugs come in a variety of sizes and are generally square or rectangular, although some can also be round. They are often several feet long and wide and feature intricate patterns, colors, borders, and really become the centerpiece of the room. Area rugs look great under a coffee table in the center of the room. Others purchase area rugs for use under a dining room table or to place under a decorative wingback chair or sofa set.

Rug prices can range from a few dollars up to thousands of dollars. The materials used to make the rug, design processes and manufacturing required to produce the rug, and the designer can all affect the bottom line. Wool, silk, and real fur rugs are often hand-tufted, handcrafted, and can be very expensive. Avid rug collectors visit galleries and manufacturing plants to acquire unique pelts and pieces that are assembled from the finest crafters in the world. A mid-priced, well-made, colorful rug manufactured by mass retailers and merchandisers is sufficient for most homes.

Choosing a pattern or color scheme for a rug is always the most difficult part of the process. Some choose a rug to essentially act as floor art, becoming the focal centerpiece of the living room. Others choose living room rugs that will complement an already-existing color palette or design theme. Living room rugs can feature scrollwork, sports themes, novelty designs, braiding details, color blocking, flowers, polka dots, stripes, and virtually every pattern in between. Many floor and rug centers will happily provide swatches to customers. These small pieces of fabric can be brought home and compared to existing furniture, painted walls, and other rugs to ensure that it will look good in the room before purchasing.

Those will small children or pets will enjoy purchasing cotton blend rugs that can be machine-washed or spot cleaned. Spills and stains are easily treatable on cotton blend rugs. Cotton rugs can also withstand repeated washing and hold colors truer longer. For those that enjoy luxurious fabrications, wool and silk-blend rugs are elegant, yet durable, and can easily last a lifetime. Eco-conscious consumers can purchase rugs that are constructed from recycled plastic bottles, bamboo, and other green materials.

Most living room and area rugs can be vacuumed and cleaned with a professional carpet cleaner or home steam-cleaning unit. It is always best to check the manufacturer's guidelines and care instructions to determine the best method of keeping the rug clean, vibrant, and looking great for many years. rugs made of natural fur, animal skins, or other delicate materials may need to be professionally cleaned by a leather specialty shop or professional dry cleaner.

Whether the rug is small, large, round, rectangular, expensive, less costly, colorful, or muted, living room rugs can instantly transform the look of any room. Area rugs look great on bare hardwood floors and carpeted floors.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Persian & Oriental Fine Rugs Make A Bold Statement In Your Home Decor

When planning the decor theme for a new home, don't forget to consider your floor coverings. Fine rugs can add a wonderful accent to your home decor, whether as an accent or a major impact on the overall appearance of your room.

Other times you may want to redecorate your home, to enhance a favorite room or achieve a fresh look. While most people may think of adding new curtains, paintings or wall hangings, or slipcovers to embellish their home decor, another option is to add some beautiful fine rugs.
Persian rugs or oriental rugs are excellent choices to add touches of elegance to your home. Whether your want a small accent rug or a large area rug, you are sure to find the size, color, and design to suit your taste among the many fine rugs available.

What are Fine rugs?
According to home decor dealers, fine rugs are typically those made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, of Asian origin. Top quality wool fiber with significant pile comprises the main composition of these rugs, which often feature thick hand-knotted fringe. Fine rugs usually inclue Persian rugs and Oriental rugs, often constructed with a luxurious blend of wool and silk.
Difference Between Persian and Oriental rugs

Is there a difference between Persian rugs and Oriental rugs? According to knowledgeable people known as "rugophiles," the terms are not interchangeable, and a distinct difference exists between Persian and Oriental rugs. The primary difference between the two is related to the country of origin of the rugs. Persian rugs derive exclusively from Iran, after its former name of Persia. Oriental rugs derive from several countries in Asia, including Iran, as well as China, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Tibet, and Turkey. Therefore, Persian rugs are in fact of Oriental rugs, but the reverse is not necessarily true.

Oriental rugs as a whole have provided inspiration for art, literature, and music since the first story of Aladdin and his flying carpet. Harkening back to about 3000 BC, people have created rugs, initially for warmth as they covered earthern floors in early homes. Many centuries later, as rug-making evolved, artisans began weaving designs into their rugs. rug-making even found its way into palaces, as royalty began commissioning spectacular Oriental rugs with intricate designs depicting crests, coats of arms, and floral motifs. The 19th century saw the beginning of machine-made rugs, although hand-knotting continued for the fringe. Mass production, worldwide, in the 20th century, opened up the opportunity for nearly anyone to purchase beautiful Oriental rugs.

Persian rugs share some of the extensive historical background of Oriental rugs, with some notable differences. Created exclusively in Iran - formerly Persia - Persian rugs feature exceptionally thick pile, hand-knotted fringe, elegant rich colors, and intricate designs. Another distinction between the rugs is that Persian rug designs typically bear the name of the Iranian city in which they originated. Some of the most popular designs are Dubba, Gabbeh, Hamadan, Heriz, and Tabriz. Another significant development with Persian rugs is their increased presence in the marketplace since the embargo against Iran lifted in 2003.

Features of Oriental and Persian rugs
While fine rugs are available in virtually every color and color combination of the rainbow, they are typically rich, elegant shades. The classic features of Oriental rugs and Persian rugs include the following:
• Shapes: Available in octagon, oval, round, runner, and square shapes.
• Sizes: Available in numerous sizes, dependent on the shapes; for instance, octagonal sizes may vary from 4'11" x 4'11" to 9'10" x 9'10"; oval sizes may vary from 2'3" x 4'5" to 8'2" x 9'10"; round sizes may vary from 4'11" in diameter to 11'6" in diameter; runners may vary from 2' x 8' to 2'7" x 65'; and square sizes may vary from 4'11" sq. to 11'6" sq.
• Styles/Quality: Available in hand-knotted, hand-tufted, wool, silk, wool and silk, machine-made, and flat weave styles and various piles.
• Prices: Avaiable in a wide range of prices, depending on all the previous details, potentially from under $100 to $1500 or more.

