Thursday, October 16, 2008

Decorate With Tribal Rugs

Oriental rugs lend an aire of elegance to a room. We most often think of them as large centerpieces, and may feel they are less appropriate for smaller spaces. Currently, the simplified patterns of Tribal rugs are in vogue. Tribal rugs tend to be smaller, ranging from 2 ft, up to about 6 or 8 feet in length. They can be used easily throughout a home or office, no matter the space available.

Tribal rugs are different than oriental city made carpets. They are still handwoven, durable, and of high value but they are slightly smaller, and tend to feature different patterns. Tribal rugs are ideal for decorating areas of the home that are much smaller than traditional living rooms, kitchens, etc. They are ideal for sprucing up a small bedroom, den, and dining room. Tribal rugs are becoming very trendy for consumers who love the bold and simplified patterns that are common to them.

Tribal rugs have distinctive designs, which compliment contemporary furniture. Their simple patterns and geometric designs create elegant drama in any area of the home. They are perfectly suited to putting the finishing touches on a room.

Tribal rugs can be used for other areas besides flooring. Many decorators are adding appeal by hanging the tribal rugs on the wall to enhance the character of the room. They are large enough to conceal blemishes or awkward features in a room as well. Since Tribal rugs can be quite valuable, displaying them on a wall preserves the value while showcasing it.

Tribal rugs are perfect for small areas in the home, but they can also be used to liven up larger rooms by grouping several together. You can freshen the look in many different ways without redecorating the whole house.

While bigger may be right for some things, the smaller sizes and simplified patterns of Tribal rugs may be just the touch you are looking for.

Written by Tracy Collins, marketing assistant for Handmade Oriental Rugs, NYC - - a New York based company which has sold high quality handwoven contemporary Oriental carpets for 4 generations. Visit their showroom in New York, or their store online for a wide selection of lovely handmade carpets.

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