Friday, March 11, 2011

Area Rugs - Orientals to Cheap Contemporary Rugs

Oriental Chinese Rugs: How to Set the Difference? Don't be misled by Oriental Chinese rugs. They are completely different from other area rugs manufactured by other Asian countries. The variation comes from the patterns as well as the manner of creating the rugs. That's why when you're shopping for Oriental Chinese rugs, you should ensure that you know what you're looking for and you get the right one:

1. These rugs are very durable. The Oriental Chinese rug a long time ago has been a source of headache for the sellers. This is because there is the issue of its durability. You have to make sure that you make use of a light chemical in cleaning or washing it so you can remove its stiffness. This way, the rug will become more salable to customers. Nevertheless, because of the changes happening in this rug, as well as the shift of material used, you can expect the Chinese Oriental rug to last as long as the Persian rugs. As a matter of fact, those that are sold in the middle of the 1920s until the 1930s can still be seen in very good condition. Only few of them really exhibit wear or deterioration.

2. There is difference in texture and design. Commonly, an area rug such as the Persian rug showcases a different kind of weaving, which is characterized by countless tied knots for every square inch. The Chinese rugs, on the other hand, are in relation to foot. This means that there are prescribed number of knots that need to be done for each foot of the material.

3. Beware of Indian rugs. Indian rug makers have tried to emulate the process of the Oriental Chinese, especially in their design and the manner of tying the knots. Hence, you may mistake an Indian rug into an Oriental Chinese rug. It would be best to stick with local Chinese rug dealers. At least you are a lot sure that you can purchase the rug that you definitely want.

4. There are different sizes of Chinese Oriental rugs. It doesn't matter where you are going to place the rug. The good thing is you are sure that you can find one that will add more beauty and substance to your home. Today there are more than 150 sizes of Chinese rugs, ranging from big to small. The prices, of course, differ depending on the intricacy of the design as well as the size of the rug.

It is well known that the Oriental rugs are going to cost you some money if they are hand knotted. And they should as it's a work of art and takes many months to make one fine rug. On the other hand you can find some very nice looking machine made Oriental designed rugs at a fraction of the cost. Many refer to these rugs as cheap contemporary rugs. They are inexpensive, but the quality is there with these rugs, too.

It's nice to have a choice about whether to spend thousands on a rug or a little over a hundred for a fine looking rug for your rooms. Nice to have the choices that don't cost an arm and a leg.

The Oriental rugs rock... always do, always will. Getting an affordable machine made Oriental rug is not quite as luxurious, but good grief it costs less and they look darn good. Take a gander over at both and you will see the difference. Modern area rugs and cheap contemporary rugs can be a pretty nice choice when you're watching your purse strings.

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