Whether you are planning your decor for a new home, or redecorating your present home, don't forget your floor coverings can include fine rugs. Consider purchasing the Oriental rug or Persian rug that best accentuates your home decor. Beautiful Oriental rugs At Great Prices

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Classroom Rugs - Children's Inspiration To Learning

Children today are easily distracted when it comes to learning and teaching children is tough. Teachers and childcare providers need all the help they can get when it comes to educating children. A classroom rug is a teaching aid that is invaluable in the classroom. These bright and fun classroom carpets come in many shapes, sizes, and themes. All geared to help the classroom teacher or daycare provider educate and inspire children.

Who uses classroom rugs?
Many classroom rugs on the market today have been designed with the preschool or elementary school teacher in mind. Also, faith based rugs have made a big impact in private schools and churches. Educators that teach preschool to elementary age children use alphabet rugs and number rugs to teach the early learning basics. Plus, there are childrens rugs available to teach color and shape recognition. Librarians use library rugs at circle time to organize children for maximum quietness and order. There are even map rugs, Spanish rugs, and music rugs to teach kids social studies, foreign languages, and music. Finally, we know kids are energetic and need play time to be healthy and develop social skills and to meet this need there are many play rugs available.

Classroom Carpets that Teach and Organize
Above we discussed who uses classroom rugs and briefly touched on how they are used, but let's take a closer look. Below is list of some of the common themes of classroom rugs currently available.

Alphabet rugs - Available with uppercase, lowercase, combination, and with images and letters. An alphabet rug will aid in letter recognition and phonics. Children's rugs with letters and images aid in letter association with a word --- for example, the letter "D" and a picture of a dinosaur. Teachers can use an alphabet carpet to teach preschool and elementary school students the alphabet and spelling. Learning this way is fun, exciting, & interactive!

Number rugs - With a number rug children will learn to recognize numbers and learn to count. Some children's rugs come with both the alphabet and numbers.

Seating rugs - Seating classroom carpets usually come with colored squares or circles arranged in a grid or pattern and are designed to seat a certain number of children. Depending classroom size you can seat up to 20 to 30 kids on one classroom carpet. The larger the carpet the more children you can seat. Seating rugs are great for sharing at circle time or reading at story time. A seating rug organizes children which translates into a calmer and more peaceful classroom. Teachers and librarians will love seating rugs!

Shape and Color rugs - Teach geometric shapes and color recognition. Elements of this theme of rugs is often found in some of the other classroom carpet themes, but if you need to teach color and what a square, circle, triangle, oval, etc. look like then pick one of these kids rugs.

Faith Based rugs - A faith based rug usually includes elements of the above carpets, but also includes a religious teaching. If you teach in a Catholic school, Christian school, Jewish school, or church you will find a large selection of religious rugs to choose.

Bilingual rugs - Today teaching another language is critical as different cultures come together. A bilingual rug in Spanish-English or French-English are available to teach either ESL kids English or English speaking children Spanish or French. Look for bilingual rugs that teach numbers, letters, colors, shapes, and word association. Some bilingual rugs teach several of these on the same carpet. What a fun way to learn another language & teach cultural diversity!

Map rugs - A great teacher's aid for teaching geography or social studies. Look for carpets that include all 50 U.S. States or a world map rug that includes all the continents and their names. With a map rug children will learn U.S and world geography in a snap!

Play rugs - When kids need to be inside look to a play rug as a fun alternative to board games. Hopscotch rugs are a fun activity that most kids will love. Road rugs that have city streets can be used for playing with toy cars, etc. These carpets help kids learn fine motor skills, coordination, and balance.

As teachers look for new, exciting, and fun ways to grab the attention of children and inspire them to learn, one alternative is to include classroom rugs as a teaching aide. There are many shapes, sizes, colors, and themes available today that preschool and elementary teachers, daycare centers, and churches can find that will fit their needs. Adding one of these children's rugs will also brightened up a dull classroom!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Buying The Ideal Fashionable Rugs Intended For Residence Usage

Selecting the most appropriate mats to obtain for your residence can certainly produce a massive difference inside the comfort as well as good thing about every room in your house. No matter exactly what bedroom in your home you want to position mats, you would like to select the perfect rug of the marketplace spot and also cost.

It isn't really necessary to invest a lot of cash to buy rugs; nonetheless, you can get hand-woven brown area rug which can be very costly. The majority of house owners on a budget will need to locate very affordable brown area rug with regard to spots in the home which have to have an unique touching. You'll find green area rugs in each and every dimension conceivable and in any range of colors, lots of textures, a variety of stack sorts and great styles.

You will find a great difference between low-cost rugs as well as prime-value area rugs at the best prices. A cheap rug won't last for very long as well as your expense can be lost. An outstanding green area rug, in the event that looked after effectively, will last for several years. You should continue to be inside your current budget yet choose the best value spot floor covering within your budget.

Seek out spot ground treatments for sale at your house . enhancement retailer. You can also find large amount simply by purchasing for merchants which often bring exclusively flooring shades of their kinds. A different way to come across the best prices with top quality area floor covering should be to lookup and also compare costs in the several web retailers.

Choose a new carpet that has powerful, fall-proof assistance. This helps the spot carpet stay in put on your current flooring saving the particular carpet because of transforming into a tumble threat. Inexpensive area rugs often times have backing that will encourage the carpet to slip across an even carpeting, as an example marbled floor tile or maybe finished hardwood, along with someone can be seriously hurt for that reason.

