Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oriental Rug Prices

Oriental rugs are pretty expensive, but they are a great way to enhance your rooms? appearance. There are mainly two types of Oriental rugs, they are new rugs and antique rugs. Antique rugs are more expensive. Oriental rug prices vary according to their size, design, fiber used, number of knots per square inch and the place of origin. The prices of oriental rugs start from around $200 and can go beyond $3000 depending on the demand and quality.

Oriental rugs which are hand woven from fibers that are treated with vegetable dyes are the most expensive type of rugs in the world. The prices of oriental rugs are directly proportional to the area of the rug. The common sizes available are large rugs, medium rugs, small rugs and runners. Many Oriental rug vendors have fixed prices, while some allow you to bargain.

The price also depends on the idea or originality of the motif, symmetry of the patterns, harmony of color combinations, quality of used dyes, quality of wool and silk, symmetry of weave or the individual knots, ending of the weave, arrangement of fringes and marketing. Usually Persian rugs, due to their high quality, are more expensive, Indian, Nepali and Tibetan rugs are cheaper.

Oriental rug purchased online is cheaper than those purchased from the retail market. This is because most of the sites offering oriental rugs are wholesalers or importers. These companies do not spend much on advertising and marketing. Oriental rugs produced using synthetic fibers by machine weave are cheap and their price starts from about $50.

There are sites on the Internet which provide information about prices of Oriental rugs, they give price comparisons, ratings and reviews. Most companies online offer discounts up to 30%.

If well maintained, the value of Oriental rugs increase with time, many antique oriental rugs have been auctioned for several thousands of dollars. But dirt, stains, unnatural coloration, and rodent attacks decrease the value of rugs.

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