Friday, October 10, 2008

Outdoor Rugs

Of late, the need for outdoor rugs has increased, as more and more people are opting for gazebos and patios. Smaller outdoors rugs are usually placed at the entrance, as they help keep out excess dust. The practice of using outdoor rugs prompts visitors to clean their shoes prior to entering a house. They tend to be smaller in size as compared to other outdoor rugs.

Outdoor rugs are available in a wide range of natural and synthetic fibers. Most people tend to use outdoor rugs near their lawns to create patio space for sitting. This prevents exposure to moisture retained by lawn grass allowing people to sit outdoors for longer periods. In case there is a gazebo in the backyard, outdoor rugs can be used to create a perfect sitting option. Apart from this, they can be used as decorative backdrops during outdoor parties and gatherings. When used for such purposes, it is possible that guests may spill food and drink on them. As such, they need to be cleaned as per manufacturer specifications. Care instructions and tips are often printed on the reverse side of outdoor rugs. Others may choose to place them on futons, rather than on the ground.

Though they are specially designed for outdoor use, it is not advisable to leave them out for long periods. This is because exposure to the elements can cause discoloration and weaken the rug. Prior to purchasing, customers need to mention to shop owners that they are looking for outdoor rugs. This is because most stores stock a larger variety of indoor rugs, as compared to outdoor collections.

A wide range of decorative outdoor rugs is also available. They prove to be expensive, as they are more decorative than intended for regular use. The main idea behind these outdoor rugs is to put them away after use. Potential customers may choose to buy outdoor rugs from local or online shops.

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