Opt for the type of pile for the place flooring that you just choose. Stack size ranges coming from lengthy, shag-fashion to quite short easy or maybe never-ending loop floors. Search for heap which is heavily weaved in order that not one of the square area rug assistance shows by means of when looking at the surface of the particular rug.

Take into account the place which the rug touches on. When it will probably be put into a principal traffic walkway by way of your house, you really should decide on a green area rug which is machine washable. Although many carpets can be washed, you cannot decide to put rugs in to your house laundry washing devices since they are a lot hefty any time soaked and will effortlessly injury ones own washing machine. Sometimes rinse the actual green area rug outdoors using a garden hose and polish airbrush or maybe check out a clothes in which commercial equipment is available.

Larger rugs should not be laundered effortlessly nevertheless cleaning along with flooring steam cleansing tools, carried out by a professional or maybe as being a do-it-yourself job maintains your own quality green area rug looking great for decades. Involving cleanings, immediately blot up any splatters as well as location clean as required.

Pick a colour which usually blends with your d?cor or perhaps pick a secondary color pertaining to graphic influence. You may want a space area rug that has a bumpy pile design or even one which can be stiched with multiple hues to provide a beautiful design.

Anything you wish in the area carpeting, be sure you look for high quality initially. Balance top quality along with value and you will locate area rugs that are actually excellent residence accessories.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Kids’ Area Rugs - Add Color And Fun

Kids’ area rugs add color and fun to kids’ rooms. Colorful area rugs make your kid’s room lively, and a great place to lounge in or just to play. Kids’ area rugs are available in a broad selection of colors, sizes, designs and shapes to suit the interior décor of your kid’s room.

Various Themed Area Rugs to Add Fun

Bright and funky area rugs are a great addition to any child’s room. With a varied choice of colors and themes, area rugs are wonderfully appealing. Designs such as flowers, dots, and stars are perfect for decorating your little girl’s room. Fairies and princess themed rugs are most popular among girls. Area rugs featuring animals, outer space, dinosaurs, and sports themes would add fun to your little boy’s room.

A vast selection of interactive play and educational area rugs are available for kids. Interactive and educational themed area rugs enhance children’s interest in learning and keep them entertained as well. Kids love to play on educational area rugs that are available in a variety of themes such as numbers, alphabets, maps, animals, puzzles, states and more.

Choose the Right area rugs for Your Kids

Kids in the home are always engaged in different activities on the floor. Therefore it is important that you select good quality rugs for decorating your little one’s room. Area rugs made with different materials such as wool, cotton, nylon and other synthetic materials are available to choose from.

Kids’ area rugs are widely used in classrooms, playrooms, daycare centers, activity centers, libraries and in many other places. You can find the area rugs you are looking for at leading rug stores. Watch out for special offers, when you can secure these products at affordable rates.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bath Rugs Are An Intregral Part Of The Bathroom

The term bathroom given to a certain room in the house or any establishment for that matter, does not come without its set of expectations and responsibilities. It denotes being able to really feel at ease while going about crucial hygienic pursuits such as answering to the call of nature and showering or bathing. Think about how calming and relaxing it is to be able to quietly unwind in the bathroom after a prolonged day's work. When such space is not able to project the level of consolation preferred, a sensation of incompleteness ensues that tends to disrupt other pursuits you have within the day.

Thanks to human ingenuity in the field of home decorating and interior designing, individuals now have various selections to pick from in decorating their bathroom. Amongst the most wanted accessories of the bathroom are bath rugs. Not only do these serve to break the monotony of your floor area, but it also has a useful goal of guarding one from unintentional slips or falls when moving about a moist floor, which is very widespread.

It can be fun to shop for floor coverings as you get to know different makes, styles, forms, designs, and colors?from the most conservative to the most eccentric, from the most elegant to the homiest. If one does not know what distinct kind to get for their bathroom space, they can always look at home improvement periodicals and tv shows for inspiration. A good aspect about consulting such resources is being able to get other ideas for decorating your space. Another option is to visit various local or online stores and ask what kind of bath rug will be suited for you.

If you are not the inventive type then it would be good to invest in bath rugs sets. This will give you bath rugs that are comparable in patterns and makes, but of various colors and sometimes style. Not only will this allow you to conserve time in selecting alternating rugs to use when cleaning one, but it can also be simpler on the spending budget. This is because bath rug sets are comparatively cheaper to obtain as compared to acquiring per piece. Rugs sets are also beneficial if you have more than one bathroom in your house. With practice and the correct resources, you can later on mix and match rugs in one area as your first try at interior decoration.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

5 Questions for Professional Rug Cleaners

When choosing a professional cleaner for your fine Oriental rugs, you want to make sure to find a qualified company that you can trust to do the job correctly. Here are a few questions that you should ask to ensure you hire the correct company for your rug cleaning needs.

1. How long have you been in the business of cleaning fine rugs and how much experience do your technicians have? In most cases, the longer a company has been in business, the better. They obviously have been doing something right to stay in business for as long as they have. cleaning fine rugs takes a certain expertise that can only be acquired through years of experience. Make sure their rug technicians have some years under their belts when it comes to cleaning fine rugs.

2. Is your company certified, insured, and bonded? To gain certification as a qualified rug technician one must complete a battery of testing and practice. The main one you want to ask for is the IICRC. Even the best rug cleaning companies can have accidents. Making sure they are insured and bonded will protect you from theft or accidental damage to your rug while it is in their possession. It also wouldn't hurt to find out if they are in good standing with the BBB.

