Monday, May 11, 2009

Natural Rugs For Today’s Home

With the fear of VOPs, toxins that are emitted from synthetics, and other pollutants in our homes grows, people are turning away from the traditional manufactured home products and turning to natural.

The Feng Shui has also given birth to more natural materials in the home. With the introduction of silk and grass wallpapers, bamboo and rattan window treatments, concrete and stone counter-tops, reclaimed and natural fiber insulation's, the next natural extension was to use natural products in carpets.

Homeowners are becoming concerned with the solvents, rubbers, and synthetics used in wall to wall carpets. In fact, many carpets are deemed ‘unsafe’ for use in day care centers and primary classrooms. Many homeowners are removing wall to wall carpets from their homes and replacing them with rugs.

Rugs do not need a rubber backing and they lack the glues and solvents found in carpets. They can be lifted and cleaned, removing more allergens, mold, and mildew spores than can be removed from wall to wall carpets. It is also easier to find rugs that have not been treated with chemical stain retardants or UV blocks.

Rugs are also made from an assortment of natural fibers from wool, silk, flax, seagrass, mountain grass, reeds, and cotton.

Grass rugs are perfect for today’s Feng Shui designs. Their natural weave adds texture to the room without overpowering it.

Beautifully crafted Grass Rugs are made entirely from only 100% natural fibers, the highest quality natural materials. They offer natural beauty combined with an inherent strength and stain resistance. This means that seagrass can be used in high traffic areas and in family homes.

Seagrass is obtained from a tall plant with grass-like stems found in wet lands. It emits a grassy, hay-like scent that is far more relaxing than any man-made sent. However, it dissipates with time. Colors range from sage green hues to olive, perfect for the current home decorating themes. Grass has a non-porous surface with a naturally smooth texture and sheen quality.

Wool rugs, like Persian and Indian rugs, have been used for hundreds of years. Wool rugs come in fantastic colors and dynamic patterns. Wool rugs are versatile. They can be used as throws, wall hangings, couch covers, window treatments, and floor coverings.

Another ancient rug fabric is flax and linen. Both these plants can be spun into thread and woven into carpets and rugs in the same way that wool and other throw rugs are made. In fact, except for the texture and more natural tones, linen rugs are often mistaken for wool rugs.

One of the most coveted items in today’s home decorating world is the silk Oriental rug. However, the odds that the Oriental rug you are considering buying is ‘real silk’ is very slim – even if it is a costly rug. It is more likely to be fake silk or mercerized cotton.

Thousands of homeowners are duped out of $5 000, $10 000, and more every year for silk rugs that have no silk content in them at all. Only a real expert can make a 100% accurate assessment.

Natural fiber rugs are a pride to own, and a comfort to live with.

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