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Safe and Colorful Area Rugs For Your Home

Accidents are common in many households in the United States, and even in other parts of the globe. One of the common types of these household accidents is sliding or slipping on floors that result to mild or serious injuries.

The group of persons who are at high risk or prone enough to meet this type of mishap are those that belong to a very young age or toddlers and kids, and those who are in an old age group. But anyone can meet this injury, especially when being extra careful inside the bathroom, in the kitchen, or when crossing a wet floor is not observed properly.

The best solution for this predicament at the household is to place area rugs on spots where there is a greater possibility of sliding or loosing balance to occur, especially on bathrooms or near a bathtub shower.

Area rugs are effective in holding a person in place, especially when balance control is interrupted. The frictional force between the rug and the floor is responsible for the hold phase. So instead of the person getting injured, his safety is secured.

But the right kind of the raw material it is made of when choosing area rugs should be considered as the top priority. There are those, which are made from poor quality of textile that instead of helping you stand in place causes added risk for injury.

There a variety of materials used for area rugs, but the best ones are made from wool. Wool has a greater frictional force that holds a person in place when balance is getting out of control. It even works for heavy persons.

There are also area rugs that are well braided and that give creases or uneven surface. These creases are responsible in keeping the person from sliding. Compared to a smooth textile, braided rugs are more effective for ambulation control.

Area rugs can also be use as decorative materials inside your home. These can be used as centerpieces on your living room floors, or it can add hue to your bedrooms. It comes in many different colors; others may have patterned lines and shapes.

In choosing which one fits your home makeover, it is best to consult experts on home arrangement and decorative art. It is also best if you will associate the designs and colors to your personality.

If you are more than a happy person, with lots of blissful vibes, and who is always on the go, you can opt for a brighter shade. Such as bright red, orange, yellow and yellow green colors. If you are quite reserved, you can have blue or darker shades of green. If you are more of a romantic person, red is simply the best.

You can also match it on the theme of the spot on your house. There are area rugs that are well crafted from native and indigenous materials, and these are perfect if you want to go oriental. Velvet designs are ideal if you want your area to look a little bit luxurious.

Just bear in mind that in purchasing the perfect area rug for your home, always consider first the safety it can give, then the beauty it can add to your home.

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