3. What is included in your service? Ask them to break down the steps of a standard rug cleaning. This will give you an idea of what they will be doing for your rug. From here you will also be able to add or subtract certain services that you may need.

4. How do you charge for your rug services? Do they charge by square foot or some other criteria? Is stain removal extra? Is there a charge for extra services such as deodorization or fabric protection, and if so, how much? Getting an itemized list of services and their corresponding prices will help immensely should any billing confusion arise later. Always ask for a written quote or estimate. This can save you a ton of headache should there be a problem after the fact.

5. Do you offer any guarantees? What happens if you are not satisfied with their work? Make sure there are provisions in case a stain returns or if an odor still remains. Most companies will be pretty accommodating if you are not satisfied. Some will offer to redo the cleaning at no cost, include additional services at no cost, or give an additional discount. These will vary depending on the company.

If, and only when, these and any other questions you might have are answered to your satisfaction should you hire any particular rug cleaning company. Keeping your fine Oriental rugs maintained at home and having a trusted professional cleaner give it a thorough hand washing every few years are the secret to a long life for your rug.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Decorate Your Home With a Traditional Area Rug

If you are looking for a quick means to spruce up your existing home decor, a hallway or even your living space, traditional area rugs might be the best bet. They lend character to the room which they are used in apart from making it warmer and setting a tone of coziness and intimacy.

Buying an area rug - Look Out For

There are a number of advantages of placing traditional area rugs at home. Apart from adding to your existing home decor, it will help decrease noise levels in the room. However, it is important to consider a few factors before you choose one. For instance, think about the how often the room is used and the number of people who will walk over the rug through the day. Its important to take care of these decor pieces as they have a tendency to look old and dirty if placed in high foot traffic areas. Also, you need to know that if you want your room to look larger than it already is (for rooms with space constraints), light colored traditional rugs are an ideal choice and vice versa. Hence, if you want to change your room into a cozy den, you should choose a rug with deep shades. Make sure that you choose padding for your rug to help absorb the impact of movement and noise. It will also reduce wear and tear of the rug.

Know Your Area Rug Before You Buy It

Finding the perfect rug for your home is not easy at all. The availability of carpet and rug dealers online has introduced far more options. However, as a buyer it is important that you know what kind of rug you are buying for the price you pay for it. It is widely known that machine-made rugs are available at reasonable prices when compared to traditional area rugs. However, for those who prefer to spend more on a traditional one sourced from places which are known for their handicrafts such as Persia, Tibet, and other countries, need to be careful. For those who are new to rug buying, it is best to rely on a dealer who has years of experience and one who appreciates quality. Most home decor experts agree that these accessories are great options for any floor type and the choices available today in a wide variety of styles, colors, shapes and themes have only added to the allure of the area rug.

Antique area rugs are a beautiful way to adorn any space in the home. To browse a wide selection of Oriental rugs with timeless style and elegance, please visit At Sharian, we hand-pick our new rugs from the world's most respected weavers, and antiques from an established network of artists from around the globe.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Blue Rugs - Artistic Masterpieces For Your Wooden Floors

A beautiful Carpet can beautify your classy wooden floors by adding a colorful touch and style to your chambers. Indoor rugs and runners amplify the overall aesthetic value of your house. Quite a few mats are meticulously crafted and exquisitely painted to create a beautiful masterpiece for your floors. Such rugs serve as an artistic piece of decoration. Area rugs modify your interiors and provide a cozy feeling to your feet. If you wish to experience the calm and comfort of the gentle emerald waves hitting the shore, you can shade your floors, in blue color. blue color is associated with harmony, serenity and peace, it offers a soothing ambiance.

Nowadays, several shades of blue cover the traditional and contemporary mats. They come with an affordable price tag. You can use both handmade and the machine made carpets to enhance the splendor of your walls and your floors. If you want a unique piece, you may go for the "Momeni rugs". Let me tell you some interesting facts about these carpets.

Momeni Rugs

Momeni runners were named after Ali Haji Momeni. He was the first person who successfully imported these Persian style mats to the American homeland, about fifty years ago. Gradually, these mats started attracting more and more customers and finally emerged as a Brand Name one day. Presently, these carpets are produced at a large scale, under a family business.

These products come with the traditional "Momeni family seal". They have been repeatedly appreciated and awarded for their durable fiber, long-lasting quality and their artistic designs.

In this section of my article, I shall make you familiar with some popular pieces that rule the Momeni Carpet Market at present.

Some Artistic Cerulean Masterpieces

1. Lil Mo Wave

This navy blue rug comprises of comical waves that highlight a bold texture. This hand-tufted trendy piece represents the ebbs and flows of the azure sea waves. Funky strokes and stylish paints make this mod-acrylic piece, a perfect work of art for an upcoming hipster's bedroom! This Chinese mat costs around $79.

2. Coastal School o' Fish

This coastal marvel encloses a breezy texture and some fresh, cool shades of indigo and sea green. This handmade carpet portrays a pleasing beach scene with lots of date palms, conchs, seashells and colorful fishes. This cottony, "Made-in-China" good costs around $75.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Outdoor Rugs - Creative And Designer Options That You Can Consider

Outdoor rugs make sure that your indoors remain clean and elegant. The look of the outdoor rugs has drastically changed in the present century. In the olden days people used to purchase rugs with rugged materials but now days more emphasis is being laid on the style and design of this outdoor accessory rather than its texture. You can really make your deck, patio and swimming pool area look chic and fascinating by using vibrant colored rugs and mats. You will see that backyard and garden mats are very durable and damage resistant so that they can last for many years.

Some of the mats are made of materials like acrylic blends, olefin and nylon. The machine woven rugs are very special and they help in reducing the impact of sun rays on the chic colors.

