Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rustic Area Rugs

Area rugs are used to add grace and charm to a room. They are expected to be sturdy enough to bear daily cleaning and usage. The color of the rug should match the wall color to enhance the overall effect and ambience of the room. Rustic area rugs have motifs and designs that are typically rustic. These are a necessary buy in case the homeowner has a rustic theme layout in any room.

Rustic area rugs are a must when decorating a cabin in the woods, a cottage or a vacation retreat. These rugs add to the soul of the room and enhance the rustic charm. It is possible to match the design and motif of the rugs to the lamps in the room. The projection of the light from the lamps onto specific motifs of the rugs can bring about the desired rustic effect in the room.

Rustic area rugs feature images of moose, bears, cabins and pinecones among other outdoor themes. These rugs come in a variety of products that are versatile, comfortable and at the same time practical. It is also possible to customize the rugs, to suit the taste of individual buyers. There are many manufacturers who come up with new designs and motifs on a regular basis. They provide the customer with a variety of designs as well as texture. The large cabin area rugs can be effectively used under dining or kitchen tables. They can serve as the main carpet in the living room or office too. Rustic rugs are manufactured as braided rugs or hooked wool rugs, with wildlife designs and motifs on them.

The rustic area rugs are created to transport the buyer into the realm of thick forests and timberland, with abundant wildlife. The rustic rugs work wonders in outdoor arrangements.

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