Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Exceptional Quality Area Rugs

When you are looking for options to redecorate or give a fresh look to any room, Natural Area Rugs are a great choice. They attended a strong competitive position in the retail market place and developed advanced skills in importing and marketing the finest floor coverings, contemporary rugs and carpets.These are available in unique as well as traditional color designs and are marketed through distributors, carpets and rugs dealers, furniture stores and designers.

Natural Area Rugs is the right place to find the best prices and great selection on area rugs. They carry many types of rugs, including wool rugs, sisal rugs, shag rugs. The contemporary rugs are one of their personal favorites. You will love the look that contemporary rugs can bring to your home, and are much more versatile than you may think.

Many clients put their modern area rugs in trendy lofts going up across many major cities in the US, but they also have a place in the everyday home. Contemporary rugs are truly floor art and are good to bring color to a room similar to a painting on the wall. Modern rugs are a great easy way to make a bland beige room a bit more exciting.

Since many contemporary rugs make a bold statement, they are great to design around. They can certainly be the focal point of the room, so if you are redesigning a room completely you may want to first purchase your rug and then choose other elements in the room to work with your rug. You will want to choose furniture that can work with the style of your contemporary rug. These rugs really work great with furniture and walls of solid color or minimal print.

These area rugs will add comfort to your living area with their plush fibers, and natural beauty. They are easy to clean with a vacuum attachment or a damp cloth. Natural Area Rugs use hand-tufted high quality wool that is appealing to the eyes, and soft to the touch. These rugs feature a shag pile just under 1 1/2" thick to ensure a soft cushion on your floor and they are backed with canvas., so an accompanying rug pad is recommended.

Natural Area Rugs provides Colorado Indoor or Outdoor rugs made entirely from 100% polypropylene. The polypropylene weave and binding combination make these rugs resistant to mold, mildew, and stains. These durable multi-purpose area rugs provide warmth and protection during colder weather and relief from hot surfaces during those long hot summer days. Inspired by the natural look and feel of our ever-popular sisal rugs, you will love the way these rugs complement both interior and exterior spaces.

Colorado Indoor or Outdoor rugs are versatile and attractive and will enhance any kitchen, bathroom, patio or sunroom decor.

They are easy to clean, reversible, and are a perfect choice for high traffic areas.

With this selection of Polypropylene rugs, you can expect superior quality and design at the best prices anywhere.The area rugs buyers carefully select patterns based on the latest color trends and designs. The textures and patterns offered range from fresh and bold to traditional and subdued. The elegance and quality that a new area rug will add to your space is sure to be enjoyed for years to come.

Natural Area Rugs provides bamboo rugs as well. These are made entirely from the highest quality natural materials. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet and one of the toughest. This inherent strength is combined with its natural beauty to create the delightfully contemporary look of these bamboo rugs. You can experience this beautifully crafted bamboo rug collection at low price. These rugs are easy to clean and built to last. They are exclusively imported for Natural Area Rugs.

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