In this article, I would really like to tell you some very essential points that you must keep in mind while you go shopping for the elegant and durable rugs.

1. Durability of the mats
The durability of the mat is one very important factor that you must consider while purchasing them. They should have a rough construction so that they can withstand the regular wear and tear. They should be durable as well as soft so that they can provide a cushion to your feet against the rough surface of the floor. You must find a mat that can provide you comfort and durability at the same time. They come in various different textures from which you can select the one that is most appropriate for you.

2. Multiple options
You have multiple options when it comes to selecting the best outdoor rug. Some great ones are as mentioned below.

• Machine made rugs are very affordable options that you can select when it comes to style as well as elegance.
• Another great and durable option for you is the Braided outdoor mats that provide a classic look to your outdoors.
• Bamboo mats are also very trendy and they are available in a wide variety of sleek, modern and enchanting finishes.
• If you want to purchase something that is totally out of ordinary then you can go in for the handmade rugs that are delicate and mesmerizing to look at.

3. Beauty of the rugs
Beauty of the rug is one great option that is one essential factor that you have to consider.

• Vibrant colors and trendy looks would be the best for you if you want to give your outdoors a bold look. As the mats get dirty very easily, you must need to select dark and distinguished colors.
• Always select rugs that are made of strong materials and are weather resistant.
• People often prefer outdoor rugs that are small and portable.
• Always consider patterns that are intricate and well woven with delicate features and silky look.

Outdoor rugs would surely be an added feature to your backyard, porch, patio and deck area. Always purchase an outdoor mat that would go well with your home decor.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blue Area Rugs - Give a Unique Look to Your Interior

With the growing popularity of interior decoration, everyone wants to beautify their interior with fabulous interior accessories available in the market. When it comes to interior decoration, the first thing that comes in mind is floor but there is no need to worry as you can easily beautify your floor by covering it with some eye-catching blue area rugs.

With the increase in demand of blue area rugs, there is a variety of these rugs available in the market. You can get many astonishing and beautiful designs of blue area rugs from the market. Blue area rugs can be used for any place or purpose. Either you can place them under your dining table or make them the focal point of attraction in your living room. They not only give a gorgeous look to your house but also protect your floor from scratching and dust. You can also choose them as an option to cover stain or blemish on the floor from the visitor's sight. Below I am giving the details of some customer favorite blue area rugs.

1. Blue Spot rug

The blue spot rug is mainly designed for kid's room. They are very soft and give comfort to the feet as they are created from nylon fabric. They have non-slip latex on their back which stops them from slipping. They are so beautifully designed that they gives an attractive look to your children's room.

2. Blue Curves Bathroom rug

These are lovely design bathroom rugs with stunning blue curves crafted on them. They are made from 100% Acrylic and are machine washable.

3. William Armes Kilkis Kitchen rug

These are non-slip striking kitchen rugs with sturdy polypropylene piles on their face. These are also machine-washable in lukewarm water.

4. Fashionable Blue Small rRg

These attraction grabbing blue rugs have amiable modern designs on them and are made from 100% Polypropylene. The best feature of this rug is that it is stain resistant and very easy to clean. These marvelously designed fashionable rugs will give a pleasant look to your living room.

5. The Ultimate Shag - 9*12 Rug

The Ultimate Shag is the most demanding and stunning rug in the market. It is a hand hooked rug made from modified acrylic. You can give an appealing look to your house by placing this rug in your living room.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wool Area Rugs - Great For Home-Interior

Wool area rugs are a great addition to any household. They can be used to bring life and vibrant color to any room inside of your household. Often times in order to offset certain dominant color patterns in rooms, people will go out and purchase wool area rugs. The nice thing about getting an area rug is that you can choose to move it to any room of your house at any time; it is not a permanent installation. The benefit of getting an area rug made from wool is that it will provide you with much longer-lasting comfort than most other types of area rugs.

A lot of people focus on improving the appearance of their home-flooring. An easy thing to add to your home that will make many people believe that you are an expert in home decoration is a wool area rug. Not only do they look great in nearly any room of your house, but they feel great to lie on. The majority of individuals that have a wool area rug are able to enjoy the fact that they provide a lot of additional comfort and warmth during the winter-season. They may cost you a fairly large sum of money, though, and people have the right to not waste money on buying a wool rug.

Another unique feature about wool rugs is that you can buy them in any size and shape. There are square wool rugs, circular rugs, as well as rugs that are more traditional shapes like rectangles. It is completely up to you as to what shape and size of wool area rug will best fit the room that you'd like it to be in. If you have a circular room, you may want to consider getting a circular-wool rug. If you want a rug to go under your feet while you are eating, you can get a smaller, more individual-style wool-rug.

If you are going to make an investment in a wool area rug, you should certainly take the time to admire all of the hard-work that was put into its creation; especially if it was a handmade rug. The benefit of buying a handmade wool rug over a regular one is that it will likely be a lot more unique and have much greater durability than most rugs.

No matter what style of wool rug you have, you should always take steps in order to prevent it from getting worn out. Do not put a special wool rug in an area of your house that is frequently walked through or that gets trampled. Be sure to put it in a location where everyone is able to see it, yet in an area that will prevent it from getting worn out. If you are really serious about preventing your rug from getting damaged, you could even consider buying rug-pads in order to ensure that you keep the bottom of your rug from getting torn.

When buying a wool area rug, you often get what you pay for; if the rug is handmade, you will definitely be shelling out more money than you would for a contemporary wool rug that was made in a factory. If you don't have issues with the pricing of wool-rugs, then it would be wise to select a handmade rug for your house. If you want to get a good looking wool area rug and save money, you should get a machine-made area rug.

