Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are advantageous in adding charisma to any room of the house. These are available in different styles to suit the needs of each individual. Woolen rugs are of two types – woven or hand made and tufted or machine made rugs. These are available at all price ranges making them easily affordable. The properties of woolen rugs which make them unique are:

§ These rugs are made of woolen fibers which do not absorb soil easily. This keeps them clean for longer periods.

§ These are resistant to fire and static electricity.

§ They can easily withstand wear and tear in high traffic areas.

§ Woolen rugs absorb the water vapor in the air and reduce the humidity in the atmosphere of the room.

§ These are very durable and their quality remains intact for many years.

§ No chemicals are needed to clean woolen rugs. Most stains can be removed with warm water.

§ Repeated vacuuming of the woolen rugs keeps them clean and helps to improve their quality.

The first decision to take is whether to buy a hand made or machine made rug. After that, the color and design of the rug can be chosen. The size and color of the rug must be selected based on the size of the room and its furnishings. Wool can be extracted from a live animal called live wool or from dead animal called dead wool. Dead wool is the rougher of the two. Dry cleaning should not be done on the wool rugs. It leaves a harmful chemical in the wool. Steam cleaning extracts oil from these rugs, making them rougher. Carpet padding can be used to prolong its life.

Wool rugs are unique because they can be dyed in different colors. These are available in different colors and designs. These are usually costlier than other rugs but they provide long-term durability. Wool acts as thermal insulator and keeps the temperature convenient in accordance with the season. For instance, in winter it prevents the heat in the room from escaping and keeps in warm. In summer, it keeps the room cool by absorbs the heat. Regular vacuum cleaning is sufficient to keep it in good shape. Each person must assess his needs and choose the type of rugs they want.

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