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Facts And Tips To Keep Your Rugs Clean

Need the facts on rug cleaning? Whether you have an expensive heirloom or modern oriental rug cleaning needs these fast facts and a few tips will keep your investment looking its best.

Fact: Vacuum regularly to remove dust and debris. Over time dust and debris works its way into the fibers of the rug leaving it looking dull and flat.

Tip: Use a vacuum attachment in the same direction as the nap of the fibers to reduce friction while removing dirt, dust and debris.

Fact: Beating your rug is destructive. It can tear delicate fibers and reduce the lifespan of the item. In the past it was traditional to “beat” many rugs but that tradition has given way to more gentle and appropriate methods of care especially for fine oriental rugs.

Tip: Shake smaller rugs instead of beating them. Larger rugs should be professionally handled.

Fact: Insects like moths and carpet beetles can damage fine rugs. Many insects prefer dark areas with limited air circulation – making your fine rug the perfect insect habitat.

Tip: Turn the rug over to inspect it for damage, insects or larvae. Larvae will often look like small bits of white lint. Immediately have your rug professionally cleaned and repaired should you notice insect damage.

Fact: Delicate natural dyes can bleed or be absorbed into cleaning cloths or paper towels.

Tip: If attempting to clean a spill or care for the rug and you notice color stains or saturation on the cleaning cloth then immediately stop! Continuing to clean or rub the rug can result in further damage. Instead, contact a professional rug cleaning provider who is able to remove the stain and color correct before more damage takes place.

Fact: Paper Towels are rough. Not only do paper towels have a tendency to leave lint and fibers behind but they are actually abrasive to fine silks, wools and other natural fibers.

Tip: Use a plain cotton towel instead. Cotton is more gentle and less likely to harm fibers than other materials. Remember to always blot instead of rub.

Fact: Vinegar is not always a good cleaning solution. Contrary to popular belief, vinegar is actually quite harsh and can harm delicate fibers and dyes. It also leaves a strong odor if not properly vented and rinsed.

Tip: Avoid vinegar. If you must use something more than water then try club soda; the oxygen often helps lift stains before they set. Follow-up with a professional Dallas rug cleaning and oriental rug cleaning company like Kiwi Services that understands how to work with fine rugs.

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