If you are wondering where you can find a good wool area rug, there are plenty of places on the internet that will help you find a rug that meets your selection criteria. It is suggested that you look online for a good area rugs and compare the prices of the best rugs that you found online to rugs that you found at interior-décor and home-interior stores. You will likely find that the prices are relatively comparable between sites that sell rugs and stores. Stores are a great place to find wool-area rugs because you don't need to pay for shipping and you can get a close-up view of the texture and rug styles. No matter if you shop at a rug-store or on the internet, you can find a wool area rug that helps bring more life to your house!

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Consumer's Guide to Oriental Rug Care

Area rugs have gained significant market share over the past decade. As more consumers remove carpeting in favor of hard surfaces such as wood, ceramic tile, laminates, and stone, rug ownership in the US has skyrocketed. Ken Snow, President of The Original Hagopian, a flooring and rug retailer and cleaning company in Michigan says: "We sell and maintain carpet, wood, laminate flooring, and Area rugs. We've noticed a proportional increase in rug sales and a general decline in wall-to-wall carpet sales over the past decade." Snow continues: "Consumers love the beauty and resilience of hard floors, but still want aesthetic contrast in color and texture as well as a bit of warmth and softness under their feet. Because of these needs, area rugs are the perfect companion to hard flooring surfaces."


With more rugs in homes and businesses, cleaning and maintaining them has become a growing concern amongst consumers. Before delving into proper care, it's important to identify the basic construction of the rug. There are two main categories of rugs: Synthetic and Natural. There are also rugs which are created with both synthetic and natural materials and these are referred to as "Blends". Cleaning and caring for synthetic rugs is very similar to Cleaning and caring for installed carpet, so for purposes of this Consumer's Guide to Oriental rug care we'll stick with Oriental-style rugs constructed of natural materials.

When discussing synthetic and natural rugs, it's important to understand that the face fibers (the "up" side of the rug) or foundation/backing may be synthetic, natural, or both. For example, a "Wool rug" usually describes the face fibers; however the backing may be synthetic or natural. Both the backing and face fibers are of equal concern to the Oriental rug cleaner. It's safer to clean any rug with the Cleaning solution and method designed for the most sensitive part of the rug. Generally speaking, synthetic materials aren't as sensitive as natural materials. Therefore in the "Wool rug" example above, even if the rug has a synthetic backing, it's safer to treat the entire rug as a Wool rug. More about Cleaning solutions and methods below.

rug Construction

Wool is the most popular naturally-constructed material found in the face fibers of Oriental style rugs. Other natural rug face fiber materials consist of cotton, silk, grass (sisal, jute), animal skins, and even obscure materials including leather and paper. If you are the owner of an animal skin, silk, grass, leather, or paper rug, I highly suggest you send your rug to a qualified Oriental rug cleaning company for proper Cleaning. These rugs are extremely difficult to clean by consumers and permanent damage will occur if cleaned improperly.

Dry Soil Removal

A high quality Oriental rug should last a lifetime and the best way to help it last a lifetime is by vacuuming often. How often depends on usage. Generally speaking once a week is often enough, however if pets walk on the rug or the rug receives a high amount of foot traffic, vacuuming once or twice a day may be required. Dense Oriental rugs have a tendency to hide micro-soiling and sand that builds up in the foundation. Over time these fine dry soils will prematurely wear the rug.

Lesser quality rugs, especially some hand-tufted inexpensive rugs, (usually made in China, Pakistan and India) may shed face fibers quite a bit during vacuuming. This is normal for this type of rug. Unfortunately these inexpensive Oriental rugs will probably not last a lifetime unless not walked on.

Fringe care

If your rug has fringe, please do NOT use a vacuum with a beater bar attached to it. Instead either gently brush the fringe with a brush designed for fringe, or use an attachment on your vacuum without a beater bar to remove dry soil from fringe. As the owner of a rug cleaning company with well over 10,000 rug cleanings successfully completed, the number one complaint we see from consumers is premature fringe wear caused by the consumer vacuuming the fringe with a beater bar.

Spot and Spill Cleanup

Inevitably there will come a time that you spill something on your Oriental rug or notice a spot from something that was tracked in on it. It's best to immediately blot or scoop up the excess spot or spill, if possible. I recommend using a dry WHITE cotton terry towel or white paper towels to remove the majority of the spot or spill. If you choose a towel that is not white, there is a strong possibility the color of the towel will transfer to the rug.

Before using ANY spot cleaner on a rug (including merely water), it's best to test in a small and inconspicuous Area. Unfortunately there may not be an inconspicuous Area to test, especially on a smaller rug. If this is the case test it near the edge of the rug since it's usually less noticeable than the center if the test reveals color loss or texture change. If you notice a color change, bleeding, or texture change, STOP and call a professional qualified rug Cleaning company for assistance.

After blotting and testing according to the instructions above, first attempt to remove any remaining spot with tap water. Do not soak the rug. Simply dampen a white terry towel or paper towel with water and blot, never rub. If you don't notice any improvement, the safest solution to use as a general spot cleaner is to mix 32 oz of tap water and 1 teaspoon of liquid Dawn or Ivory hand dishwashing soap. Do NOT use automatic dishwasher soap or laundry detergents as many of these products contain optical brighteners or harsh chemicals that may ruin the rug.


