Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Antique Rugs

History never dies. To say it in a different way, history never get lost. There are lots of things around the world that bear the testimony of history and lots of historical events. Among those lots of things antique rugs have taken a special place. They are all about beauty, elegance, style and art. Today, it is not that antique rugs only provide a room or a place with an elegant look. It is also a matter of pride to have it to one's possession. For example, an antique rug used by one time Emperor Shajahan of India will certainly have an immediate psychological impact on you if you somehow manage to own it.

History saw different kings and emperors in different times around the world. Almost all the kings and emperors were choosy about art and stylishness. They wanted to show off of their property and had highly skilled artists available to them to impress them with their work. This resulted in creation of lots of highly artistic historical places, palaces and even different things like rugs, furniture, clothes and lots more. Today, all these things are called antiques. rugs that were made before the 19th century are regarded as antique rugs.

Demand for this type of rugs is huge today. There are certain reasons behind the demand. Firstly, they were made by highly skilled artists and such artistic skill is rare today. Secondly, they are longer lasting. Thirdly, they have everything that can dramatically increase the beauty of a room or a certain place. Most importantly, having in possession of antique rug is about pride and prestige.

Antique rugs are of different types. Some are called oriental rugs. The term oriental refers to Asia. It means that rugs that were found in Asia or in the region of Asia are called oriental rugs. Anyway, oriental rugs are especially famous for its intricate design. Color combination is also eye catching. Then, comes the European rugs, Persian rugs, Chinese rugs, Anatolian rugs etc. Persian rugs have high demand all over the world due to its rich design and artistic accuracy. To be brief, all kinds of traditional rugs are different in their own style and design. This is one of the most amazing facts about the them.

Maintenance of these old rugs is a critical task. For any person, they are like asset. Therefore, there should not be any lacking of proper care of antique rugs. You will not mind whatever it takes for the proper safety and maintenance of the antique rugs, will you?

One of the most negative aspects of the modern world is that it has become easier to make fake items. People tend to fool one another with fake items. Antique rug is not out of this category. However, original ones are quite distinguished from the fake ones. To figure out if a rug is original or not only what it needs is special attention and previous experience in using or maintaining rugs.

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