Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Home sweet home with hand-made rugs

Carpets or rugs are a vital part of your home décor. Trends have stated the gradual increase in awareness about carpet designs, style, types, care and maintenance. Owing to the competition and availability of skilled manpower, this industry is well regarded in maintaining your home elegance and floorings flaws. The industry focuses on two types of manufacturing: hand-made and machine-made carpets or rugs. While machine-made carpets are available in exclusive designs and types, nothing has been able to replace the value that hand-made carpets or rugs have been able to provide. Hand-made rugs or carpets have been considered eco-friendly and extremely valuable. They are also more durable as compared to the machine-made rugs since they use strong natural fibres.

Carpet weaving has been carried as a tradition in various regions of the world. It is an occupation adopted by those regions where farming activities are not suitable. Different areas have their own peculiar designs that are carried down by various generations. At times the designs and fibres are a mix owing to the influence that the region has had in the past. India basically uses a mix of Persian and Turkish designs that have been modified over the time with regional tastes and market preferences. Worldwide these designs have made waves in the International market.

Jaipur Rugs Company, a quality exporter of hand-made rugs has been exhibiting the rich and traditional craftsmanship of the Indian weavers through its authentic product range. A hand-made range comprises of hand-knotted rugs, hand-tufted rugs, flat woven rugs, Durries, Indo-Tibetan rugs and Shumak or shaggy rugs. These are available in pure wool or silk fibres or in a combination of both. Other fibres such as jute or artificial silk are also used. The company has an in-house team of more than 50 designers that have lured the customers with their authentic designs.

A category leader is a blend of right strategy and true character. In this highly dynamic or competitive environment by being natural and subtle many hearts can be won. This is not just a mere philosophy of Jaipur Rugs Company, but it is lived truly by its brand advocates. Every carpet or rug is knotted with thousands of dreams, plenty of hard work and tireless dedication that enhances million floorings.

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