Dry soil and spot removal are important maintenance steps to take between thorough cleanings, but Oriental rugs do need to be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. Generally speaking cleaning the entire rug once a year is sufficient, but if the rug has a lot of foot traffic, is susceptible to spills and spots, or pets and kids use the rug often, the rug may need to be thoroughly cleaned every 3 to 6 months. There are several ways to clean a rug and it's well beyond the scope of this Consumer's Guide to determine the best method in every case. Having said this, the most thorough cleaning is accomplished by the Immersion Method. Immersion is accomplished by scrubbing the rug under water and safely wringing out the excess water and soil with a roller system, speed drying the rug, and addressing the fringe. I do not suggest consumers attempt to Immerse their Oriental rugs due to the many complications that can arise including bleeding, foundation shrinkage, degradation from being wet too long, and many other concerns. Please check online at IICRC Locate-a-Pro Website to locate a qualified professional rug cleaner.

Rug Padding

High quality Oriental rugs are built extremely strong and can endure many years of use. To help rugs last even longer, help make them softer on the feet, and to provide in-place stability, the use of a high quality rug pad is highly recommended. There are several types of rug pads to consider and the selection of the right pad is dependent on the surface the rug will cover and thickness of the rug.


When properly maintained, high quality Oriental rugs provide a lifetime of beauty and use. By following the steps above your Oriental rug should last forever. If you have any questions about proper Oriental rug care, please contact me via email at the address below.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sisal Rugs: Environment Friendly Flooring Decor

A sisal rug is an environmentally friendly, natural and biodegradable type of flooring decor. Sisal rugs are versatile, long-lasting, sound absorbing, water and fire resistant with some insulating properties. They are also naturally stain resistant, resilient and less expensive than other traditional rugs. These rugs are also very easy to take care of and maintain. Made from the sisal agave, commonly known as a cactus, the plant was first discovered in the Yucatan and was named after the port where the fiber was first exported.

These plants grow in humid climates in huge plump leaves from which the sisal fiber is flattened and frayed until only the fibers remain. The fibers are then soaked before exposure for drying in the sun or otherwise by searing air. It is very important to dry the fiber correctly as the value and type of the sisal depends on its moisture content. The washed, dried and treated sisal produces a sturdy, tough, expandable material suitable for rugs as well as rope, paper, buffing cloth, dart boards, handicrafts and many other uses. Their long woven fibers are stronger than coir, jute, hemp and flax. These sisal products have been utilized by people all over the world for many years.

The leading exporters of sisal fiber are Brazil, Mexico, China, the Caribbean, Tanzania and Kenya. In sisal rugs, sisal is usually blended with wool and acrylic for a softer cushion. This is accomplished by a 60% wool and 40% sisal using only its high-grade quality fibers. Their long woven fibers are stronger than coir, jute, hemp and flax. These sisal products have been patronized by professional architects and top interior designers all over the world for many years. They are gaining tremendous popularity by becoming one of the favorite rugs in the field of interior home and office design.

Sisal rugs have some unique characteristics, apart from being made from a cactus. Sisal will expand or contract depending on weather conditions. It has natural anti-static properties in addition to the fact that dust are not absorbed or retained by sisal rugs. They can be dyed to any color you prefer be it bold, natural or neutral. You can place them in heavy traffic areas where people converge. They can withstand the pressure.

You will be delighted with its fashionable and exotic beauty and you can place them in the living room, bedroom and hallway or conference room in your home or office. Sisal rugs have various texture and design schemes. You can choose those handcrafted rugs with 100% natural woven fiber with latex backing and stylish weavers. You can choose natural color rug or a dyed and bleached color flooring fixture of your choice. If you want to create a heavy visual impact, new life and vibrant personality into your rooms, the high fashion, earth friendly designer series of custom-made rugs with blind stitching edges are excellent choices.

Friday, April 8, 2011

5 Great Black Area Rugs For Your Home

Among the many styles of floor rugs for sale today, the area rug is one of the most popular. Most likely you already own one or two or even more in your home. One color that never seems to go out of style is black. Black area rugs can transform any space in your home from dull to divine, boring to beautiful. If you would like to try using these black rugs for your home, here are five suggestions that you can start with.

Black wool area rugs

The black wool rug works best for high traffic areas like the living room, as wool is a great natural material that is tough and hard-wearing, yet remains very soft and comfortable for the feet. Wool is also a natural fiber which means that it is safer than synthetic materials. Did you know that wool is naturally flame resistant? This makes it a great rug to be placed in living rooms with fireplaces. A small errant spark that may accidentally land on your wool rug will burn itself out.

For this wool rug, you can easily take your pick from the many available shapes and sizes. A rectangular one looks great and so will a round one. Most people go for the 8' x 10' sized ones but this depends on the amount of space that you have. Design wise, you can have a traditional design or a contemporary design. Pick a solid black one or better yet pick a dominantly black rug with other complementary colors. You can easily find black and white styles, black and red wool rugs, black and grey contemporary rugs, or even black and brown rugs.

Black shag area rugs

The black shag rugs can offer a different and fun texture to your home. Shags come in many styles, and you can pick a shag made from natural fibers or synthetic materials. The most expensive type of shag rugs that you can use in the home is the Flokati shag. In black, these add a very soft and comfortable surface for you to step on while giving your room a classy luxurious look that you will definitely love. Besides the Flokati, you may want to try a black shaggy Aros rug, black leather shag rug, cotton jersey shag rug or even a black synthetic acrylic shag rug.

Black sheepskin area rugs

The black sheepskin rugs make a nice addition to any room in the home. Sheepskin today can be found in many hues and black is one of them. A sheepskin rug is either made from real sheepskin or you can find them made from synthetic fibers as well. So you can take your pick based on your personal preferences. You can use these rug sin the living room or other areas of the home. Some of these rugs come in the natural shape of sheepskin rugs that you may have seen, while others like the synthetic sheepskin rugs are found in several sizes in the rectangular and round shapes.

Black silk area rugs

The black silk rugs are one of the more expensive types of rugs for sale. This is because the material used is silk, which is a luxurious material. On the other hand, you can now find faux silk rugs if you so prefer. These are much cheaper than the real thing. Black silk area rugs normally can be found in oriental or Persian designs. These real silk rugs may not be suitable for high traffic areas, unless you opt for a faux silk area rug. These rugs can instantly make your home look and feel more luxurious and opulent.

Black outdoor area rugs

The black outdoor rugs are made specifically for you to use outdoors. You can easily make any of your outdoor living areas more comfortable and look more chic by adding these black beauties. Look for rugs that are easy to clean and maintain and your rugs will provide you with many years of service. Choose geometrical design and shapes, wavy lines and zigzags, flower and plant motifs and solid black colored rugs. The choice is yours.

The above five types of black area rugs will make your home more comfortable and cozy, and will add an air of stylish elegance.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Identifying the Origin of Oriental Rugs

When it comes to home décor, the rugs can be indispensable. The changing trends in interior design have brought many different types of rugs in the market. Today, rugs come in all shapes, sizes, colours and different materials. With lots of choices available, finding the best suited rug for your home will be a challenge. However, the choosing the rugs for your home will be much easier if you are well aware of the different types of rugs available today.

Before getting into the different types of rugs available, let's have some knowledge about one of the most commonly used rugs called the "Oriental Rugs". Oriental rugs are available in different form such as modern and antique. The antique rugs will be a great addition to a room with some antique furniture. It has to be noted that many countries manufacture oriental rugs based on their traditional designs. You can easily identify the origin of the Oriental rug by seeing its design. Now let's see the 4 common types of oriental rugs in use today

1. The Persian Rugs

Many people think that the term oriental rugs means "Persian rug" because, the Persian rugs are very common and are easier to identify. The Persian rugs are well known for its durability. Moreover, these Persian rugs will be much beautiful than the rugs produced in any other parts of the world. Most of the Persian rugs will have catchy floral patterns which can be easily identified.

2. The Indian Oriental Rugs

Indian oriental rugs are very popular next to the Persian ones. Most of the oriental rugs sold in the western countries are said to have originated from India. The Indian rugs are handmade and hence will have the highest durability. The noticeable feature of the Indian rug is the very cheap pricing. These oriental rugs can be identified with the great Indian cultural designs.

3. The Tibet Rugs

The Tibet rugs are the most costly rugs. However, these rugs are valuable investments that can increase your home's value. It has to be noted that creation of one Tibet rug takes approximately 3500 working hours. Hence all the rugs from Tibet are woven with care. The Tibet rugs can be easily identified with the rustic patterns.

4. The Oriental Rugs from Turkey

With the first World War destroying the Turkish rug industry the Turkish rugs are hard to find today and hence are highly priced. The industry has slowly started to regain its shape through the recent years. These rugs can be identified with the great traditional Turkish designs with rich colours.

The choice of the oriental rugs should be done based on the design and colour. Size and shape of the oriental rugs are the other factors to be considered. If you are not aware of choosing the Oriental rug, you can also get professional help.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Area Rugs - Orientals to Cheap Contemporary Rugs

Oriental Chinese Rugs: How to Set the Difference? Don't be misled by Oriental Chinese rugs. They are completely different from other area rugs manufactured by other Asian countries. The variation comes from the patterns as well as the manner of creating the rugs. That's why when you're shopping for Oriental Chinese rugs, you should ensure that you know what you're looking for and you get the right one:

1. These rugs are very durable. The Oriental Chinese rug a long time ago has been a source of headache for the sellers. This is because there is the issue of its durability. You have to make sure that you make use of a light chemical in cleaning or washing it so you can remove its stiffness. This way, the rug will become more salable to customers. Nevertheless, because of the changes happening in this rug, as well as the shift of material used, you can expect the Chinese Oriental rug to last as long as the Persian rugs. As a matter of fact, those that are sold in the middle of the 1920s until the 1930s can still be seen in very good condition. Only few of them really exhibit wear or deterioration.

2. There is difference in texture and design. Commonly, an area rug such as the Persian rug showcases a different kind of weaving, which is characterized by countless tied knots for every square inch. The Chinese rugs, on the other hand, are in relation to foot. This means that there are prescribed number of knots that need to be done for each foot of the material.

3. Beware of Indian rugs. Indian rug makers have tried to emulate the process of the Oriental Chinese, especially in their design and the manner of tying the knots. Hence, you may mistake an Indian rug into an Oriental Chinese rug. It would be best to stick with local Chinese rug dealers. At least you are a lot sure that you can purchase the rug that you definitely want.

4. There are different sizes of Chinese Oriental rugs. It doesn't matter where you are going to place the rug. The good thing is you are sure that you can find one that will add more beauty and substance to your home. Today there are more than 150 sizes of Chinese rugs, ranging from big to small. The prices, of course, differ depending on the intricacy of the design as well as the size of the rug.

It is well known that the Oriental rugs are going to cost you some money if they are hand knotted. And they should as it's a work of art and takes many months to make one fine rug. On the other hand you can find some very nice looking machine made Oriental designed rugs at a fraction of the cost. Many refer to these rugs as cheap contemporary rugs. They are inexpensive, but the quality is there with these rugs, too.

It's nice to have a choice about whether to spend thousands on a rug or a little over a hundred for a fine looking rug for your rooms. Nice to have the choices that don't cost an arm and a leg.

The Oriental rugs rock... always do, always will. Getting an affordable machine made Oriental rug is not quite as luxurious, but good grief it costs less and they look darn good. Take a gander over at both and you will see the difference. Modern area rugs and cheap contemporary rugs can be a pretty nice choice when you're watching your purse strings.

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